• imagine if schools actually helped kids identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and growing their skills over the 12 years instead of letting them all follow the same routine like sheep and leaving them confused in life after graduation
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    • boredchicken
      Please like and unlike rapidly
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    • madarasonlyway
      Why need teach the skills that you will need for the job that want to go for after highschool
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      Possibly because if every 12 year old chose their lifelong career at such a young age we would have an over abundance of astronauts
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    • Malicious_Melon_Mangler
      Come on now, we can't do that. That would actually make sense and help kids flourish in life, we can't have that now can we.
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    • MandrewTheMage
      Why are the people who say this always the kids who sleep through class and don't go to college
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    • steveknobbs
      This is why we need the G.O.A.T test
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    • psychojoe831
      Ah but that would produce smart independently thinking individuals instead of obedient American citizens.
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    • Abcod
      Not to side with the education, but part of it is to help you think logically. Learning only what you're skilled at means you have extremely weak weaknesses, which could be bad. But still, I agree, our strengths should be more focused on. (Though that could be difficult)
      Abcod 4d
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    • Thecommentpolice
      Imagine actually taking some initiative and exploring those paths on your own and not expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter
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    • Johnny_Shit_Knuckles_
      Imagine learning only one thing fr 12 years then realizing you no longer like that thing and that you are mentally and socially inept in every other facet of life.
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    • Ronald_McDonald
      I’m a junior in high school and I’ve known what I want to do forever. I’ve been pursuing it for 4 years. School has done nothing but slow down my progress by forcing classes that I don’t need and adding unneeded stress. School has under qualified me for what i actually want.
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    • texas663
      Their should be universal basic education until 8th grade then 9th through 12th should focus on different career paths as possible certifications for those career paths along with basic life skills courses
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    • Tubby_Wonka
      Imagine getting a job you might hate for the rest of your life because of some examination you took when you were 12.
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    • lessiferpsc
      How dare schools think everyone should know certain fundamentals like reading, writing, mathematics, and history.
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    • Marie3021
      Imagine being a kid and thinking I want to do “this”! And then all of your adolescent years are focused on only using one set of skills, and when you are done you realize that “this” isn’t what you wanted. However, you are incapable of using any other skill set and are unable to function in society.
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    • GatorTazor
      We’d be too powerful. School nerfs us
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    • The_random_palace
      1.7 gpa niggas be like
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    • TheNextDeath13
      A problem with this is that some people change interests later in life like in high school and if they followed this system then there might be a situation where the child says “I WaNt To Be A SpAcEmAn” and then halfway through their life they want to become a doctor but they already have the experi
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    • scarlof
      Yeah but most of us are dumb as fuck as kids and the school system introduces us to a bunch of new avenues and it’s not practical to choose our life path at 5 years old
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    • Coleman5362
      I think that specialization is definitely a good idea, but we should still keep an element of getting a taste of everything as well
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    • igotadog
      You... You mean electives in highschool?
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    • Phil4196
      I defend our generation a lot but this is what they mean when they say millennials are entitled. You can’t expect the world to always adhere to your personal strengths and weaknesses. The education system is incredibly flawed but that is not solution.
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    • comedykingK
      School creates a generally educated society, if you want to do something else pursue it in your freetime
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    • iRaditz
      That will never happen because the school system doesn’t care about the students
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    • IceRicer
      I’m usually pretty on board with the stuff people say against the American school system but hold up a sec. Everyone should get a basic education in all fields. Just cuz someone is good at something when they are 6 doesn’t mean we should train them to do that their whole lives and nothing else.
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    • GeorgeFrederickHanoverIII
      Because that undermines the very purpose of education. The purpose of education is not to make sure you succeed in life, or find your talent. Anyone can learn something if they put their mind to it. You have natural geniuses rarely, but you don’t have natural dumbasses. Folks are dumbasses by choice
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    • MmmFishDinners
      The “modern” education system began in the 1800’s. It’s specifically made to raise children into effective, obedient factory workers.
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    • Hiveacademy
      At the H.I.V.E. Academy, we cultivate the unique talents of our extraordinarily students through individualized teaching techniques. Enroll today!
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    • acrocanthosaurus
      Woah woah woah, slow down there sunny. It's obviously the students fault that they're not learning. Let's dope them up with pills so they'll pay attention.
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    • PaulRossi1120
      Until you study the one thing u “love” for 12 years then dont like it anymore and dont know how to do anything else, young people change their mind a lot, anyone in college could tell u that
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    • Freedomball_USA
      This would be awful. People change throughout life and you HAVE to learn things you dont naturally excel at to succeed in life.
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    • SaggyBlackNippleMan
      Except kids don't know what the hell they are good at or really passionate about. I always wanted to be a pilot, got my private pilots license. Good fun. But I'm more passionate about being a mechanic. Kids will change passions a lot over their life. That's why school teaches you a bit of everything
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    • TheVoidOfDerp
      Imagine if schools like to this already existed. Oh wait nvm they do! They are called career tech schools that can teach trades to high schoolers. I went to one they are really nice.
