• Japan: *bombs a few American boats* America: *totally anihilates two Japanese Cities in response* Japan:

    • TheSupremeFeeder
      The US government made rice krispies before Kellogg's
    • dudelol
      See, it would be funny if they actually cared, but those mother fuckers actually bent over and wanted more. We were (the US) ready to drop up to 3 more bombs.
      dudelol 27 nov
    • TheRanger
      Japan bombed a country at peace and in the war killed around 400,000 American soldiers alone, then refused to surrender until 2 entire atomic bombs went off, even forcing their own citizens not to evacuate , they were also pretty evil back then. I don’t know why people think the bombings were bad
      TheRanger 7 dec
    • mightymorphinmemer
      Ok but they bombed a bit more than just a few boats
    • wusgud
      Dropped two small suns on them and they’ve been squinting ever since
      wusgud 7 dec
    • Saikachi
      Although it was probably the only way to stop the war, rip thousands of innocent civilians who died because they got pulled into a war between world governments
      Saikachi 8 dec
    • 1998dotwav
      👏⭐️🎌🇯🇵ATTENTION ALL JAPANESE PILOTS🇯🇵🎌⭐️👏EMPEROR 🎎👑HIROHITO 🏵NEEDS YOUR 👆HELP!! All his majesty🙏 needs is the number of AMERICAN 😱🇺🇸🗽🇱🇷🇺🇸SHIPS ⛴🚢 and 🛩PLANES ✈️ at 🌟PEARL HARBOR 🌟and you can help him secure the 💫💥EPIC💥 CO-PROSPERITY VICTORY ROYALE💫
      1998dotwav 7 dec
    • Do_It_4_Dale
      Japan was committing genocides since 1931. It was about more than just some boats. Remember nankang in china where they raped over 60,000 and murdered over 200,000 civilians in 6 weeks and that's just one city. Where the US POWs had a 1/25 death rate in nazi Germany it was 1/3 in japan.
    • Heron
      The only reason we had to use nukes was that Japan would have declared total war. We would’ve had to fight every man woman and child in the country. We saved more Japanese lives by dropping nukes.
      Heron 7 dec
    • Fatal_Error_
      They did a lot more than bomb a few boats
    • Szechuan_Sauce_Slayer
      ok, not just a "few boats"
    • DrMojito
      *creates anime*
      DrMojito 27 nov
    • KRlEG
      Well we annihilated one and they still didn’t back down. Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.
      KRlEG 7 dec
    • ghostfire111
      Japan:Does Pearl Harbour, rapes, pillages, murders, beats prisoners of war, tortures people for no reason, breaks families, commits unspeakable crimes. World: loves Japan
    • AnimeTibbies
      *Japanese soldiers rape and torture thousands of innocent civilians*
    • Cloud_The_Gamer
      We didnt bomb them for revenge we did it to stop the war and save lives because far more would have been lost from both sides if we fought a ground war with Japan
    • nugtaco420
      Totally unrelated. Why do people blast their music through the mic in video games? Like don't you want to hear what the fuck is going on in the game? And fuck your shitty ghetto music
      nugtaco420 7 dec
    • Zombeastly
      You fools. Pearl Harbor was a cold blooded massacre. Of fucking course we were going to retaliate.
      Zombeastly 7 dec
    • FrisbeeMcGee
      They bombed more than just a couple boats, they also knew it was an American holiday and made a move against us. Not even Germany and Belgium fought each other on Christmas. It was underhanded and clearly warranted what they got
    • SirSmrtaz
      *also japan* genocides more people than Nazi germany including raping 1/3 forcing families to fuck each other bayoneting babies and seeing which officer could behead 100 prisoners the fastest
      SirSmrtaz 7 dec
    • Kravalon
      Should have been the Elmo with the nuke behind him
      Kravalon 27 nov
    • starbase385
      We just ain't gonna mention the fact that Japan murdered and raped half of Asia
    • CaptainDeadpool32
      Didn't the US warn Japan they were doing this? I swear I read somewhere leaflets were sent through the populated areas involved
    • IronsOfFire
      We should go drop a few more today, just in case they think we’re sorry about it
    • I_amChuck
      We fucking warned them and they didn't listen
      I_amChuck 7 dec
    • _ArthurMorgan_
      Imagine being so stubborn that after we dropped an atomic bomb and told them we would do it again, they basically just say "bet"
    • Do_It_4_Dale
      They had prisoner decapitation contests they would chop off 100 peoples heads for sport and reported it in newspapers like baseball. They bayonet babies. Forced parents to rape children
    • Windyyyy
      Don’t try to diminish Pearl Harbor by saying it was “a few boats” it was an act of war
      Windyyyy 7 dec
    • AmericaJake1776
      Dont fuck with the strongest country in the world
    • HadesKnightieboy
      We didn’t nuke them because they bombed us, we nuked then because everyone of them is suicidal and they would never stop fighting no matter the cost.
