• Some teacher actually laughed along with the little fuckers who bullied me, and the next day sent me to detention for telling them off. They got off scot free
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    • Why do I feel like someone named Kai made this? Or a Chris or Connor
    • Got hardcore bullied for my 10th and 11th year of high school just gave them a slap on the wrist even though one of them threatened to beat my face in cause I wasn't on there side when my friend got bullied by them as well
    • One teacher followed me around farting in shop class telling the other students.
    • I once got an infraction for burying the class pens in their pen holder filled plastic beans. Wtf was elementary school
    • when i was in middle school i was bullied, the teacher said nothin until i had scarlet feaver and the kid kept messin with me in my wheel chair. and even than she only did something when a group of kids told her about it
    • Unpopular opinion. Black panther was only ok. Not as great as it's made out to be. It's only classified as one of the best superhero movies ever because they're black
    • If you act like a piece of shit, people are going to treat you like a piece of shit.
    • One time I was like half awake, then the girl next to me clicks her pen super fast like 10 times, but I thought it was her cracking her knuckles, so I just shot awake and was like “wtf”
    • “We don’t do that here”
    • A friend of my father's grandson beat the hell outta one of his bullies after they started picking on him about having no Mom since she recently died.
    • The kid should’ve stabbed the bully with the pen
    • Dude lit was used when I was alive lit is fucking dead if you use lit go die....
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    • Click your pen in S.O.S. To get their attention
    • Someone brings a laser pointer and suddenly every teacher is a drill sergeant
    • What?
    • Actual bullying is so rare. You’re probably just really unlikable and you can’t force kids to be your friend and your pettiness is what is the actual bullying
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    • *chara tightens asriels restaints* hehe~ ready for some COCK AND BALLS TORTURE™ asriel? *asriel responds with a muffled moan through his ball gag*
    • My teachers are actually the ones that bully me
    • Tbh, I've never heard of any bullying ever at my school
    • Teachers dont take bullying serious anymore its sad honestly
    • Gets bullied, gets in school suspension, gets yelled at by two teachers, how is that helping bullying? Other child gets to go to class as usual
    • If you're getting bullied, just kill yourself. Then suddenly everyone will feel bad about being a bully.
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    • There’s a difference between bullying and being a pussy. Not everyone is going to treat you kindly or with respect so learn to deal with that rather than try and blame someone who’s trying to educate you for failing to do something that’s not their problem
    • Thirteen Fifty
    • My science teacher wrote a kid a referral the other day because his ID was clipped straight to his shirt instead of being on the lanyard.
    • Maybe don't be a pussy and stand up for yourslef.
    • I had this bitch of a teacher in freshmen English, who watched me get picked on constantly, and took points off my grade when I complained to the principle. She was fired a few months ago for making a student take off his pants in the middle of class because she believed he stole her phone.
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    • Bad meme
    • I lost my future to this phenomena, so the only thing stopping me from ending my own hopeless life is the fact that I will just be another forgotten statistic on the suicide rates.
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    • I got sent out of class for this while everyone else was being obnoxiously loud and disrupting the lesson. Turns out that teacher would choose a person to target each year in his class to pick on
    • Don’t be a hero kid
    • I bet there’s female n words actually named wakanda
    • Cuz it affects them they don't care bout some bullied kid
    • That's why I don't support the whole" lets walk out of school for better gun laws movement " instead they let their classmates being bully.
    • Wakanda bullshit is this....
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    • Brug
    • Being a little bitch and not fighting your bully like everyone else that doesnt get bullied anymore vs. being an annoying fuck is class clicking your pen...actually the people clicking the pen are usually the ones getting bullied so I guess it evens out.
    • This is truer than true
    • I had a art teacher hide my school equipment for a whole week in 7th grade because she didn't like that I had forgotten to grab it before lunch she then made the class scold me for the mistake I havnt had art as an elective sense
    • If anyone owes reparations, it's wakanda, for allowing slave trading for centuries. There is no redeeming that.
    • That’s messed up!! What kind of teachers a they?
    • Dude just today my teacher caught a kid bullying and he got everyone In the class to write to the principal explaining all the other shit we had seen him do so we could get him out of our class (stole 20 bucks, stole a kids phone case, stole a kids pencil bag) a real dick
    • I had a bible teacher who called a friend or mine Ben Gay cause of his name. The fucker had a heart attack a lived and then became the fucking poster for our school
    • ...what?
    • Once Eleven was able to adjust to the large cock planted inside her, Max's thrusts began to shift from soft & gentle, to hard & rough. The loud “slap slap slap” of Max's thighs smacking against Elevens ass filled the air. Eleven was howling with delight as Max fucked her. "Oh God, Oh Max!"
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    • Quit complaining about bullying all the time, I can stand when people do this like who cares🤷‍♂️
    • I haven’t seen black panther but I’m guessing wakanda is like Liberia during the 1990s
    • Yup
    • In middle school I had a pen that also had a laser pointer and another kid took it, pointed it at a girl's head and said she got her period in her hair. Well the teacher took my pen from her and when I said it was mine she wouldn't give it back.
    • My brother is in athletics at school and to resolve bullying and beef between the athletes, coaches take the kids and throw them in the wrestling room to fight it out
    • Black panther was a 6.5/10 at best
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    • To be honest, anyone who starts clicking their pencils like that is annoying
    • Hard truth to swallow: teachers intervening in bullying often makes it worse
    • Yeet it’s cause it true
    • A friend of mine actually got sent out because he was tapping his ring against the desk and literally just did it a few times.
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    • When you don’t wanna comment cause it will break the perfect 69... oh shit
    • I shit you not, we had a guy kill himself recently because the school wouldnt do a god damn thing to help. All they did was put up an anti bulling billboard on the highway
    • Stop pushing this trash movie on us
    • Meanwhile there’s a kid in my Meteorology class who will tap his pen against his teeth every now and again and the teacher doesn’t do jack except get mad at the kid who decided to yell at him
      Yeow 8d
    • When angry boomer professors say phones are somehow disruptive
    • Lesson to children: stop being a pussy
    • I'm not sure what Wakanda has to do with classroom discipline.
    • Once my math teacher saw a fight and started chanting with the other kids for like a minute, until he realized he was a teacher.
    • A pile of dust can talk?
    • Welp. Time to break the system. (Loads AR-15)
    • My teacher literally took all my pens and pencils the other day because I was being “disruptive” she was the only one who noticed.
    • Kid: *gets bullied* Teacher: *joins in on bullying the kid*
    • Roses are red, violets are blue, it don’t be like that, but sometimes it do
    • Lol where did this black panther meme come from
    • never heard a teacher say that before
    • That’s literally never happened to me or anyone else before
    • God on the cross
    • If I get top comment does that make me big gay
    • This just triggers the ptsd of that one kid beat boxing with a bic pen in the back of the classroom
    • No wonder we were never able to see them...
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