• Kindness is often mistaken for softness and let me tell you, friends....that is a mistake you don't want to make. Kind people are not born that way, they do not stumble into it, kind people are forged in fire and darkness and imploding stars...they have steel cores. Throw a punch and you're going to break your hand.

    • Kainalu
      Or you know maybe it’s just common fucking courtesy to not be a dickhead
      Kainalu a month
    • PerpelKestrel
      Stop being such a self righteous blippynicker
      PerpelKestrel a month
    • Doctor_Gardevoir
      Fear not the raging bear, whose nature it is to intimidate its foe. Fear the serpent, for its very silence is lethal. The bear gestures, making itself larger than it truly is. The snake hides in plain sight, not to be seen. Not out of fear, but out of cunning.
    • blaablaab
      if you have been truly broken, but still have the strength to be kind and caring of others, then you deserve love deeper than the ocean itself
    • EliezerBenYehuda
      Kind people are often people who have seen a lot of bad in their life and they're looking to do good. With that, dickheads are often people who have been treated too good and now they're convinced they have that privilege to be assholes.
    • diggusbickus
      The people who wrote this
      diggusbickus a month
    • snowVantas
      “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, I am kind to everyone, but if you are unkind to me, weak is the last thing you will remember about me” ~ Mother Fucking Al Capone
      snowVantas a month
    • JackboMoeses
      There's a difference between common courtesy, and going out of your way to help and be kind to everyone you can, they're talking about people that are the latter of the two.
      JackboMoeses a month
    • Roxas13XIII
      Common courtesy and being a genuinely kind human being aren't the same thing you jackasses
      Roxas13XIII a month
    • TGbrony
      I pity the man who mistakes my kindness for weakness. ~ al Capone
      TGbrony a month
    • TheAce0rca
      Everyone in comment section shitting on the post clearly doesn’t know the kind of person it’s referring to. It’s one thing to be decent, it’s another to be good, but to be kind in the way that it’s talking about takes a special person. I’ve met 3 and they are the pinnacle of what a person should be.
      TheAce0rca a month
    • Pannademic19
      “If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you are a badass ass with a heart of an angel” - keanu Reeves
      Pannademic19 a month
    • CactusClubPresident
      I've had someone accuse my kindness of being a form of deception, like I was only being kind to gain something, and that person was awful
    • osem598
      Some people are just nice because they're good people. These guys just want to be the hero and the victim at the same time
      osem598 a month
    • dogfucc
      Or maybe I just feel genuinely happy making other things happy and I was born this way?
      dogfucc a month
    • Fabio_A
      If you fuck over a nice person, they become the most vengeful devious and patient people. Just waiting to return the favor
      Fabio_A a month
    • Golds93
      I would consider myself a kind person but I haven't been "forged in fire" or anything. It's just the right thing to do.
      Golds93 a month
    • DINK_
      Whatever im pretty sure if y9ure on tumblr youre not a superhero with a damn alter ago of hurt bullshit
      DINK_ 22d
    • draddogs529
      There are also kind people who are ignorant to the horrors of this world. These are the people that, if you show them the horrors, everyone will stand against you to preserve the last pure goodness in this world. I've known only 1 person like that.
    • Itsmethefudanshi
      Ifunny can either destroy brain cells or make me realize lessons like this and I come here for memes and this is what I get all the time man who knew
    • igotadog
      Some of the kindest people you meat are or were depressed at some point
    • datguy12
      To be real though, nice people are always the worse if you manage to make them angry. Do NOT anger a usually nice person or the anger level is multiplied.
      datguy12 a month
    • VirginianAE
      Or... alternatively, and just go with me here... kind people are kind because they choose not to be dicks.
      VirginianAE a month
    • tatertot92
      I’m seeing everyone act negatively to this and I’m thinking “can no one be treated fairly?” Like Jesus guys, people are nice because why not, no need to get your panties twisted, or will saying that offend one of you?
      tatertot92 a month
    • BastianKezzif
      I would consider myself kind but I’ve had a very blessed life compared with many people I know. I have all 4 of my grandparents, my parents are happily married, I’ve never gone hungry, I’m soon to finish college. Understanding might require pain, but anyone can be kind.
      BastianKezzif a month
    • Ya_Boi_Issa_G
      Nice guys don’t finish last on accident. They put everyone else ahead of themselves so they know everyone made it.
      Ya_Boi_Issa_G a month
    • randomness421
      Kind people are the ones that suffer the most. I have experienced this firsthand, and I will not allow others to feel abandoned.
      randomness421 a month
      Who ever wrote this is probably one of those “Why don’t girls want me, I’m a nice guy.”
