• Ive worked overtime of case me before. ho I've pulled, all- to mulling over putting in the the hours detai a get th job stranger ad to, hard know that to, hard putting in the hours required get th done: Ww that hard work 'has always come las up the for an ORE, Sense of at the but e po you end. that tWo len Pay, matches at th a solved saw case, that even the sense ou is ullfi saw that as up not_one, this but it po nt in tido excite tion ecause hamber this Friday, it Wasnt in t excite cause e that
now that recognition, theres or the aware prize in PW att the that the Grand Championship.
recognition, or the ultimate prize in
Naturally, I'm not one_to overlook the work required to earn that reward. That with Morley. As far as people go, Moxley is an open
my thoughts on him months ago at Cash Grab and not _much has ch before then: losing minus it the fact, that still he managed man to stuck hold in a title the for a ave while before losing it once more. tes still a man stuck in ave to hear that 'three years without a tile' line again think might
Moxley is the least inspiring man in his whole fe You want'to now why youre stuck in many ties, John? You wanna know why that brass ring keeps
Slipping away? It's because you can't evolve. You re stuck'in the middle of the road because that's exactly What you are.
John over the is a same old layer Lines stuck and on repeat, again and rynning again. in circles it's whi going per, the the ol No again ow again and again recor hat s, it's it wil fi the to , music. ow it turd or by recor Someone s, it wil it ther. , to it's than willing it to be turd or by Someone St tepping it eth ther. I'm more than wil ling to be that pefson.
But let's stop the record on John Moxley and talk about the man of the hour: Rig Flair.
And by the hour, ion himselfl of course, don't prime to time. tell The you main who Ric event. The is. don't
Grand' Cham ion out himselfl don't ewriter have or to tell you some who Ric case file is. on don't the have to break out the ewriter or some case file on the man. You all know who he is, and what he is. What can ell you instead is what think about Rig Flair. I've always been honest with you, dear reader, and won't stop now. think air Is pretty damn great, fust like you do. think that he's well spoken. I think that he's a competitor. think that he's wildly charismatic. also think that he's entirely wrong about me.
Do you really think [ve never been told that I don't have 'it', Ric? You believe that no one has ever told me that I couldn't reach the top? I've heard that my whole career, and its something [ve even told myself at times. Guess what?
Despite that, I made the hall of fame, grabbed the brass ring'and the
Henigveight title in one fell swoop. That's one, of the things you got dead wrong about me, because I've heard the same shit you re spouting Ive defied it because he my entire just throw Better carcer some be sand wary of your that eye. "kid' Then in a, be blinded by
because he might just throw some sand in your eye. Then youll be blinded by more than your own ego.
That's not all that Slick Ric has wrong, either. Today he came out and said that I on only have eyes for him. My eyes are clear, sir.
Unblinded by arrogance as yours are. know exactly what's before me, and on [ve your never belt, been Did more you that Those eyes one arent on you, pal. Theg re on your belt, Did you that I'm one Grand Championship reign away from so being a grand sl an it, me When tell you since you ve gotten more so much focused, else mean it. about And I'm me. laser tell you on Ive never been reward for all more focused, mean it. And I'm laser on that reward for all
of the work 'The put in.
At Elimination Chamber, you re going to have to back up that ego
You're going to have to go toe to toe with someone who wants to take everytl ing that makes you great away from you
All have to do is prove everyone and else wrong
Frankly, like my odds
See you on Friday, boys
Gallagion, Raivale Eye
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