• Kids are interesting. I'm babysitting a 9 year old boy right now who's homework is to write a fictional story and he wrote about how in millions of years the sun will expand killing everything and one man fell asleep at the beach and missed all the official announce- ments about the world ending but he man- aged to be the only survivor of the solar flares because he applied SPF 100 sunscreen.
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    • ItsCoolCarl
      Honestly sounds like a good story
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    • Not_A_Robot
      You may be babysitting a young Douglas Adams
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    • starspangledbitch
      I’m a babysitter. Last week I babysat 3 Russian brothers (who also speak English) and they started to tie one brother up with jump ropes to a chair. I said “Guys that’s not a good idea. How about we find another game?” And I shit you not the one that was tied up said “no. is a good idea!” 😶
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    • JesseLeePeterson
      content not available more
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    • AnakinGroundwalker
      Here’s a little fun fact: If you made up a story and you think it’s good, you can tell people about it without pretending that some random little kid told it
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    • Imaginatives
      𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙨𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙬 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝙩𝙤 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙡𝙤𝙘𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
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    • Copha
      Man writing stories as a kid was so much more fun.. You could just make some shit up and run with it without worrying about if it was realistic. Now if I wanna write about a guy going 100 years in the future I have to understand the science behind cryogenic stasis.
      Copha 25d
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    • BlusterKong
      Protect what's probably the only worthy author of my generations future. You have the honor to care for him.
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    • page250
      page250 24d
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    • Megumin_
      content not available more
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    • OwOhhhhhhh
      Ok, random question, what is the wackiest way that we could escape the sun’s expansion you could think of off the top of your head?
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    • Eggomynegro
      Spf 100? I hope it’s in stock cause’ I rub it on my nips and the bell end of my cock
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    • Rachel35
      Dang, that 8 year old is quite imaginative. How does he even know about solar flares?
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    • Sleep_Idontknowher
      We need to get Ryan Reynolds on this. Seems like he would make a good role for the main character
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    • dedaykid
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    • flowers_and_rope
      I was babysitting a 2 year old that told me I look like a pig and begged me to oink for her
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    • oXeXiX
      Shhhhhhh Netflix is always listening...
      oXeXiX 25d
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    • TheSingularPerfectBeing
      "kIdS aRe InTeReStInG"
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    • TokeusPocus
      In 6th grade I wrote a 10 page story about planet earth being over run by talking cats and then giant crab monsters came out of the ocean and attacked the cat civilization
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    • EncryptedRonin
      Modern problems require modern solutions.
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    • GregoryAlanIsakov
      Seems like a shitty Adam sandler movie
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    • Pewds
      Pewds 25d
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    • JimmyMcMook
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    • roundearth
      So non fiction then. He gets an F
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    • ghsn
      This is the kind of fiction we need. Not any “non binary/transgender” bullshit.
      ghsn 25d
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    • AtinaBina
      I'm sensing a sunscreen commercial manifesting.
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    • robloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Uhm, no, the Sun is WAY hotter than that, it’d be impossible. He’ll probably need SPF 420 sunscreen for that.
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    • Inigo_Montoya
      The sun version of one punch man
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    • MoonMoon06
      Cool story you made, but why you gotta pretend a 9 year old made it?
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    • IdfcWbu
      That pie chart picture of "did this happen; no but in yellow"
      IdfcWbu 25d
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    • fangarang1
      That kid is this world's future.
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    • VeetyCgerbil
      SPF 100? I hope it's in stock, cuz I rub it on my nips and the bell end of my cock
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    • RangerGamer
      I want a trilogy
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    • flyingfish68
      Nasa:*takes notes*
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    • yaggy
      yaggy 25d
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    • BabyGril
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    • I_HaveA_Plan
      Just become a director and get Ryan Reynolds
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    • meme_critique_
      Imagine causing everyone in the world to die because you told them the sun was expanding and everyone went into panic mode while one motherfucker who wasn't listening fuckin applied the thickest layer of sun screen and then slept through the sound of all life burning to death.
