• Ithink it's cool that JK Rowling announced that Hagrid was secretly against the Iraq War
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    • I’m a liberal and I think J.K. Rowling has overdone it. If she really intended things to be that way they would have been in the books. At this point it’s just to seem more inclusive. She never thought about the things she’s saying now when writing the books.
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    • And Harry is actually an abortion doctor. Silly liberals
      Zonkey 12d
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    • Nobody: nothing/ JK Rowling: Dobby has a 12 inch cock
      _Kars_ 12d
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    • top comment is gay
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    • Nobody: JK Rowling: The dementors are a metaphor for the Trump regime and his supporters!
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    • Nobody:......Nothing...... JkRowling: Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny had a Foursome in The Chamber Of Secrets.
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    • I love harry potter but J.K. pisses me the fuck off
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    • She wrote some entertaining books. She needs to stop trying to make herself relevant in world politics
      smile 327
    • Why the fuck does she even need to get political
      Fauna 11d
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    • Nobody:....... Jk Rowling: DOBBY IS GAY AND HAS A 10 FOOT MONSTER COCK
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    • Fourth
      smile 118 2
    • dobby has a 10 inch cock
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    • Hagrid is uncircumcised and keeps a glock in his beard
      RatDude 12d
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    • Tf is with Rowling and changing everything in Harry Potter to be as social justice warrior as possible? Just leave a great thing alone
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    • Harry Potter is one of my favorite series, but J.K. Rowling can suck a big one.
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    • Oskur 11d
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    • JK rowling just makes characters gay/black/whatever, to appease the growing amount of snowflakes to stay relevant, change my mind. Writing a book, THEN changing shit just makes you look like a sjw cunt
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    • Nobody:......Nothing...... JKRowling: The scene where Harry’s wand sprayed sparks from its tip when he first picks it up represents his fragile heterosexuality and his first time ejaculating.
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    • It’s not cool. She’s pushing her own political views on her characters and expecting everyone to agree with her because they like her books. Next thing you know, she’ll say that Umbridge and Trump were good friends.
      smile 23 24
    • Jk Rowling is just another liberal toolbag that has to constantly spew shit.
      smile 22 2
    • J.K Rowling... Changes established white character to POC for no reason, casts a black girl as Hermione in a play for no other reason than wanting a black girl. Always spoutsbher liberal bullshit with Harry Potter shit mixed in. What a delight
      Denbu 12d
      smile 18 20
    • Get your liberal agenda out of my magic fantasy literature you commie swine
      zahb 12d
      smile 21 6
    • Nobody. Rowling. Pewdiepie secretly had sex with hermione which made ron gay and harry dyslexic
      smile 17 1
    • I think it's cool that J.K Rowling somehow made wizards and magic gay and boring.
      Moskau 12d
      smile 18 5
    • *nothing happens* Jk Rowling "Yeah Hermione is transgender and My boy Ron is bisexual"
      smile 15
    • It makes me mad that that bitch is a billionaire and this is what she does with her time
      smile 15 4
    • For yall that dont get it years after she published the last book she went on twitter storms and keeps dropping random things like x character is gay actually and y character is disabled even 5hought theres places where I literally say that character ran.
      smile 15
    • I love Harry Potter but god do I hate JK Rowling
      NaomiQ 10d
      smile 14
    • Everybody: nothing. JK Rowling: Dobby had a 12 in dick.
      smile 15
    • Hagrids a Brit he has no political power here
      smile 14
    • Hagrid had autism all along and Ron was a black immigrant from China.
      smile 14
    • Dobby has 10 inch dick
      egong40 12d
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    • You ever just shit yourself and think damn i shit myself
      smile 14 2
    • Before toilets were invented Hogwarts students would shit themselves and magic it away
      smile 14 3
    • I think it’s cool that JK Rowling announced that Argus Filch was a zoophile that engaged in sexual acts with his cat Mrs. Norris
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    • Knowing Rowling, this’ll probably be canon in a week or so if it’s not already
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    • Ron is a single mother and Hermione was in a wheelchair the whole time!
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    • She should really write more books instead of just trying to appeal to the media.
