• Ithink it's cool that JK Rowling announced that Hagrid was secretly against the Iraq War
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    • ZaneTheWeirdo
      I’m a liberal and I think J.K. Rowling has overdone it. If she really intended things to be that way they would have been in the books. At this point it’s just to seem more inclusive. She never thought about the things she’s saying now when writing the books.
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    • Zonkey
      And Harry is actually an abortion doctor. Silly liberals
      Zonkey 5d
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    • _Kars_
      Nobody: nothing/ JK Rowling: Dobby has a 12 inch cock
      _Kars_ 5d
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    • cranberrysnap
      top comment is gay
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    • MyPPIsVeryHard
      Nobody: JK Rowling: The dementors are a metaphor for the Trump regime and his supporters!
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    • SuperKamiGuru0
      Nobody:......Nothing...... JkRowling: Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny had a Foursome in The Chamber Of Secrets.
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    • harrypotterlover120
      I love harry potter but J.K. pisses me the fuck off
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    • the__crow
      She wrote some entertaining books. She needs to stop trying to make herself relevant in world politics
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    • Fauna
      Why the fuck does she even need to get political
      Fauna 4d
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    • NintendoGamecube
      Nobody:....... Jk Rowling: DOBBY IS GAY AND HAS A 10 FOOT MONSTER COCK
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    • Daddy_Trump_Lord
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    • blubberninjas
      dobby has a 10 inch cock
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    • RatDude
      Hagrid is uncircumcised and keeps a glock in his beard
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    • Balrog99
      Tf is with Rowling and changing everything in Harry Potter to be as social justice warrior as possible? Just leave a great thing alone
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    • WScherberger
      Harry Potter is one of my favorite series, but J.K. Rowling can suck a big one.
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    • Oskur
      Oskur 4d
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    • Legitmidget
      JK rowling just makes characters gay/black/whatever, to appease the growing amount of snowflakes to stay relevant, change my mind. Writing a book, THEN changing shit just makes you look like a sjw cunt
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    • SuperKamiGuru0
      Nobody:......Nothing...... JKRowling: The scene where Harry’s wand sprayed sparks from its tip when he first picks it up represents his fragile heterosexuality and his first time ejaculating.
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    • Dracopyre
      It’s not cool. She’s pushing her own political views on her characters and expecting everyone to agree with her because they like her books. Next thing you know, she’ll say that Umbridge and Trump were good friends.
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    • the1eftnut
      Jk Rowling is just another liberal toolbag that has to constantly spew shit.
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    • Denbu
      J.K Rowling... Changes established white character to POC for no reason, casts a black girl as Hermione in a play for no other reason than wanting a black girl. Always spoutsbher liberal bullshit with Harry Potter shit mixed in. What a delight
      Denbu 5d
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    • zahb
      Get your liberal agenda out of my magic fantasy literature you commie swine
      zahb 5d
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    • PowerMelon4
      Nobody. Rowling. Pewdiepie secretly had sex with hermione which made ron gay and harry dyslexic
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    • Moskau
      I think it's cool that J.K Rowling somehow made wizards and magic gay and boring.
      Moskau 5d
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    • ChowDawg
      *nothing happens* Jk Rowling "Yeah Hermione is transgender and My boy Ron is bisexual"
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    • Cabinets101
      It makes me mad that that bitch is a billionaire and this is what she does with her time
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    • pianobot1280
      For yall that dont get it years after she published the last book she went on twitter storms and keeps dropping random things like x character is gay actually and y character is disabled even 5hought theres places where I literally say that character ran.
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    • NaomiQ
      I love Harry Potter but god do I hate JK Rowling
      NaomiQ 3d
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    • thespiritmaster
      Everybody: nothing. JK Rowling: Dobby had a 12 in dick.
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    • Chckenwithoutthei
      Hagrids a Brit he has no political power here
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    • BastianKezzif
      Hagrid had autism all along and Ron was a black immigrant from China.