    • iammatt
      Don’t you love history memes made by high schoolers learning history
      iammatt 7 dec
    • u_can_kik_me_if_u_ask
    • KnowedgeAbility
      "A few boats" nigga the death toll was over 2000
    • K9UNIT9
      Mess with the best die like the rest
      K9UNIT9 7 dec
    • BobaFett3277
      The U.S. Pacific Fleet is a bit more than "a few boats".
    • OXxXKillYourselfXxXO
      “Bombed a few boats” bitch don’t down size what you fucking whores did. Y’all destroyed Pearl Harbor with explosives to put us into a war that we refused to join. Y’all Japan bitches deserved it.
    • LordSteve
      “A few American boats” is a bit of an understatement.
      LordSteve 7 dec
    • dalmss101
      The total #military killed was 2,335, 2,008 navy personnel, 109 marines, and 218 army. Plus 68 civilians, making the total 2403 people dead. 1,177 were from the USS Arizona. Twenty-three sets of brothers died aboard USS Arizona. So, yeah I’d vote to do it again. F them. They started, we finished it.
      dalmss101 7 dec
    • Canadian_Graffitti_Artist
      "A few ships" try an entire US navy base, 8 ships over, 180 aircrafts, and 2400 deaths
    • U_Forgot_The_Pickles
      Well if Japan has just surrendered and not gone with that dumb honor code shit, the whole situation could’ve been avoided
    • Of_Oblivion
      A few American boats? Heck they brought their 360 planes and ships and destroyed 8 of the largest battleships, and like 188 of the American’s aircraft. Plus, y’know, it was an act of WAR so how else would America react?
    • DiaryOfFood
      “Bombs a few boats” is the oversimplification of the year
    • Non_Applicabull
      Yeah just forgot about all the other horrible horrible things japan did, their fucked up war tactics, how they literally taught their civilians to kill themselves over being taken over by Americans. Japans played ruthless.
    • endmeknow
      When they say “bombed a few boats” instead of completely demolished bases killing a lot
      endmeknow 8 dec
    • DuckieMaster4000
      One of the Japanese generals literally told them it would be like attacking a sleeping dragon. Don’t quote me on that the details might not be exact.
    • Cornogrophy
      Didn’t we give them plenty of opportunities to wave the white flag? Even after the first bomb?
    • Squashed_Tomato
      The US had every right to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    • Militant_RepubAcc
      People bitching about how wrong the nukes were please, I implore you to research the “Rape of Nanjing” and the mass brainwashed civilian suicides on Okinawa and how Japan treated POWs. THEN and only THEN do you get an opinion on this topic when you see that Japan was evil if not worse than Nazi’s.
    • stupidassliberals
      "a few american boats" yk hm people died?
    • Pookyman
      Well they actually fully assaulted an American Naval base... but sure
      Pookyman 7 dec
    • Gevil
      Japan: *kills millions of Innocents during that time*
      Gevil 7 dec
    • thepersonyoudontlike
      Japan: Commits atrocities in China
    • RaiderMC
      In case anyone thinks nuking them was not the right decision let me clarify a few things. The Japanese empire invaded many countries and committed atrocities. Their troops were given permission to rape women and even made a game of it. A freaking game of raping women. They killed 300,000 Chinese
      RaiderMC 7 dec
    • Engi_Gaming
      Many people only like to acknowledge Pearl Harbor and then the nukes. They don’t realize what terrible things the Japanese did to the pacific and Chinese people. Look up the Rape of Nanjing. It was terrible.
