• Gorons in BoTW are just a bunch of goofy dorks and I love them
      Kurow 9d
      2.2K 30
    • OoT Gorons are to be feared when angry.
      1.1K 13
    • But the baby Gorons in BotW
    • Yo I just started my third play through of twilight princess
    • Twilight princess is my favorite LOZ game
      8 1
    • I got twilight princess on my computer but I can’t get past the first monkey forest thing because my graphics card died
    • I always get Gorons confused with Gerudos.
    • before cocaine, after cocaine
    • Well twilight princess isnt really, kid friendly. Lmao
      Isaac_ 6d
    • Twilight princess is my favorite one tbh
    • The 2 best ones
    • From Bobby to Cotton Hill
    • I played twilight princess on the wii
    • So they're Marines in the first one?
    • In twilight princess there's even a miniboss fight because a Goron forgets to ask you what you are there for.
    • Yunobu vs the blacksmith
    • with my dick.*
      DN13 8d
    • Twilight princess was best
      8 2
    • Are we gonna forget when they forced young link into a bromance session in oot?
    • Nice package tho lmao I'm gross
    • I love the huge Goron in Ocarina. I'd get the invincible 2H from him and purposely lose my shield to look like a pure badass.
    • Hey I uploaded that meme first stealer stealer!!!!
    • Twilight Princess is bae
    • Twilight Princess is an underrated game in my opinion
    • Pretty much
    • Mars2 8d
    • Love my chunky bois.
      3 1
    • botw just has them chilling lmao
    • If a TP Goron goes after you, your fucked. If an OoT Goron is around you still have a high chance of becoming roadkill, or getting a friendly backslap that knocks you 7 years into the future... Since you were in a coma from it.
    • different places
    • Twilight Princess was the best one
      14 1
    • All I remember about the gorons from TP is how you had to learn how to sumo wrestle and then get the iron boots so you can yeet them off Death Mountain.
    • I love twilight princess
    • TP gorons kinds turn me on
      TH2C 8d
    • I like the TP ones though, their personalities also fit their looks so
      Haviec 8d
    • Bulge OwO
      3 1
    • Them 3D rock nipples in loz tp
    • TP Goron nipples scare me
    • Only 6?
    • TP was a far more hardcore and realistic approach to the art style and feel of the game everything had more realistic proportions and I absolutely loved that fuckin game
    • Am I the only one who hasn't played BoTW?
      3 1
    • I miss my big chubby rolly bois
      CSass 8d
    • Twilight princess they werent like that they were still dumbass bricks but just that bricks
    • Yeah, well... cotton killed fiddy men
      Wigo 8d
    • Twilight Princess was just a good game
    • Twilight Princess was the fucking SHIT back then, holy fuck i played it so much, it was without a doubt my favorute game as a kid, with the exception of lego star wars, though i had to get rid of my wii eventually and it fuckin sucked
    • Majora's mask was the best
      3 3
    • I spent so much time at the Goron hot spring in twilight princess
    • But oot gave the best hugs
    • So Gorgons are now US Marines?
    • Or how about that archery practice game for the Wii that had a legend of Zelda look
      1 1
    • Botw is more of in the middle
    • They need to make Twilight princess on the switch!
      7 4
    • Twilight Princess is awesome! Why do I see so much hate for it?
      6 2
    • you right
    • To be fair this is in the victorious timeline where they could continue to evolve. But yeah it is stupid
    • Why is this so fuckin true
    • Gorons in wind waker:💀
    • Like if you agree Twilight princess is the best Zelda game.
      24 3
    • I have had twilight princess for like 7 years and I still have not beat it, I doubt I’m even halfway through tbh
      5 6
    • Marine Corps
    • I was about to request an actual Goron fight outside of the sumo wrestling, then I remembered the mines mini boss
    • Whyd they have to draw it with such a bulge tho
    • Real talk why cant you keep aying after you beat ganon, and why isnt there a new game plus?
      1 1
    • This is not right. In twilight princess all the gorons are just Hulk Hogan BROTHERRR
    • I know a guy that killed 6 million at a camp for ADD kids
    • Dark souls III
    • Link from ocarina of time is the shadow warrior in twilight princess and when you go to the forgotten grove to retrieve the master sword skull kid thinks it's the old link coming back to retive the master sword hits the feels man
    • Skyward Gorons are just explorers and rollercoaster owners
    • I love twilight princess
    • Reasons that TP is the best game. Example # 943,005,356,778
      6 3
    • Yo I was like 7 when twilight came out and I was so fucking scared of the gorons. Like one minute they’re like “hey brother how’s it goin” and the next they’re yeetin you across the map. Swear those mah fuckas have bipolar disorder
    • It should be “rocks are yum yum”
    • The first time I played this game, I beat the lightning boss in the camel.
      1 3
    • Breath of the wild: HEEEEY BBBRRRROOTHEEER
    • That gorgon OwO
      Fahux 8d
    • Gordon’s are fantastic
    • I today so many guys when I was in jail, worst was the little skinny guys with a tight ass that aren’t used to talking a cock up the ass. Guards would just let us have our rape fun to the new guys and wouldn’t interfere
      3 1
    • Breath of the wild Gorons are adorable
    • I've never met anyone in person who hasn't loved Twilight Princess, but online it gets so much shit
      6 3
    • Twilight Princess is the only teen-rated LoZ game
    • Watch out man, marines are no joke!
    • Yep pretty much
    • Twilight Princess is the best Zelda. Change my Minda.
      5 3
    • Can confirm
    • We just gonna forget Darunia?
    • What about the minish cap goron
    • Y’all eat crayons
    • The ones in Twilight Princess are only muscular like that when you look at the leaders
    • My longest playing session was 15hrs straight of twilight princess in the summer of 2011
    • That means the Ocarina of Time ones should be feared more. They're 100% trained combat ready marines.
    • I miss my twilight princess game :/
    • Zelda twilight princess was best zelda
      7 1
    • Twilight princess is my favorite
      6 2
    • In TP I got stuck for hours when the kid is captured by the hog riders it took me so fucking long to get past that
      2 1
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