• In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the
embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he
chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling
blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged
him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named
him... the Doom Slayer
In the beginning of a unspecified system of sequential relations to an event in the past regarded as
that in which events suceed one another, there is described a hostile encounter with armed foes, at
that enounter were images cast on the ground by a object intercepting the light from a non specifed
lightsource becomes of considerate size, an individual was located. Scorched by powdery residue
remaining after the burning conflict between friendly assemblages of soldiers and belligerents, his
spiritual part (distinct from his physical part) underwent rapid combustion from the fires of the
biblical location for the condemned known as Hell, inpure to rise to a considerable upward level, the
individual mentioned determined his best cause of action was continuing, without intermission or
interruption his great metal suffering. In his described great mental suffering, reconciliation was not
achievable. Feeling strong resentment the mentioned indivitual this text is reffering to scrutinized the
area named Umbral plains to locate and extract punishment for a wrong behalf of himself in a violent
manner towards a fellowship of "dark lords. While doing the stated above act, he displayed on his
head a ornamental headgear belonging to the association called the "Night Sentinels" and his
opponents that involuntary collided their body against his fixed blade weapon named the above
stated individual the "unavoidable ill fortune enforcer"
In the point of time which anything begins regarded as belonging to the present life as distinct
form the life to come in this timeline
there is a conflict being before all others with respect to the timeline of this universe carried on by
force of arms between two untold parties colided in engagment towards each other in violent
manner, a long lasting bad influence connected to said conflict was established
In this moment told, there was a single human being (as distinguished from a group or party)
standing upright (as in not sitting down or laying on the ground) supported by his own feet by
himself without any help whatsoever from any object or person.
the protagonist of this story having underwent rapid ignition from smoldering remains of a state of
insatnce of combustion in which fule is ignited and combined with oxygen giving a flame from the
said conflict, His immaterial part regarded as immortal had traces of severe impairment from the
state of punishment the wicked are sentenced to in the religion named christianity on planet earth
founded after the death of Jesus Christ in the earthy timeline or year 0 called "Hell" or "Purgatory"
He (the main antagonist of
this story) selected from a number of untold options to continue with
oneselves mental suffering in which he could not find the cerebral state of happiness and
reconciliation and with a situation in which one cannot fully display the bad feelings he was feeling
he carefully searched the location called Umral Plains (not to be confused with the Zone in the
online RPG game Everquest) in order to find something concealed as in not visible which was a
assemblage of persons given the combination of words which they are to be refered to as
the Dark
Lords. towards this assemblage he had the thought of inflicting bodily harm towards this said
assemblage of Dark Lords for hurting him in a previous instance which is not told in this story. In
this said crusade against his wrongdoers the said person wore a ornemental headgear belonging to
a group of holy nights that acted as guardians of the wraiths orginating from the realm of Argent
D'Nur. The individuals that came in contact with the said Protagonist of this wall of text and
survived his long bladed blade with sharp edges on both sides and with a pointy end and a hilt and
survived named the protagonist too wich his opposition called him subsequently the
"unable to be avoided troubles and failures taskmaster"
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