• Italy: Italy would know how to keep his kids
occupied. He would spoil them with a bunch of toys
and great tasting food and try to make them laugh
with silly faces and tickle wars. He would be very
laid back with him/her/them, although this isn't
always good because he wouldn't know how to punish
them when they are acting improperly
Germany: Germany would be really soft when it comes
to children, and he would make a great father. He
would keep a close eye on them., would be very
protective, and would introduce the children to
sports to keep them physically fit. He would worry a
lot about the children whenever they aren't in his
line of sight and would constantly wonder if they're
Japan: Japan would be very calm with kids. He would
teach them proper etiquette and would be extremely
patient with them when it comes to whatever they are
struggling with. He would doubt his parenting skills
so he would do some research whenever he has the
spare time to. He would want to help them when they
are in need to the best of his ability and would
never leave them unattended, although this could
stress him out every now and then.
America: America would totally be a cool parent-
after all, he's a true kid at heart. He would play
video games with them all night long and would take
them to fun places like carnivals, amusement parks,
Disney World- you name it. The American will play all
sorts of outdoor games with them and will even play
pretend- he would even let the child be the hero
while they play, too.
England: England would actually be very nurturing
with children. He would want to spend as much time as
possible with them and would be very determined to
put a smile on
their faces. He would most likely be a
bit stern with them and a stick in the mud, but this
is only because he is concerned about their safety
and well-being. He would be upset when they are
to do stuff on their own to the point where he might
get emotional over it, because he wants them to need
him for just a
little while longer.
France: If the child was directly related to him, he
would always boast about how cute they are thanks to
his wonderful genes. But nonetheless, France would be
truly affectionate with the child. He would take
delicate care of them and would give them constant
attention, and he would feel very responsible for how
the child will act in the future and what they will
turn out to be like- he hopes that they will take
after him, in a way.
Russia: Russia would try to reach out to bond with
he child, but they would appear to fear him because
of his rat! er
frightening aura. Once they warm up to
him, they will see the true gentleness in the
Russian. He would try to amuse through things like
peek-a-boo and other silly things often because he
loves it when they laugh. He wouldn't know how to
calm them down when they start crying, though
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