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    • egong40
      Dobby has 10 inch dick
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    • fuckyouandyourlife
      You ever just shit yourself and think damn i shit myself
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    • SuperKamiGuru0
      I think it’s cool that JK Rowling announced that Argus Filch was a zoophile that engaged in sexual acts with his cat Mrs. Norris
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    • Frederick_theGreat
      Knowing Rowling, this’ll probably be canon in a week or so if it’s not already
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    • Carlotus426
      Before toilets were invented Hogwarts students would shit themselves and magic it away
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    • Sara_Smile
      Ron is a single mother and Hermione was in a wheelchair the whole time!
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    • The_mighty_Cthulhu
      She should really write more books instead of just trying to appeal to the media.
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    • MostlyShittyReposts
      I love harry potter more than anything in this world but jkr is kind of a dumbass
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    • Im_the_big_Daddy
      I'm glad that JK Rowling finally set it straight that Hagrid was a transvestite lesbian Jewish jihadist
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    • Matt_Man
      Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, “War is understandable” Poland gets invaded, “War is understandable” 2 airplanes high jacked and flown into buildings in a major city and one flown into a government facility “NO WAR! ITS RIDICULOUS TO GO TO WAR FOR THAT”
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    • FoodOverPeople
      This > being vegan
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    • DINK_
      Im tired of jk Rowling trying to put her opinions out there now that she's famous
      DINK_ 5d
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    • a_homeless_II
      JK Rowling: if Harry and Hermione were real they’d vote Democrat
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    • bignibbashmurda
      i think it’s cool that jk rowling announced that hermione assassinated archduke franz ferdinand plunging the world into the great war
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    • GopnikTheDestroyer
      Harry Potter hates Ohio
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    • lifelesson_laugh
      She is trying to stay wok while doing nothing creative.
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    • battousai22
      Yeah... cause I really wonder what a fictional characters political stances are.
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    • Prostitato
      It was such a relief to finally figure out that the reader themselves in Harry Potter was actually gay the whole time
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    • Nomadic_Man
      She said that Dumbledore was gay so she would get free publicity
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    • orewaanime
      she tries to give us her opinions on American politics and i sincerely don't want that
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    • AlexanderTheBest
      JK is an idiot. You can't just change every single character at whim after the books have been out this long. It doesn't make sense and it's clear she's just doing it to pander to sjws. I'll believe what I want about her characters. They're in my head and she can't do squat about it.
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    • suh_weird_edge
      JK Rowling needs to stop changing her lore 10 years later
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    • psebat
      You’re a draft dodger, Harry.
      psebat 5d
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    • TheRealHobo
      She's a third rate author with a fourth rate franchise
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    • Vasilyevich
      nobody: jk rowling: harry potter raped doby
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    • lornadoones
      Hagrid also was an avid communist and frequented Applebee’s half priced appetizer nights.
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    • djmoistmeowmix
      J.k Rowling: Ron’s father was into amputee porn. Everyone: Why? J.K: you wouldn’t understand, you muggle bigot
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    • Amatthew1234
      Dobby actually had a 12" black penis
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    • RedDiamond17
      I think it's cool when authors leave their characters in the world that they created and don't try to bolster diminishing book sales by claiming their characters have political alliances in the real world.
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    • thatk
      Jk Rowling reveals that you, the reader, were gay the whole time.
      thatk 5d
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    • BeenThereDidThat
      I think JK Rowling is a flaming liberal and doesn't understand world politics...but that never stops celebs from speaking their mind (or the weak-minded from singing their praises)
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    • noahspoon
      “J.K. Rowling announces that Professor McGonagall is a transgender and Voldemort is conservative.”
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    • SurfingHalfOrc
      JK Rowling just revealed that you, the reader, was secretly gay all along.
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    • rightymcrightfuck
      Jk Rowling is a typical liberal who likes being offended so they can be a victim
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    • kingafify
      She better be... J.K Trolling
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    • know_your_place_btch
      PewDiePie: dresses up as a British soldier /gets called a Nazi/ .....J.K. Rowling: dresses up like a Nazi /didn't get called a Nazi/
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    • Dank_KnuttsJR
      Isn’t Harry Potter set in the 1990s?
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    • That1dud
      She’s just fucking up her universe she made
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    • billburr
      I think J.K. Rowling is a dumb cunt and needs to get the stupid smacked out of her head
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    • helpfulTSAagent
      Here's an idea, tell the Brit to worry about her own nation and military.