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    • TazzMann
      "Talent" is different than "intrest" iv been talented in things I have no interest in....cater too those interested, passionate!!!
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    • SonofJimmy
      The sheep are the ones who are to dumb to overcome the flaws of the system
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    • Fitemeirlfgt_
      In a way it does help you find out what you like and don’t.
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    • HestiaRemix
      Jeez almost like interests change and if you're serious about your education you will go to technical school or middle college in highschool but idiots blow their high school education and get shit grades or never apply for higher education in highschool and blame the system for their incompetence.
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    • StrictlyMild2
      Wow I can’t believe the school system isn’t using their psychic abilities for our benefits.
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    • MasterN8
      K-12 are just for general education so you’re not an idiot... what you just described are trade schools which take 1-4 years to complete depending on the program
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    • B1acktrick
      We would have a lot of adults becoming NFL players and princesses
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    • coneboy
      Very few people know their “talents” from a young age let alone what they want to do for the rest of their lives.
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    • Toxicnuggets
      They believe in quantity instead of quality. That’s what happened when our country industrialized. Even the education system focused on mass production.
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    • SargeVKL
      Ever hear of this thing called college? Crazy how k-12 might just be building a foundation.
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    • jantasticcc
      That would take a lot of money and extremely individualized learning processes and would require a shit ton more teachers in every school. While the idea is nice it isnt necessarily smart. If u want this for ur kid just home school them I guess
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    • Brad1942
      Man if only there was like classes like band, orchestra, art, science, sports, or maybe even a school funded dance team or choir. That would really be something.
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    • zodiacmissle
      Wow imagine if parents actually parented their children and let schools teach fundamentals and study habits and shut the hell up trying to be edgy and blaming the education system for why you or your kid turned out to be a loser
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    • bestbrian
      People change, categorizing them from a young age forces their mind into the mindset of whatever they liked then, they might not like it now. I semi-agree with this post, but I think it should be more around high school, and still be able to change later
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    • JoeSwink
      Because that isn't what school is for? It doesn't do any business owner justice if you can repair a vehicle, but can't do basic arithmatic. Or, if you are great at construction, but can't read. School is a basic foundation, upon which to build.
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    • SirSpencAlot36
      Imagine if people tweeted original ideas instead of spouting out the same trash everyone tweets everyday
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    • scarredgooch_jazzcabbage_
      Because that would work
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    • RealShady83
      We call that Home Schooling
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    • flavortownbritney
      i think high schools should make kids finish their prerequisites by sophomore year and then the last two years they can specialize in their interests a bit more so they have a more clear idea going into college so they don’t have to change majors multiple times
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    • boioioioioioioiiiiiiiii
      Schools: what do you students want to do? Students: well I don’t really know, I need to think about it. Schools: bitch you thought, we’re just gonna teach you fucking all the subjects so you can just forget them all after high school which is also just randomly when y’all can be on ur own career pat
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    • Quacksky
      imagine if people didn't completely disregard a scholar system that's been built over decades because their lazy ass and common sense doesn't allow them to do anything that isn't their "talent".
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    • Souptore
      They do. You know what you want to do by taking a variety of classes and seeing what you like.
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    • The_Best_of_Anime
      How are you supposed to discover the innate abilities of children at the age of 6 when people at 22 still have no idea what they want to do? It's a parenting issue. Not saying our schools are perfect, they're far from it, but this argument is retarded.
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    • Trumpis
      Everyone complains about the school systems (rightfully so) but I see no one offering valid solutions that aren’t vague such as this one
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    • ItsJustAShitpost
      General education is just that, general. It’s to identify what areas of academia you’re strong in and which you aren’t so you can apply those talents to a real job skill in college
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    • tgreezzyy_the_polarbear
      We would have a shit ton of toxic people who play professional video games
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    • austindoxsd
      Imagine if parents took the responsibility of exploring their own children’s strengths and helping them develop real life skills instead of blaming a system designed to give the majority a basic education
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    • r13bolo
      Sadly the schooling system teaches obedience and how to fit in as another cog in the machine
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    • CobraBubbles
      I think if we had young adults and adults talk about life more often and how it sometimes truly is, kids would have a more mature understanding on life and the world and have higher priorities when they are young
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    • HollywoodGrimm
      Yeah cuz I'm 26 and I still don't fuckin understand taxes!!
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    • TheCosbyShow
      The reason why schools stop doing this is because you don't know where you want to be at a young age dumbass. Astronaut isn't a realistic goal for an overweight retard.
