• Otacon: Snake the reason the presents from Santa have stopped coming is because you killed Santa Clause in a mission to destroy Metal Gear. I’m sorry Snake but he’s dead, and there is no one delivering the presents this year or any year any more. Snake:
      Vanhellin123 20 dec
      1.5K 10
    • Man thats so funny :((((((
      1.3K 27
    • Skull face is Sans
      Archom231 19 dec
      1.2K 31
    • "We're all on the naughty list now Kaz"
      Chudat 19 dec
      191 4
    • Lol :(
      Espantoso 19 dec
    • Metal Gear: super realistic, amazing gameplay, amazing story, Also Metal Gear: Snake believes in Santa and thinks he’s on the naughty list :(
      20 11
    • content not available more
    • Big Boss probably planned so many Christmas parties in Mother Base and Outer Haven because it reminded him of Christmas time with The Boss
      EBwaffles 19 dec
    • Huey: Snake I didn’t know you were a comedian!! Snake: I’m serious... he’s real
    • For those who don't know, an audio log in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker reveals that Big Boss, who at the time was 39 in 1974, still believed in Santa Claus.
      NipCoyote 20 dec
    • 12
    • Snakes Codecs are back in Smash Ultimate from Brawl but they’re not updated so snake still references brawl, my cannon is that Snake thinks he’s still in brawl
      Quintorris 20 dec
      11 1
    • 11
    • I never understood the Big Boss and Snake thing, even though I played the games. Why were they always in conflict if they seemingly had a fairly decent relationship, and did Snake take the moniker of Big Boss in MGSV? (If I upset anyone, I’m sorry)
      SeraphBeatz 20 dec
      11 20
    • The snake in this tweet is referring to Naked Snake aka Big Boss, the father of Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake. This tweet is not referring to Venom, Solid, Liquid or Solidus Snake, or Raiden as he was also called Snake in a few missions.
      blademarcs 20 dec
      9 4
    • 10 2
    • Snake is just a military trained man child
    • That’s wrong. Solid Snake does not kill The Boss, but he does kill Big Boss, who killed The Boss
      10 9
    • Hrrngh..... The naughty list, huh? Colonel, it's time to infiltrate the North Pole....
      setheverman 19 dec
      9 1
    • Snake is a good boy
      9 1
    • That actually really fucking breaks my heart. Fucking damn it. FUCKING DAMN IT!
      Hypocalypse 21 dec
    • Its the only game where everything and everyone exept the game itself takes itself seriously
      Dovahnime 20 dec
    • Ok but how does a levitating dude who could read minds, a dude made of literal flames and lava, a Russian dude made of electricity all exist in metal gear but Santa doesn’t???
      im__gone 20 dec
    • It's dumb, funny but also tragic. When you had to kill the boss in mgs3, it was the best event in the entire metal gear franchise. Had me bawling man. Mgs3 will forever be my favorite mgs
      DAVID_BOWIE 19 dec
      8 2
    • :(
      Bernie 19 dec
    • Pattwick 20 dec
    • After all the shit Snake has seen, Santa probably isn't to out there.
      WikiThat 20 dec
    • Ah im only familiar with snake smoking cigarettes in cardboard boxes
      Mike419 20 dec
    • Metal Gear Solid is just full of sadness explosions and memes
      Gamian 19 dec
      7 2
    • Tough talk coming from someone in tactical espionage range
    • Great now I'm crying remembering having to kill the boss who WAS A FUCKING HERO
      darkdays99 21 dec
    • Snake is just a child with guns
      6 2
    • Im actually kinda sad he had to kill her
      zmbkllr 20 dec
      6 1
    • You fucking saying my nigga Santa isn’t real? He’s fucking real I seen him at the mall
      Balrog99 20 dec
    • Not just Snake. Big Boss. BIG BOSS believes in Santa Claus.
      7 2
    • He's also terrified of vampires
      Majima 20 dec
    • Such a cold man yet still innocent
      _Legion_ 20 dec
    • I thought this was talking about an actual fucking snake at first ‘snakes have bosses?’
    • Anyone remember the “tag whore” days
      the1thatdo 19 dec
    • Snake is a very intelligent kind of moron, he's so fucking awesome.
    • I thought it said snape like harry potter
      JUGGLYTOOT 23 dec
    • I’ve only played the games with big boss. Someone explain to me why snake killed the lady boss
      5 4
    • Two corrections to this. The first is the fact that it was the end not the boss. The second is the fact that big boss knew it was them but didn’t say anything. It was just another coping mechanism
      5 6
    • I genuinely feel bad for Snake now.