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    • Lostforce
      Did JK Rowling actually say anything except for Dumbledore being gay? Because that makes sense. Dumbledore was a strange dude
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    • SpontaneousSubjugation
      She tries so hard to pander to feminists and SJWs
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    • Atomicial
      Harry Potter had down syndrome.
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    • Flyboy207
      JK Rowling: “I never said Hermione was white.” Me: “Well I guess my childhood could have been different with no reason to watch the movies...”
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    • cmeeks
      I like how the entire Harry Potter fandom (myself included) thinks J.K Rowling is an idiot
      cmeeks 5d
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    • BleachIsSpicy
      No one: JK Rowling: Dobby killed princess Diana
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    • NyleTheGoat
      Makes sense, because he started it
      smile 7
    • Jackamalio626
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    • LivingLeviathan
      She's kind of a nut job who relied on her editor for actual plot and character origionality
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    • Enasalin
      Dont give her ideas smh
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    • themosthappy
      And Hermione was black
      smile 5
    • Lil_Dab
      I’m not letting this shit ruin the books or the movies. The HarryPotter universe is what you make it, not even Rowling can take that away from you.
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    • supremenaveen
      Is it kinda sad that I legitimately thought that she said that?? Like almost everyone in the Harry Potter world hates her now.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • jmacha
      I want to be famous for a series just so I can release inconsistant canon-changing tweets.
      jmacha 5d
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    • thatssomegayshit
      Dobby has a 10 inch
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Jyzro
      Dumbledore shouldn’t be gay, change my mind.
      Jyzro 5d
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    • Juansolo2002
      Voldemort’s nose was his penis but it got cut off when he turned to the dark side
      smile 5
    • Juansolo2002
      Voldemort was actually gay for Harry
      smile 5
    • NothingToLiveFor
      J.K. never had any idea how to write or make good characters and she thinks she can just fill out her world now, years later, on Twitter. She's a hack who wrote a series of okay books.
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    • genghisdingus
      Being for the iraq war is a sign of corruption or mental retardation
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    • The_immortal_king
      JK is such a fucking piece of shit.
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    • Keita_CycoGinu_Otonashi
      Now That’s What I Call Music 69
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    • Mayor_McDonough
      Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq war
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    • FreezeItsTheFBI
      Holy fucking balls my first feature!
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    • Mike_2k15
      Fun fact about Rowling, she’s the only person to become a billionaire, and then donate enough to un-become a billionaire
      smile 6
    • Hamburglaar
      JK Dumbass
      smile 5
    • Khadgar
      Like Stephen king trying to tie his entire body of work to the dark tower 30 years later
      smile 4 reply 3
    • TLBtalon
      I'll just remember the characters in the book how I like to remember them.
      smile 4
    • Quarrel
      JK Rowling is also a firm believer in the idea that Pewdiepie is a Nazi.
      smile 4 reply 2
    • DarkMageHenry
      And as it turns out, all of us that have read the books are gay as well
      smile 4
    • Firdaus
      You know how many people are gonna furiously research this now?
      smile 4
    • SeniorBLT
      Jk Rowling isnt as good a writer as your nostalgia makes you think
      smile 5
    • Heroes_of_Helsreach
      This is fucking stupid, that has nothing to do with the books, I'm sure hagrid would've been for the Iraq war too
      smile 4
    • Microsoft_Xbox
      Snape is pro brexit
      smile 4
    • _DunhamTWP_622_
      Too bad shes a brit so her opinion is invalid
      smile 4
    • VapeMasterCloudMaker
      Or that Pewdiepie is a Nazi
      smile 5 reply 5
    • Skeleboii
      🇼 🇦 🇨 🇰.
      smile 4
    • DrunkSpaceGuy
      I think it's a joke, but is it?
      smile 4
    • AndrewWilliams87
      Hagrid is a fictional character, and therefore has no opinion.
      smile 4
    • BigFatNuts
      Hagrid was a taliban have you see that big ass beard?
      smile 4 reply 1
    • itsreality
      No one cares....