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    • GreenNightlight
      Holy run on sentence, Batman!
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    • Lesbian_Satan
      Just 1 guy? He's gay because he covered himself in white stuff. And clearly the sun wouldn't spare a homosexual.
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    • Martin_Luther_Meme
      That guy missed out
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    • MissRose
      Fail him it could still happen and no longer be fictional
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    • MonkeyD_Hunt
      Too bad this never happened
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    • TheGreatProfessorSad
      Cod4: hope You brought spf 5000.
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    • TheAldmeriDominion
      That's surprisingly accurate to what will happen though, considering he's nine, and that our sun will actually expand and kill us all in roughly five billion years
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    • Cuter
      and then he will freeze to death bc no sun
      Cuter 25d
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    • mug_smug
      And then the dialogue look something like “Oh no he can’t hear us he has his AirPods on”
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    • FreakyAlienGenotyp3
      Ok, I'm listening...
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    • h_m_m_m
      Could you maybe use more than one period per paragraph
      h_m_m_m 25d
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    • ThePugMaster22
      Netflix wants your location
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    • DwightKurtSchrutethe3rd
      "What if we used 100% of our brains"
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    • remlap2000
      I could actually see this as a micheal bay film.
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    • SampleShrimp
      ngl I’d read the fuck outta that
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    • Nostalgiameme
      We had a essay prompt about gaining superpowers and while everyone wrote about becoming a superhero, I wrote about becoming a supervillain and conquering the world no happy ending
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    • Dusso
      It said fictional
      Dusso 25d
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    • silvertree
      Need to make this into a movie
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    • TheManWithACan
      Kinda sounds like he's being hired to advertise...
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    • MioNyan
      Kids aren't just interesting they're sexy too
      MioNyan 25d
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    • zerogravity2222
      Kids are assholes I can't say that because I can
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    • AnimaIs
      I’ll take that didn’t happen for 500
      AnimaIs 25d
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    • RedEuph
      RedEuph 25d
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    • jazzhanz
      That's some high quality sunscreen
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    • Lemons_
      Hes not writing a story, hes writing the prophecy
      Lemons_ 22d
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    • NoIdeaWhatImPosting
      SPF 100, I hope it’s in stock. Cause I rub it on my nips and the bell-end of my cock.
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    • TheLastOfMemes
      Well the sun would engulf earth, sooo
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    • FierDancr
      At least he wrote something. When my youngest was 8, he was asked to write a 2 sentence story describing a pic Of a frog jumping a log. His response? "I don't have enough data to complete this task."
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    • dontbeupsetti
      Omg I’m a babysitter too!!! Last week I took this little girl and her baby brother to the park where she fucking sold her brother into slavery, haha kids am I right?
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    • frenhctoats
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    • andrewkerouac
      This is 2 sentences
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    • RealTrashman
      Spf 100. Note added.
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    • BeanoBurrit0
      Well it’s supposed to be fictional he failed
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    • SnacksforSneksLLC
      How long until the sunscreen wears off? Is this a short story because the plot sure will be.
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    • Testsubject276
      I once wrote a story about a magic crystal pillar that gave people powers if they asked it. But the protagonist got the ability to summon stale garlic bread.
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    • Merle_Dixon
      Someone call Netflix
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    • PotatoFace2
      Probably didn't happen, but i can enjoy it all the same
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    • LucasTears
      Damn this kid wrote an intriguing plot and all I can think of is some cliche shit
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    • Kat_AnS
      Bold of him to assume humanity will last that long
      Kat_AnS 25d
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    • Radicoochie
      I’m a man don’t use sunscreen, I cry about the burn later.
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    • tyezooma
      “SPF 100? I hope it’s in stock”
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    • Dragonhouse718
      no better song intro than lights by journey
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    • fallengrandma
      Saints deserve a rematch
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    • juicypancakes200
      Fallout 500 spf
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    • randomguy317
      I would buy the book
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    • demo088
      That kid just might know a thing or two
      demo088 25d
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