• Ah yes the cheeto incident
      Nutalie 12d
      1.9K 42
    • Dejavu
      851 6
    • I feel the defeat from that.
    • Drive thru hell before your fired from work
    • LFK ftw
      duhm 9d
    • Haha lawrence? That would be me.
      1 1
    • Hey my police are back t it again
    • Rock chalk
      2 2
    • I don't let pigs tell me how to live my life
    • All pigs deserve death and nothing more
      Elchupa 10d
    • Someone else that lives in the LFK and It gets featured?!
      5 2
    • Driving in the snow is a hobby of mine... I live in the north
      YeeHaww 11d
    • I’m that guy, love snow driving in my all wheel. Especially when most other people are home and you can play around on the roads a bit
    • content not available more
    • "I wanted a donut"
    • This shit was do funny I was in the car when it happened we slipped and collided with literally the only other car out at the time because se wanted Cheetos
    • The DubK the same man
    • Ayyyy that's my PD where my LFK bois at
      3 3
    • This winter has been brutal! I’ve slid half the way to work or halfway home like 20 times because I didn’t leave early enough or didn’t know hell was gonna freeze over that day
    • I live in Kansas
      2 2
    • Kansas am I right
    • I love their page. Anchorage PD has 'what not to do Wednesdays'
    • Slide around
    • I feel like this is directed toward someone
    • Some of us gotta get to work
    • Everybody has a cheeto incident
    • Twitter for iPhone
      Kenesys 11d
    • It’s so true. People will risk their lives just to go to a convenience store.
    • I just realized the saying "It is what it is" Can be said like, " it's what it's." And you're not wrong.
      1 2
    • It's true they know us so well
    • Im in this photo and i dont like it
    • That town has demons lighting mothers on fire. The cops have bigger fish to fry
    • For a second i thought i was reading from Twitter because I live in ks
      1 4
    • I live in this town, and I can assure you that this is accurate
      4 2
    • Piss off Lawrence PD
      Www3 11d
    • “I want a donut”
      Lnoj 11d
    • Tumblr
    • "I wanted donuts"
    • Gotta love the Lawrence police
    • I read it as "the roads are getting sick."
    • Nah, seriously. If it's a state of emergency, you know, you're not really allowed out unless ya gotta go to work, people will be coming in for fucking coffee, tasty cakes, or ordering a fuckin sandwich while grabbing all the milk and eggs in the world. Or just a pack of cigarettes. Like you're
      2 3
    • Lawrence is a college town so idk what they expect
      Sebago 11d
    • Lawrence?
      Fuckey 11d
      1 5
    • So glad the police are top tier where I am going to school next year
    • Sliding around is fun
    • I'm the nigga that picks up cheetos lmao serously anyone else like to drive and go out when its shitty out just for fun or is it just me
    • Basically when the DM tells you not to do anything stupid but you really like pushing your luck as a party
    • The great cheetoh fiasco
    • I actually don’t get a choice. If I miss work I’m just fired
    • Some of you crash into a snow drift in your solid white F150 that you can't drive
    • Lawrence police department literally does nothing lmao
    • Gotta go grab a gallon of bread and a loaf of milk
    • Bosses writing people up here when most people didnt show during a blizard that closed the roads
    • Fuck tyranny
    • Finally lawrence got recognized 😂😂 look at their twitter and fb for more.
      4 1
    • Hey if the roads are icy, my ass is going out at 4 am to do some drifting
    • Well then
    • I live in Lawrence
    • Not funny like the person reading this lmaoo I bet they’re triggered now haha
      1 4
    • “It is what it is.”
    • Lawrence people where u at? (Besides the gastatiom getting cheetos)
      3 1
    • Last week it was a Lee’s summit meme(where I live) but this week it’s a city close to me
    • We’re not in Kansas anymore...
      Jaymx 12d
    • And some of us work..your enlarged prostate doesn't care if it's snowing or not
    • Kansas meme?
      NFLMEEM 12d
    • I thought it was a poem
      cpdd300 12d
      2 1
    • Those damn Cheetos. I can’t resist
    • *hot Cheetos
    • Or go to work. Or maybe even go to school if you haven’t graduated yet somehow
      Father_ 12d
    • Twitter post. Tumblr comment.
      Grapeyv 12d
    • Why does their badge look like a super high dog face
      5 2
    • I live 10min from Lawrence KS ♡
      garbl 12d
      2 1
    • And we all know why they need cheetos from a gas station.
    • Thought it was Lawrence mass at first
    • They stoo.driving cuz its snowing? Jeez. That's pretty lame tbh
    • Kansas bois where u at
      2 1
    • It’s because it’s snowed almost 8 times
    • Yea I can hear it
    • Nah man it's because my work says I'll still rack up a point for not coming in despite a 40+ car pileup and someone fucking dying
      1 1
    • Some people like to bring their BABIES to target when its 30 below...Target is not an EVENT...you can go ANY TIME! U need diapers? Use paper towels..
    • Live near Lawrence. Can say for certain there is always some jackass crashed on the ice for zero reason
    • It do be like that sometimes
      Krinh 12d
    • Lawrence PD is so wholesome
    • Oh shit that's my police department
      3 2
    • My job was gonna fire me if i disnt go to work on time during the snow and ice this year. Literallly every road out from my town is down steep hills and were all closed. We were trapped and i had to go in....
      fatjewf 12d
    • I remember first time it froze the roads when I first started driving. Basically just slid across town. Tried to turn into my parking spot at school and ended up going like 90 degrees. Just left it. No one was coming that day anyways.
    • I swear I've seen something from the Lawrence Police Station's page before
    • Everyone just freaks out and empties all the shelves at the grocery stores
      khamsoi 12d
    • Ayeee I live in lawrence and retweeted this
      3 1
    • Ok real talk though. If a comment ruins something that was humorous to you, I think you need to relax lol. I mean the post was funny, it you dont like the comment just....idk ignore it? Why does the one comment destroy the post?
    • I just love unnecessary Tumblr comments that don't ruin the post at all. (Sarcasm for you dense people out there).
      1 2
    • So according to ancient Greek mythology. Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds and that's why she is depressed for six months thus why we have fall and winter. Do I have this information correct mord more or less? But either way she needs to suck it up. Fuck the snow.
      1 4
    • Oooh Lawrence got a feat? Nooooice!!!
    • I love driving in the snow.
    • Lawrence residents represent
      8 6
    • The Lawrence KC police is really funny, they like to poke fun at serious moments or poke fun at some ridiculous calls they get
      4 2
    • Its so painfully obvious that the comment ruins it.
      BadOnes 12d
    • And itll be the kwik shop right off the Kansas turnpike with the shitty pothole filled parking lot
      1 1
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