      smile 5
    • penetrate
      Did she actually? I cant even tell if its a joke at this point
      smile 4
    • IMakeBadAircraftPuns
      Tumblr: “oMg yOU guYs ThIS iS so iMpORtaNt! I’m LiteRAlLy ScREaMing rN!!!!1!1”
      smile 4
    • Panzer3m
      The only post book announcement JK Rowling made that makes sense was Dumbledore being gay. That nigga was a fucking weirdo
      smile 5
    • noonehas
      I made a lot of money on that war...
      smile 4 reply 1
    • DownTheDragonsGate
      At this point who knows, it's like Elon Musk's tweets.
      smile 4
    • Red_Luigi
      Hold up Dumbledore is a fag?
      smile 4 reply 4
    • ithinkimfunnynotmyfriends
      Hey did you guys know Voldemort was a nazi?
      smile 4
    • Communist_lord_777
      Like if have'nt seen any Harry potter movies
      smile 5
    • Dededeverse
      The fact that I can't immediately tell if this is satire is frightening
      smile 4
    • bluepheonix420
      The Harry Potter series are in a completely different timeline from the Iraq war
      smile 3 reply 2
    • The_Great_Renaldo
      Jk Rowling can eat a dick. The same with the Russo brothers. They need to stop confirming shit and adding useless shit to the plot of their stories.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • tahtahtahly
      People just need to leave their views out of their work. You limit your audience. Harry Potter is a good series. Leave your bs out of it
      smile 3
    • BallChiniguns
      "Oh man did you guys know Dumbledore is gay now? Yup!" -Jk Fucking Rowling. Blizzard is pulling the same shit with Soldier 76. Someone, stop this political correctness shit.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Jackiefish
      Usein her book to spread hate
      smile 3
    • Firearms_Failures_EMT
      The events of Harry Potter took place in the 90s before the Iraq war
      smile 4 reply 2
    • u_thought_of_me
      This level of idiocy
      smile 3
    • WaffleWizard327
      Trying to find someone who cares. Been looking for 30 years. So far nothing
      smile 4
    • Hi_Im_Vance
      That means he loves Trump!
      smile 5 reply 5
    • dryness
      Shes popular for the wrong reasons
      smile 3
    • vkstevenson
      This is a terrible thing she continues to do, because the following movies that come out, people want to see proof. Then when they are against showing it, people revolt.
      smile 3
    • fuuuuuukubihhvt
      I really hate hwat she spouts nowadays. Her books are great tho
      smile 3
    • BlowHoleBoy
      One hundred and eightieth
      smile 3
    • theRealWitBissel
      Who gives a duck what a fictional character thinks or an author thinks.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • oofdaaad
      J K Rowling is an amazing writer, but then she decided to try to fuck it all up.
      smile 3 reply 3
    • Fanny
      Fanny 5d
      smile 3
    • idiot
      Rowling is gay. Jk
      idiot 5d
      smile 3
    • Thomas_Edison_
      Hagrid actually started the Girl Scouts.
      smile 2
    • Dom_nom_nom_
      Everybody's clowning her so hard fam.
      smile 2 reply 3
    • GreyCores
      I honestly wouldn't be suprised if she was just messing with us.
      smile 2
    • RedHero22
      Hey I need to find out how to factory reset my windows 10 laptop without booting up because when i turn it on it takes about 4 hours to turn on, I've tried reinstalling windows 10 with an iso file but it doesn't let me do anything. Please help
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    • youngscrub
      Stupid thing is this sounds exactly like some dumb ass shit she would randomly announce to win PC points
      smile 2
    • Corziba
      Snape was a grape
      smile 2
    • isaakfirestar
      At least gay dumbledore plays into the stories some with fantastic beasts
      smile 2
    • Shuppona
      I like how she randomly said Dumbledore is gay, even though she never planned that. She just wanted the lgbt to leave her alone
      smile 3
    • BaneOfWolves
      Wasnt she also convinced pewdiepie is a nazi
      smile 3
    • _Celt
      *insert I'm a person normally associated with this group but this is too far quote*
      _Celt 5d
      smile 2
    • SpicyAfricanMan
      When the sexuality of your characters is a bigger deal than the story and plot of the books it’s really fucking retarded, you’re making a story about wizards and shit so sexuality really shouldn’t matter at fucking all
      smile 2 reply 4
    • Automatic
      Don’t be surprised if you start hearing bad things about Iran in the news soon. There’s a high chance some people in our government are looking for a conflict there soon
      smile 2
    • phuckhelpfuls
      “Ach harry would you like to hear my political theorem about the social and economic strife in the area surrounding Iraq related to the war” that’s my favorite Harry Potter quote by Hagrid
      smile 2
    • Doom_Sl4yer
      Also Hagrid only watches subbed anime and Hermione is a transvestite
      smile 2
    • ConReese
      The real joke is JK rowling thinking shes actually relevant to anything, she wrote books that makes her qualified in about 0 fields outside litterature.