    • davelightning
      Japan: You will never defeat our mighty (midget;) emperor! USA: Omae wa mou shindeiru. Japan: NANI?!!!!! Boom!✈️🇺🇸
    • DeathlordAulus
      Those fuckers massacred china, the phillipines, and pearl harbour. They deserve 2 more fucking nukes today for creating anime
    • Days_of_future_past
      “We didn’t start this shit but we’ll fuckin finish it”
    • Lv100_Boss
      don't forget that Japan committed probably the most war crimes out of anyone involved
      Lv100_Boss 7 dec
    • ericmek86
      Back when the US had some balls
      ericmek86 7 dec
    • Perfecting
      “Bombs a few American boats”
      Perfecting 7 dec
    • Junglespeed7531
      Don’t fuck with America bitch
    • TackSoup
      We were watching some d-day movie in history and I almost RKOed the Japanese kid next to me
      TackSoup 7 dec
    • _Jack_
      They seriously understate the scale of the Pearl harbor attack
      _Jack_ 7 dec
    • JohnAdams2ndPrez
      What a bunch of unpatriotic people in these comments. They killed 2335 people and wounded over 1000 in a surprise attack. Idk about you but to me that would mean the gloves are off. War is hell but I'll be damned if we're seen as the bad guys.
    • Fantastic_Official
      Didnt the Japanese bomb the harbor buildings and civillian housings also?
    • I_Smell_Weakness
      Japan: *Kamikazes our entire Navy* America: *Turns two of their giant cities into rubble by creating a super weapon the likes of which had never been seen before on this Earth* Japan:
    • bridgewalski
      Both countries were actually afraid to full on invade each other, so the US decided a different path was needed to end the war, in turn tons died, but actually far less died than if either country would have seen a full scale invasion.
    • Chris_Waffle
      Funny thing is the reason they got obliterated is because of their absolute barbaric behaviour, hiding in palm trees, setting up traps, killing their own citizens, torturing wounded, executing wounded, and they’re responsible for one of the most painful tortures invented, growing bamboo through you.
    • pandamonium811
      This may be a unpopular opinion but this was made purely for comedy reasons and not as way way of expressing the individuals point of view on pearl harbor and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it was a good Elmo meme that gave me a good laugh .
    • Evdude
      My grandfather was on one of those "boats." The retaliation was completely justified. Always hit back harder than you get hit
      Evdude 7 dec
    • chwb2
      Yeah sure the entire Pacific fleet is just a couple boats
      chwb2 7 dec
    • TheRanger
      “A few American boats”
      TheRanger 7 dec
    • clayton001
      This oversimplifies a very complicated time in history. Japan was expanding to form an empire. They bombed our ships and planes, killing thousands. Additionally, if you’ve read up on the Japanese actions at Nanking, the Japanese were arguably more brutal than the nazis.
      clayton001 7 dec
    • cartonmilk
      A few is an understatement
      cartonmilk 7 dec
    • Arklados
      I mean, there was a lot of shit that happened in between *cough cough* Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Iwo Jima *cough cough*
      Arklados 7 dec
    • JewcciGang
      Didnt America do a bunch of other shit before we dropped the bombs?
      JewcciGang 7 dec
    • Imnotcanadian
      Haha we probably killed almost as many japs as they killed themselves
    • RonTheDonSwanson
      Do not mess with America. For when the government works.. It works well
    • Lucious
      So, funny enough the us gave Japan chances to surrender lead in up to the first bomb and numerous more before dropping the second so, it's like they all have a death wish
      Lucious 7 dec
    • EruditeNerd
    • Useful_Idiot
      More people died when they fuckin firebombed Tokyo than the 2 atomic bombs combined but we don’t talk about that shit
    • justin_case1701
      A few boats?
    • Thornclaw
      I mean, we asked them to surrender first
      Thornclaw 7 dec
    • RDJ9942
      The ignorance in this post is astounding.
      RDJ9942 7 dec
    • rocko15
      Hey don’t kill 2000 Americans and expect to be treated fairly, wars a bitch with a strap on ready to fuck ya in the ass.
      rocko15 7 dec
    • Luigilito128
      I mean, they did worse, in fact they were worse than tje fucking nazi's. Japs back then were cold blooded killers that would slaughter anything that moves.
    • brick_enthusiast
      You wanna talk about war crimes? The Japanese were pretty good about committing the most war crimes possible, especially with POWs
    • LonelyCloudInTheSky
      The US wasn't part of the war. Japan started it. We ended it.
    • sEAsic3
      I hate you arrogant fucks. “A few boats”. We fought in the pacific for 4 fucking years against them before we invaded their land. They killed alot of us. And we kicked their asses back. Get over it.
      sEAsic3 7 dec
    • Fuck_Sensitivity
      America doesn’t play to get even. We play to win.
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