    • Space_r
      Kind people are kind because they're decent people? I dunno that makes sense to me
      Space_r a month
    • dontkillants
      Sometimes. Other times they never learned they had the capacity to be unkind. Choosing kindness is truly good.
      dontkillants a month
    • Mirio_Togata
      I like how through the dark jokes and weird memes you’ll always find 1 post that’ll make you feel good
      Mirio_Togata a month
    • AnneAuthor
      That quote at the bottom. When that line was said in Wonder Over Yonder I fucking cried. WHO HURT HIM?! WHY DID HE LOOK SO SCARED?! I NEED TO KNOW, DISNEY!!!!!!!
      AnneAuthor a month
    • Smoke1420
      I’m as nice a guy as any but that doesn’t mean I’ll take someone’s bullshit, id punch you in the mouth just as quick as I’d help an elderly person cross a street
      Smoke1420 a month
    • blyatifull
      Kind people are kind because underneath, if you piss em off, you’ll find out they the most fucked up SOB you’ve ever met
      blyatifull a month
    • agentill
      Damn straight. I will put up with the most shit in the universe, but when I feel like I hit my limit, the whole universe better watch out.
      agentill a month
    • BigRichard69
      I can vouch. I've got a genuinely, aggressively kind friend who is closer to Golden retriever than human. You should see the way he switches when dealing with assholes. It's majestic AF tbh
      BigRichard69 a month
    • ButtPug
      I try to be kind to anyone I meet and I haven't been "forged in a fire" lol I'm just not a dickhead
      ButtPug a month
    • 1_Wake
      Why is homeboy describing us kind people as gods equal to One Punch Man?
      1_Wake a month
    • LapissLazooli
      How about people are kind because they know being a dick isn't cool
      LapissLazooli a month
    • kexdee
      That first comment is so unbearably edgy
      kexdee a month
    • hudjabear
      Kindness is the profound awareness of the frailties of life
      hudjabear a month
    • Wayne88
      Treat others how you would like to be treated. The world fucking sucks so why not try to make it a tad bit better for the people you encounter? Help others be happier than you are. This is my code.
      Wayne88 23d
    • Cricket__Foot
      Kind people know the pain. They waddled in it and made it their own. They vow to pull anyone they see in the pit out to safety. But if you try to push them into the pit of misery they will pull you in with them and watch you suffer.
    • casseve
      Yeah but there are also plenty of people who have gone through a lot of shit and still don’t give a fuck
      casseve 25d
    • jabbakeene
      I’m only kind to people to cover up my true sociopathic personality
    • JustAxel
      Too much anime man. Life ain't grand. Its mostly normal and simple. You ain't a hero neither a bill in. Just a human.
    • ReplyWhore
      Not everyone has a tragic backstory, calm down
      ReplyWhore a month
    • AbstractRobot
      Some of us have a live and let live mentality in a dog eat dog world.
      AbstractRobot a month
    • CaptainTicTac
      I love seeing a nice and wholesome meme and then coming to the comments and just seeing everyone shit on it. It’s really makes my day
      CaptainTicTac a month
    • Shirtlessboys4u
      The goth girl gets it
    • _SwAgDaddy69_
      I can finally describe my personality without sounding retarded
      _SwAgDaddy69_ a month
    • Blue_Nation
      Me: *is a nice person* Republicans: wow lmao what a snowflake
      Blue_Nation a month
    • ScoobyDooisMyGod
      gamers rise the FUCK up 😤
    • BigDaddyMeade
      So you’re telling me that people can’t just be kind? There’s no more Innocence in the world? Just because you went through shit and want to think it made you a better person doesn’t mean that sombody else had to go through shit to be just as good as you. Grow up
      BigDaddyMeade a month
    • EndlessPain
      Bunch of pretentious self righteous tumblrtards
      EndlessPain a month
    • _FBl_
      wItH gReAt pOweR coMEs GrEAt resPOnSiBilY
      _FBl_ a month
    • The_Masked_Man_
      I see what he’s saying, but the way he said it was a bit of a stretch
    • mamasNuggs
      I relate so much to this post it's nice. It seems not many people understand my point of view.
      mamasNuggs a month
    • vangrahamage
      The real saying is.... kindness is often mistaken for weakness, not softness
      vangrahamage a month
    • Froggyss2
      Throw a punch at me and you break your hand. Not because I have a steel core but cuz I’m so skinny your literally just punching bone
      Froggyss2 a month
    • jordanrouleau
      To be kind is to go under the mental barrier of people as they tell you there deepest darkest secrets that you then keep stored till they hurt your
      jordanrouleau a month
    • johnathan11
      Yeah, tumblr users are forged in fire and darkness. Nothing is as formidable as a tumblr user
      johnathan11 a month
    • ThatSandwitch
      I just don't want people to dislike me.