      5 1
    • That's pretty sad tbh gotta feel for snake
    • hrnnngh burger
    • I thought they were talking about actually snakes believing in Santa
      Krimson 20 dec
    • Deep complex story with each game having a certain theme to it and then you have this in there. God I wish this franchise never died
      CaveiraMain 20 dec
      5 4
    • The Boss is also an awesome spirit in Smash Ultimate.
      MetaMike 20 dec
    • Hold the fuck up, where is this stated in any of the metal gear games? Because I feel dumb for not knowing this. Also it's Big Boss not snake.
      5 9
    • Captain america the winter soldier is basically mgs: sons of liberty
      tpose_thanos 20 dec
    • paytonzlate 20 dec
    • Somebody get snake some presents this christmas or I’m gonna find Huey and bring him back to mother base
      Frisky_Avali 19 dec
    • I have no idea what this is talking about.
      bevans8293 19 dec
      5 10
    • This is Kojima were talking about, it's likely that he actually is on Santa's naughty list as a part of official cannon
    • Santa?..... Santa! SANTAAAAAA
    • never heard this peice of diolouge before. when was this mentioned?
      ericb97 21 dec
      4 3
    • GUYS THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY TRUE. Snake believed in Santa because NORAD "tracked him" every year, but he NEVER got presents from The Boss!
      4 1
    • It's why he cried at her grave.
      Drchronic426 20 dec
    • The real reason behind why he doesn’t kill anyone?
      ianatoratron 20 dec
    • One of the best games ever hands-down
      Kaze_77 20 dec
    • Kept ya waiting huh?
    • At least he didn’t say I was today years old
      4 1
    • I was super confused until I got to the end and read “Metal Gear”
      TheGoodBoi 20 dec
    • Finally explains why the big boss was evil in metal gear 2
      GinterM27 20 dec
    • I knew he believed in santa but where tf did it say the boss sent him gifts?
      SeniorBLT 20 dec
    • Incorrext, the man who believes in Santa is solid snake, but the man who killed the boss is big boss
      5 4
    • Colonel, Santa stopped bring me presents, am I on the naughty list? Snake wtf
      swampy764 19 dec
    • Punished snake indeed
      Brizzy_B 19 dec
    • Dear John, you are now on the naughty list for giving the boss a big boo boo. Sincerely Santa. Snake: NOOOOOOOO!
      RGM96X_Jesta 19 dec
    • Then his daughter came over with her dad's big sack for 13 years.
      WeddingSnack 20 dec
    • content not available more
    • Saying “Snake” and “The Boss” made me think this was a theory about the movie in Home Alone “Angels With Filthy Souls” and I was confused until I read the end
      Scoldy_ 20 dec
    • What a thrill~...
      SnowIF 20 dec
      3 2
    • Listen guys, you won’t believe it. Just listen for a sec alright? Everything you just read right now, was in all actuality (Bare with me now come on, don’t stray from this) a waste of your time. Thank you. Have a great day.
      5 1
    • I'm not crying your crying
    • Prove it, I’ve never seen Hideo mention this damnit!
      3 1
    • Snake? What happened? Snake!? SNAAAAAAKEEEEE!!!!
    • Danger noodles
      jerry 20 dec
    • It just me, or should this post not be immediately following the last post... Unless, of course, Metal Gear is now part of real life.
      LewisPattJr 20 dec
    • this is real by the way, big boss actually does believe santa claus is real in metal gear lore
    • Which snake which boss which santa which present which naughty list
      5 3
    • That's fucking sad
    • WillemDafoe 20 dec
    • That’s actually kind of tragic
      Blazeeee 20 dec
    • :(
    • LizardGuys 19 dec
      3 1
    • Is a Sasquatch a furry? Asking for a friend.
      stuiped 19 dec
    • Colonel. Burger
      GrandOrder 19 dec
      3 1
    • The boss is big boss’s mentor who defected to the soviet union
    • SlayMee 19 dec
    • M1A2_Abrams 19 dec
    • I think the elderly neighbor died
      Overslept 19 dec
    • Ok, but I don't know metal gear very well at all, why does he kill his boss?
      3 5
    • Bruh it’s fucking real look it up “big boss believes in Santa” he keeps telling someone (I don’t fucking know mgs) that norad tracks santa
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