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    • I love harry potter more than anything in this world but jkr is kind of a dumbass
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    • I'm glad that JK Rowling finally set it straight that Hagrid was a transvestite lesbian Jewish jihadist
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    • Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, “War is understandable” Poland gets invaded, “War is understandable” 2 airplanes high jacked and flown into buildings in a major city and one flown into a government facility “NO WAR! ITS RIDICULOUS TO GO TO WAR FOR THAT”
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    • This > being vegan
      smile 12
    • Im tired of jk Rowling trying to put her opinions out there now that she's famous
      DINK_ 12d
      smile 11
    • JK Rowling: if Harry and Hermione were real they’d vote Democrat
      smile 11 2
    • i think it’s cool that jk rowling announced that hermione assassinated archduke franz ferdinand plunging the world into the great war
      smile 11
    • Harry Potter hates Ohio
      smile 11 13
    • She is trying to stay wok while doing nothing creative.
      smile 11
    • Yeah... cause I really wonder what a fictional characters political stances are.
      smile 11
    • It was such a relief to finally figure out that the reader themselves in Harry Potter was actually gay the whole time
      smile 11
    • She said that Dumbledore was gay so she would get free publicity
      smile 11
    • she tries to give us her opinions on American politics and i sincerely don't want that
      smile 11
    • JK is an idiot. You can't just change every single character at whim after the books have been out this long. It doesn't make sense and it's clear she's just doing it to pander to sjws. I'll believe what I want about her characters. They're in my head and she can't do squat about it.
      smile 11 1
    • JK Rowling needs to stop changing her lore 10 years later
      smile 10
    • You’re a draft dodger, Harry.
      psebat 12d
      smile 10
    • She's a third rate author with a fourth rate franchise
      smile 9
    • nobody: jk rowling: harry potter raped doby
      boyar 11d
      smile 9 5
    • Hagrid also was an avid communist and frequented Applebee’s half priced appetizer nights.
      smile 9
    • J.k Rowling: Ron’s father was into amputee porn. Everyone: Why? J.K: you wouldn’t understand, you muggle bigot
      smile 9
    • Dobby actually had a 12" black penis
      smile 9 1
    • I think it's cool when authors leave their characters in the world that they created and don't try to bolster diminishing book sales by claiming their characters have political alliances in the real world.
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    • Jk Rowling reveals that you, the reader, were gay the whole time.
      thatk 12d
      smile 9
    • I think JK Rowling is a flaming liberal and doesn't understand world politics...but that never stops celebs from speaking their mind (or the weak-minded from singing their praises)
      smile 11
    • “J.K. Rowling announces that Professor McGonagall is a transgender and Voldemort is conservative.”
      smile 9 3
    • JK Rowling just revealed that you, the reader, was secretly gay all along.
      smile 9 2
    • spirits 12d
      smile 9
    • Jk Rowling is a typical liberal who likes being offended so they can be a victim
      smile 10
    • She better be... J.K Trolling
      smile 8
    • PewDiePie: dresses up as a British soldier /gets called a Nazi/ .....J.K. Rowling: dresses up like a Nazi /didn't get called a Nazi/
      smile 7
    • Isn’t Harry Potter set in the 1990s?
      smile 7
    • She’s just fucking up her universe she made
      smile 7
    • I think J.K. Rowling is a dumb cunt and needs to get the stupid smacked out of her head
      smile 10 2
    • Here's an idea, tell the Brit to worry about her own nation and military.
      smile 10 3
    • Did JK Rowling actually say anything except for Dumbledore being gay? Because that makes sense. Dumbledore was a strange dude
      smile 8 9
    • She tries so hard to pander to feminists and SJWs
      smile 6
    • Harry Potter had down syndrome.
      smile 6
    • JK Rowling: “I never said Hermione was white.” Me: “Well I guess my childhood could have been different with no reason to watch the movies...”
      smile 6 2
    • I like how the entire Harry Potter fandom (myself included) thinks J.K Rowling is an idiot
      cmeeks 12d
      smile 6
    • No one: JK Rowling: Dobby killed princess Diana
      smile 6
    • Makes sense, because he started it
      smile 7
      smile 6 1
    • She's kind of a nut job who relied on her editor for actual plot and character origionality
      smile 6
    • Dont give her ideas smh
      smile 5
    • And Hermione was black
      smile 5
    • I’m not letting this shit ruin the books or the movies. The HarryPotter universe is what you make it, not even Rowling can take that away from you.
      smile 6
    • Is it kinda sad that I legitimately thought that she said that?? Like almost everyone in the Harry Potter world hates her now.
      smile 5 2
    • I want to be famous for a series just so I can release inconsistant canon-changing tweets.
      jmacha 11d
      smile 5
    • Dobby has a 10 inch
      smile 5 3
    • Dumbledore shouldn’t be gay, change my mind.
      Jyzro 12d
      smile 5 1
    • Voldemort’s nose was his penis but it got cut off when he turned to the dark side
      smile 5
    • Voldemort was actually gay for Harry
      smile 5
    • J.K. never had any idea how to write or make good characters and she thinks she can just fill out her world now, years later, on Twitter. She's a hack who wrote a series of okay books.
      smile 8
    • Being for the iraq war is a sign of corruption or mental retardation
      smile 6
    • JK is such a fucking piece of shit.
      smile 6
    • Now That’s What I Call Music 69
      smile 6 4
    • Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq war
      smile 6
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