• It’s hard to stay humble when someone’s dog Chooses you over them.
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    • PrettyFuckinStupidM8
      oh man, I went to a friend's house to watch the newest season of a show we both like, and her cat came and sat right by me and she said her cat never does that I was on top of the fucking world fr
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    • unchained04
      I just assume is because the dog doesn’t see you ass much as it sees the owner so your more interested
      unchained04 a month
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    • SayNoToWincest
      my dog does that with my boyfriend and im like bitch he mine and your mine you aint eachothers
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    • Mad_Hatter49
      My friend's dog is a giant ass Pitbull named Lexi and when I first met her, she jumped up, licked and climbed all over me, and then sat on my knee like she was small and it hurt but I loved her so FUCKING MUCH
      Mad_Hatter49 a month
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    • DabOnNaggersYoda
      You just had a cookie in your pants stfu
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    • the_comment_guy123
      Having a really friendly dog and saying “wow he never does that” when he goes up to someone so they feel special>>>
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    • xpxsquirrel
      xpxsquirrel a month
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    • LewdThing
      content not available more
      LewdThing a month
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    • youthful
      If the dog chooses you then it's yours now
      youthful a month
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    • LovingNB
      LovingNB a month
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    • Conservative_Pilot
      Dogs always like me because I don’t have dogs myself, so any time I’m near a dog I give it all of my attention
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    • _The_American_
      Unless the owner is a piece of shit, they wouldn't choose you over them. You're just someone they don't see very often so they're excited/interested.
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    • Hoon_Everything
      My gfs dog is a chow pitt mix. Big muscled up mother fucker who hates men with a passion (hes a rescue dog) and hes hated every boyfriend shes had. Like tries to eat them. Until i come along and now he always wants to sit in my lap. Not sure if he thinks im a woman or if he just trusts me.
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    • Spacious
      I tell people my cat is very antisocial, when in reality she's a lovey angel, so that they feel honored when the cat purrs and lets them pet her.
      Spacious a month
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    • DougDimmaDms
      Patrick: I thought what we had was special!!!
      DougDimmaDms a month
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    • Rachel35
      I’ve experienced that a few times. They seem to get mad at me, but I don’t really care. It makes me feel special. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I enjoy it. With the neighbor’s cat, he’ll snuggle up on my chest and when she comes home from vacation, he won’t leave me to go say hi.
      Rachel35 a month
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    • okaynoodle
      Actually, my dog only wants to hang out with the newest person in the room, so if I’m sitting with her for 30 minutes and you walked in, she’d go crazy, but she wouldn’t care about me. But it’d be the same if someone else sat with her for 30 minutes and I walked in. She only really likes my mom so..
      okaynoodle a month
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    • clack
      And then they try their hardest to make the dog think youre a bad person. Like fuck off
      clack a month
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    • SchrodingersKaytka
      I went hiking at a place out in Nashville over the summer. A woman was letting her dog walk unleashed through the trails despite the leash laws. We passed them going the other way and the dog decided to turn around and follow us, leaving her behind, ignoring all her calls.
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    • KingofCondos
      Gary! I thought what we had was special!
      KingofCondos a month
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    • OriginalThought
      My dog just likes to play with new people
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    • Monkeyboy_Mikeyman
      I see there's no TC...lemme just...
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    • CornyStew713
      I'm legit the animal whisperer man, it doesn't matter the animal they have, they cling to me even If they hate other people, its great
      CornyStew713 a month
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    • JonChristopher
      I like him too but nobody ever makes a meme about me...
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    • jtalker2
      jtalker2 a month
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    • epicgirl8
      Ohhh I get it because apparently making realizations about previous posts is funny now
      epicgirl8 a month
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    • tannert1
      You ever been in a situation where someone else thinks your dog has chosen them over you. But you know your dog and you know that's not the scenario so they are all living it up in your face and you're just like "oh honey...honey no...no that's not....no"
      tannert1 a month
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    • DEGSeverything
      iTs HarD tO STaY huMbLe
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    • US_military_
      I apparently have a thing with temperamental animals You know some dogs and cats just don’t like people. But I always have one “oh Abby doesn’t like anyone except me” and I’ll just dead ass walk up and grab the cat and hold it like a baby and it just purrs and loves me back unlike my dad and mom
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    • trashnoodle
      ifunny just gave me juul ad
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    • sane_psycho
      Or cat
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    • YaBoi_Maxamus
      Tc is gay
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    • TheMolestationStation
      When you go to a friends house and make friends with his pet and he says that he never does this
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    • NothingToSeeHer
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    • Rinogoose
      Rinogoose a month
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    • ShakeNBake0407
      Or when you meet someone’s dog and they get so excited and happy and the owner says how they never get that happy for strangers 😍🥰
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      it's just bc you're new you stupid bitch
      N1NJABANNANA a month
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    • confused_robot
      My friend's dog just wants to rip off my fucking arms.
