• Just unplug it
      rAt_MAn 13d
      1.7K 84
    • 1.6K 81
    • Is that why yalls gaming computers are so shitty?
    • Lol mine has a two way plug and mechanical keys that a soak in a soap bath overnight. Just buy a better keyboard
    • I shut down my computer wvery time. Tell me im not alone on this
      kklumpp 11d
    • Just unplug your keyboard...
      1 1
    • Not a bad idea, that way you don’t have to lose any progress you cant save or just go through restarting everything. It’s hardly a needed feature but it’d be more convenient
      1 2
    • i never turn my pc off ever
      sirdhd 11d
    • Or unplug it
    • I'm a PC gamer, I haven't turned off my PC in like 2 months
      sazuto 11d
    • Or just unplug the keyboard??
    • Wireless keyboards usually have a switch so you can just turn it off and back on.
    • Or a key lock so you dont accidentally hit keys after passing out writing a term paper. I woke up passed out on my keyboard and I had 800 pages of random letters and symbols. I guess I tossed and turned in my sleep.
    • It would be cool if a keyboard could like slide up or the keys slide down into it and become flat and you could just wipe it off and get rid of crumbs or other bits in between keys and easily disinfect and clean the keys
    • I have that on fn+f12 and its rly useful
    • It’s called sticky keys
    • G k
    • Not that hard to unplug your keyboard tho
    • I have a keyboard disabler or some shit that overrides everything
    • Haha I get it, it's because they're socially retarded and don't have lives outside the internet
    • Or just buy a new keyboard every now and then to avoid the hassle of cleaning up
    • People with macbooks cry
    • Or just unplug or turn off the keyboard if it's wireless
    • You could add a switch to the cord
    • People are retarded deez days man :/
    • *everyone with a surface pro laughs*
    • The computer itself should have a cleaning mode, or just disconnect it from the tower
      kdubs11 13d
    • Do people not turn their computers off?
    • Y’all know what the F keys are? I believe f8 or 4 does that depends on the keyboard set up
    • Or throw it away and buy a new one becuase Cheetos crumbs are hard to get out.
      1 1
    • Mine locks/unlocks with fn + f11.
    • Disconnect the keybored loser
    • If you're afraid of losing your tabs, create a folder, drag each tab's link into it, and sort by creation date. Recovery ready, shut down.
    • Just have some software for your keyboard so you can change key functions, most come with some
      Nickie 13d
    • My keyboard has a lock button my keyboard stops working when i press that button
    • Lmao my dad hasn’t shut his computer down for like 10 years
    • un plug the fucking keyboard
    • power bill niggas be like
      Turtley 13d
    • My mom turns off her computer every time she logs out and I don't get it
    • I have a profile on mine where I make all my keys a macro that does nothing for cleaning
    • My sister spilled soda on my new laptop and now some of the keys are sticky and I CANT CLEAN IT and it’s infuriating
    • Unplug the keyboard if you're to idiotic to turn off your computer every once in awhile
    • I don’t realize how dirty it is when I’m not using it though and then when I am using it I forget that I need to clean it by the time I’m done with it
    • Turn off the keyboard
    • Laptops need easily removable keys. I can easily get a tool for my mechanical keyboard but my laptop is harder to clean
    • Bruh I came here to comment on the post and saw the shit below and died
      tyrease 13d
    • There’s an app for this
    • It’s called sticky keys and if you press the shift key repeatedly it’ll lock your keyboard
      7 1
    • Why not just unplug the fucker
    • How about a removable crumb tray like toasters have? That’d solve 90% of it right there.
    • Seriously
    • But if I turn off my PC I’ll lose all my data
    • Y'all keep saying unplug, but you could all just assume they obviously mean a laptop
    • Or unplug the shit
    • Unplug the keyboard
    • I was just hoping for a keyboard with a reverse vacuum in it that just blows all the shit out
      1 8
    • Unplug it??
    • Or just unplug the keyboard. If you have a wireless keyboard though, then you would have to turn the computer off.
    • Alt+F4 does just this smh
    • Or...hear me out...unplug the keyboard
      2 5
    • *turns off laptop cuz I spilt crumbs on it to wipe the keyboard I can’t unplug* we need the deactivate key!
    • Windows key + L fuckin noobs
      1 5
    • I haven’t turned off my laptop for about 1 1/2 years
      Nthari 13d
    • Laptops tho
    • It’s called key lock
      Oi_M8_ 13d
    • The the computer away and clean the keyboard while you get a new computer?
    • Just spray it with water that way you dont have to worry about pressing keys.
    • Just take it out of range of the Bluetooth
    • get a wireless keyboard with an on/off switch lmao
      vibrate 13d
      3 4
    • That's computer rape
    • “Cleaning keyboard” function but the keys just get really really really HOT like the self cleaning function for an oven
    • or unplug the keyboard
      BigFork 13d
    • I have to turn off my laptop screen when I wipe it cause it's touchscreen
    • If it's wired, unplug it. If it's wireless, turn it off.
      Fiddler 13d
    • Every single keyboard either unplugs or turns off
    • I haven't shut my laptop off in like 3 years
    • I just turn off the wireless receiver and clean it.
    • unplug the keyboard?
    • Use a keyboard locker, they are easy to download
    • ... unplug
    • Just turn the computer off nigga
    • This flawed generation will never understand complete shutdowns.
      5 2
    • Unplug/disconnect the keyboard
      1 1
    • just unplug the keyboard bro
    • Lmaooo
    • Mine has that, its my f5 key?
    • I remember the chatter fix having a feature like this
      Soldat 13d
    • Unplug. Dumbass
    • I never turn my pc off
    • You can just unplug the kb, unless its an older ps/2 style keyboard
      magyou 13d
    • ...shut off
    • Hold shift for 8 seconds it makes the keyboard idle and hold again to turn it back on
      2 2
    • Or unplug the keyboard
    • What about workplaces that use computers and have them cleaned while they’re still on and plugged in?
    • Na man it needs little fans that blow all the dust out from between the keyboard keys
    • My keyboard has an off switch you peasants
    • Couldnt you just unplug your keyboard if its a usb keyboard or turn it off if it is bluetooth or wireless?
    • Sticky keys (shift 5 times)
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