      smile 2
    • ericb97
      Dumbledore is gay, harry is asian , herimone was actually muslim
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Imuntz
      I just drained my balls and they don’t feel so good. Anyone know why?
      Imuntz 5d
      smile 2
    • blueshirts24
      smile 2 reply 1
    • MitchellGildea
      Side note: Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq war
      smile 2 reply 1
    • BMCnin
      She probably going to announce that hes MA'AM too
      BMCnin 5d
      smile 2
    • lenais66
      How could we have been so blind...
      smile 2
    • Donald_Chungus
      Both tcs are trash
      smile 2
    • Preambulate
      smile 2 reply 1
    • GREENR00M
      I'd believe it
      smile 2
    • Bumper05
      smile 2
    • Astromancer
      smile 2
    • DieKraftimInneren
      Stupid liberal
      smile 2
    • Zetch
      What? Hagrid's a damn commie
      Zetch 5d
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Child
      She also announced that Harry had a big dick
      Child 5d
      smile 2
    • Eeevaaa
      She got that Karen fade
      Eeevaaa 20h
      smile 1
    • nateram
      New features time to let the shit dry
      smile 1
    • Wyoming25
      I'm glad Stephen King scared the shit out of me, unfortunately my body produced more.
      smile 1
    • ColonelNipples
      I'm glad J K Rowling wrote some bad books
      smile 2
    • GrayViking
      I mean it was set in the 80s. So how does even know of operation Iraqi freedom?
      smile 1 reply 5
    • MemeKittenUS
      Harry Potter was actually filmed in an Apocolypse future
      smile 1
    • thejooseisloose
      Ok someone explain the joke to me
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Rob0Comb0
      Doesn’t the novels happen before the Iraq war?
      smile 1
    • DaMachoMan
      Why do creators have to make gay characters. There’s no rule saying their characters are automatically straight, the whole world could be gay and you’re just announcing that this one specifically is gay.
      smile 1 reply 3
    • KaiRubix
      J.K. Rowling is going George Lucas.
      smile 1
    • BoBandy
      I thought Dumbledore being gay was kinda cool but what selse is she saying
      smile 1 reply 3
    • TheGreyJay
      Honestly we can just make shit up and no one can disprove it
      smile 1
    • BDyaya
      Has anyone thought about it like this.... Everyone who thinks they have a tiny bit of creativeness asks her, did you have underlying symbolism here or is this a metaphor for that... Maybe she got sick of it and just decided to start giving crazy outlandish answers just to fuck with everyone
      BDyaya 5d
      smile 2
    • FearsomeD
      Dumbledore was obviously gay for grindlwald....
      smile 3
    • DaddyTrump48
      Like the movies are cool but who actually gives a fuck about Harry Potter
      smile 2
    • Shadez54
      smile 1
    • Hellride85
      JK Rowling needs to shut the fuck up
      smile 2
    • TicklishFeet
      And in between chamber of secrets and deathly hallows, Dobby actually was a body double for Pinocchio
      smile 1
    • noodlemonger
      Snape was a single mother!!!
      smile 1
    • Krugerbomb
      Voldemort actually has a nose, a black Italian Jewish one at that
      smile 1
    • Crujido
      This could be a joke, this could be canon. With Rowling, only God knows, but Dumbledore didn't believe in God. Maybe.
      smile 1
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