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    • ZIM_ZAM
      my dog fucking loves me and nobody can ever tell me otherwise
      ZIM_ZAM a month
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    • skyeshane
      i swear my dog has adhd, and he loves people. when friends come over and we’re all sitting on the floor he’ll bounce from lap to lap, all except mine, until he gets sleepy, then it’s my lap he wants
      skyeshane a month
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    • IAmNOEA
      Oh I get it because “diarrhea” kind of sounds like “diary”
      IAmNOEA a month
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    • Heey_Jude
      Or their cat, for that matter. I was at my best friend's house, and we were sitting together watching The Magicians on my phone. And her cat hopped up and decided to sit in my lap. She picked him up and set him in her lap. He got up and moved back to mine.
      Heey_Jude a month
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    • CommanderTalim
      Patrick Star
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    • TheinfinityShulk
      When the dog sits next to you while the owner cries in sadness
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    • hsburnout
      hsburnout a month
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    • PgZq
      PgZq a month
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    • travid_2015
      Is it just me or if I just say "Top Comment" will I get top comment?
      travid_2015 a month
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    • DrBangGang
      what is “tc”
      DrBangGang a month
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    • jo_nathan540
      Put peanut butter on your balls
      jo_nathan540 a month
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    • ChonkyPitBull
      The dog doesn’t choose them. It is excited to meet another person, but it will ultimately stick with its pack
      ChonkyPitBull a month
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    • RightInTheChildhood
      Well maybe you just have a cookie in your pocket; don’t get too cocky, pal.
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    • miketheshade
      They're only doing that because you're a new scent and they're curious
      miketheshade a month
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    • BatSlav
      Oh I get it because the dog slept in the bed
      BatSlav a month
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    • Alex1418
      Alex1418 a month
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    • DailyFatCat
      DailyFatCat a month
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    • AnimeChick16
      Bitch, be humble. Sit down. *dog sits* OH WHOS A GOOD GIRL
      AnimeChick16 a month
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    • WhiteSparrowGaming
      My dog is so unloyal, I could give him to a whole new family in Wisconsin and as long as he’s taken care of he won’t give 2 shits about what happened to me😂😂😭
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    • Weasetheevil
      Now if only a girl would choose me
      Weasetheevil a month
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    • CosmicnessKH
      Take my top comment virginity
      CosmicnessKH a month
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    • LovingNB
      LovingNB a month
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    • ragnarlothbrok
      He's not wrong
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    • DuckNigga
      What's a tc?
      DuckNigga a month
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    • TheMarshFox
      TheMarshFox a month
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    • Speck
      The dog probably senses how depressed you are
      Speck a month
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    • memeforever
      memeforever a month
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    • MeMe_Dadde
      Ain't nothing like a heart break
      MeMe_Dadde a month
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    • that1apple
      Big dog facts
      that1apple a month
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    • DevonSama
      Its like the top gear commercial with the but I like this better meme: "This alpha is awesome, but this alpha is brilliant!" Lol
    • Zoey_and_Lily
      My dogs hate new people that come in the house so we force them to be held by the person so they see they’re not a threat then they would be all sweet to them
    • Xx_egirl420_xX
      You’re the one everyone else hates but you have to love that about yourself
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    • Succ_off
      My fiance got us a puppy before I was able to live there so I only got to see it every once in a while, but every time I did I chose me. Now that we live together, he spends all the time he can with me. His name is Buckshot but we call him Bucky. If anyone asks I'll be more than happy to post him.
      Succ_off a month
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    • ECH0706
      Dogs only go to new people cause their curious.
      ECH0706 a month
    • Adamizor
      Tc is impossible to get
      Adamizor a month
    • LewdThing
      content not available more
      LewdThing a month
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    • LewdThing
      Sub for tits
      LewdThing a month
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    • iF_SentryBot
      Bruh moment
      iF_SentryBot a month
    • youboiisme
      youboiisme a month
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    • Guitara
      My dog literally says hello to everyone, shut your arrogant ass up.
      Guitara 25d
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    • RapeCuresAustism
      I don’t know how anyone could like cats or dogs? It’s just a dumb animal in your house you pay for food for.
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    • Ayfoonei
      Fuck small dogs
      Ayfoonei a month
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    • pendilla
      pendilla a month
    • Walpurgisnacht
      Every dog does that with me
    • Insert_Generic_Username1
      Ha. My wife gets lowkey depressed when our dog runs to me first all the time. Maybe spend more time with him, woman!
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    • Pooper_Dooper
      Gimme tc I j turned 18 bitches
      Pooper_Dooper a month
    • Raikou
      Raikou a month
    • The_Liquor_
      Dogs are very dumb creatures but apparently are good eating
      The_Liquor_ a month
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    • fdncdfhsjbzvbcs
      Amazing hot Videogame asses cosplay
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    • TheGothamEmpire
      It means that the person is a bad dog owner
    • dylan_jbc
    • 8M8B
      My friends German Shepard is terrified of me and i don’t know why
      8M8B 20d
    • TheGuyMain
      Dogs are dumb animals
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    • goodmemebro69
      Fucking whore dogs
    • UrMoMtHeGaY
      My own dog doesn’t chose me over someone else
    • 420shetard
      My dog will run to anyone's lap just to bark at them up close for being on his couch
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