      ThatSandwitch a month
    • blockGravel
      Goth girls are kind
      blockGravel a month
    • BeetsByDwight
      “blippynicker” 😂😂😂😂
      BeetsByDwight a month
      Bruh, I feel this in my soul.
      URBANPYR0 a month
    • my_thoughts_on_stuff
      "Good people don't brag about how good they are" -Jack Douglass
    • pennyforyourzenny
      People who think they're all that because they express basic human decency need to shut the fuck up
    • Miss_Sin
      I was forged in a deep dark hole. A prisoner with no parole. But dammit Ima help people until my last breath is ended with my own hands.
      Miss_Sin a month
    • KilljoyKilroy
      I'm nice so people are nice to me. Sure, I've gone through some shit, but who hasn't? You're not particularly hard for being kind, you're just a decent person.
      KilljoyKilroy a month
    • KingKrosis
      U know I feel like no one really cares if I'm nice and this was really good to read. Thanks.
      KingKrosis a month
    • frightfull01
      Knew a guy who lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver nicest man I ever had the pleasure of meeting
      frightfull01 a month
    • NaulafeinHasrov
      I’m a huge people pleaser because life was shit for me growing up and I don’t want others to always be as miserable as I am. People think it makes me weak but if they’re in danger I’m first called because I’m typically toughest person they know.
    • EisSchnee
      I’m kind because I know it’s not cool to be a jackass wtf
      EisSchnee a month
    • sunrisesandstuff
      I mean this is true but I absolutely hate the way they talk about this. You can tell these people think of themselves as fucking superheroes because of this fact despite it being just a basic thing that everyone learns. Stop assuming that you’re special.
    • Toknak
      Do no harm, but take no shit.
      Toknak a month
    • Shenii
      If you punch a kind person, all of their friends will break your face
      Shenii a month
    • evonyawnsolo
      Guys stop roasting the post. Its just people really appreciating kind people. I know for a fact i would take a kind person over a dick-head any day of the week.
      evonyawnsolo a month
    • bouncedyak
      Kind is thanking your bus driver
      bouncedyak a month
    • MyHeroAcademia
      Good ole internet wisdom
    • yeetkage
      Y’all ever just like your own comment to get the ball rolling?
      yeetkage a month
    • TheCinemagician
      Be nice, or we'll make your death look like an accident...
    • Neapolitan
      This is so fucking edgy
    • Torby
      I work retail and I genuinely try to make people feel better and help them through their day. It's one of the things I love about being a meat cutter.
      Torby 24d
    • Movie_Facts
      A saying I’ve heard is “The kindest people are those one that have been through the most pain.”
    • breckdogg
      Or maybe I just don’t want to burden others with being an asshat
    • DiabeticCheeseMaker
      No I’m just soft. I’m a snow ball waiting to be hurled at your brothers face and shatter on impact.
    • sttegbjswgv
      There's this girl in my geometry class and she is so nice to everyone. She has a horrible home life and I feel so bad for her but she's still so positive all the time.
      sttegbjswgv a month
    • DigitalMeme
      Jesus fucking christ. YoU cAn OnLy Be NiCe If YoU hAvE a PaSt TrAuMa. Get your head out of your ass
      DigitalMeme a month
    • Quantum_Sync
      People who espouse shit like this don't even know what it's like to go beyond common courtesy, try being kind when everything in your body rejects it and you have full justification in being the biggest asshole you can, only then could you consider yourself to be a kind forged in fire
      Quantum_Sync a month
    • aarong4u2
      Or you have an irrational fear that if you aren't kind everyone will hate you and no one will ever want to be with you.
      aarong4u2 a month
    • sociallyawkwardmandork
      Think again before trying to beat Isabelle at Smash
    • teijosmith
      Kind people are kind because they know what it’s like to hurt and doesn’t wish that upon anybody no matter what
      teijosmith a month
    • Cassandral18
      Damn you righy
      Cassandral18 a month
    • The_Psychonaut
      It’s more difficult to be kind, empathetic, and keep a positive outlook than it is to be a mean, cruel, and negative person. You choose who you want to be every single day. How will your life be judged once you are gone?
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