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    • _BasedStickman
      "my gpa is 1.6 so it's the school system's fault"
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    • bigharbs101
      Yeah, like for 8 hours a day these kids could just stand in a sweat shop and scrap metal or see who can sow the fast shirt lol That’s what they should do instead of learning
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    • Purest_Light
      Because that requires a lot of one on one shit and it only specializes you in one field and then you have no clue about everything else like basic maths or science or English. College is meant for you to specialize in your talents. It’s not hard to find out talents on your own or at home.
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    • LolisRUs
      Public school isn't supposed to help people specialize in particular fields. It's supposed to be a blanket education for the average person and give them general knowledge about the world around them. Imagine singers with little knowledge of WWII or basic math skills because they focused on the arts
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    • dontduckwithme
      Welcome to the land of limiting school choice, standardized testing, and Common Core
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    • supgurhl
      They do do this. It's called electives and after school programs.
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    • BisonBurger
      imagine if people learned to develop interests on their own and didn’t blame it on the education that’s giving to them like ingrates
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    • rawpotatoes
      Because it’s better that they know English first than how to paint like Picasso. The basics that are taught will relate to everything you do in life
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    • usernameinvalid
      He's speaking like one of those sheep that didn't pay attention in school.
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    • hashymo
      Imagine if the majority of the kids actually paid attention. Our school system sucks but no one addresses lazy kids
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    • WhoppingUnicorn
      Yeha that would have been cool. Its nice being 19 and have been working since graduation and stay up until 1am every night wondering what I want to do with my life
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    • Raging_Alcoholic
      Well it’s modeled after factory, now be a good Christian and get back to work
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    • budspud589
      Because some skills such as math and reading and writing are universal in any application in the world. education can still be individualized in such a matter, but it is not bad to expect kids to learn skills that will be required in the real world
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    • Lukas_Shrader
      Translation: I wasn’t as studious as the other kids so it must be the system’s fault.
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    • Maltese
      That costs a shit ton of money and is available in private schools but seeing as we are poor we just get the basic education
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    • Greatwhite67
      Yeah...interests change. If this was the case I would be training to be a pilot. But that was a phase. Interests change so there is no way to grow a child’s specific skills and interests when these things change and develop over the years. They defiantly don’t stay consistent
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    • CirceDeVeaux
      Maybe we could have art, music, and theatre classes and several extracurricular clubs and activities. Or perhaps it’s not the public school systems personal responsibility to hand you your destiny and kids should just learn about their inner talents on their own through experience and life.
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    • krazeepanda
      Because of the “No child left behind.” BS and school funding based on generalized tests. In fact, I was offered to skip a grade but my parent stopped me because “I would get bullied because I was younger.” Schools themselves are the last problem that needs fixing.
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    • SoSoc
      Because no one is born a specialist in anything. You elect to take the classes you’re good at the moment you get the chance and spend your free time doing that instead of other activities kids can do. Stop crying and blaming other people because you didn’t invest in your own future.
      SoSoc 4d
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    • Anime_Extremist
      Because everything ran by the government sucks
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    • _Beep_Beep_Lettuce
      That’s why school has like 8 different core subjects so you can find what you like. Then u go to college and decide what to do with your strengths. If we just start letting kids choose one subject at a young age to follow, they’ll end up even more confused and not well rounded at all
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    • guyborninJuly
      This is a awesome idea but straight up not realistic, we simply do not have the resources to pull off such an idea,
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    • tak3cov3rordi3
      *cough* electives *cough*
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    • ArrowStrike117
      If this happened, everyone would be an expert in a few select areas, and complete idiot's in everything else. I think this would be good, but also train them in other areas. This would help eliminate the challenge of not finding a job.
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    • V_For_Vendetta_
      School is the foundation to figure out what you want to go to college for.
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    • MysticMazeofMisery
      This is true to a point. Everyone should get the starter pack though. Maybe just k-6. everyone needs to know basic shit that's universal.
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    • _Dutch_
      It’s not hard to have a set plan for fuck sake. All of you have google. All of you.
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    • Signa5
      Maybe because everyone should have the basic knowledge of math history and reading. If you want to have your own special path then go to college
      Signa5 4d
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    • Specific0cean
      I believe that would be incredibly expensive to have completely individualized learning paths for that many people. People should stop complaining and just do the work. A person who says they’re setup to fail will fail and a person who strives to win and achieve will do exactly that.
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    • The_State_Ohio
      You need that education as a base to life. Otherwise if kids picked their majors at age 5 everyone would be racecar drivers and astronauts
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    • AeronauticsCentraI
      This was written by someone who never took part in an extracurricular activity.
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    • Hotrodhonda2004
      School isnt to help you find out who you are, its to instill basic knowledge, granted curriculum needs to be revamped badly. My other concern is funding and availability of staffing officials, especially is smaller districts or poorer districts. I could easily see this becoming another wedge in soci
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    • dondolicus
      Pretty sure k-12 Is just general education and specialization is what universities are for
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    • RenaissanceEmoji
      You know public schools do do that with art, music, sport and extra curricular programs but it’s on you to take the initiative and do them and on you to understand the need routine
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