• Ijust walked into my room holding the remote and a glass of chocolate milk and I meant to toss the remote into my bed but instead I tossed the glass of chocolate milk onto my bed
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    • iRaditz
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    • Bosozoku_
      I threw my phone into the trash today instead of the tissue in my other hand and I stood there amazed at what I did and then was about to text my friend on the tissue about what I just did
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    • iPilgrimoftheDark
      This is why they teach us not to drive using both feet
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    • Braeden963
      the opposite thing happened to me. i was holding my water bottle and the remote and i stuck my fucking remote in my mouth
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    • Mister1
      Then drank the remote
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    • Tranesfc4life
      When you switch to the wrong weapon in a game
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    • buhamad98
      Opened the fridge and grabbed my club sandwich , I unwrapped it, threw it in the trash and put the wrapper in the microwave 😭
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      content not available more
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    • luke1203
      Brain.exe has stopped working
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    • Minizdude89
      Has anybody else done something similar or just me and this person?
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    • Tainted_Jaguar
      Real life lag
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    • zogr
      zogr 9d
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    • fuckingkillme925
      When you right click instead of left click
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    • iweedwackmycarpet
      Bruh I did this at school with a piece of gum and I got a piece and opened it and ate the wrapper and threw away the gum
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    • ballzach1
      i once did this with my phone, a piece of toilet paper, and the toilet
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    • phoenix99A
      I feel this on a deep and personal level.
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    • TrueVelocityYT
      One time I was making a bowl of cereal and I put the cereal box in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet
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    • thatoneperson0803
      I thought I lost my phone in my mom’s car, so to find it I used the flash...on my phone
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    • Plehman
      Onetime I was eating chips while I was on my phone then I bit by phone
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      Since this will get lost in the comments I just put toothpaste in my contact lens case when I meant to grab solution...there was no thinking just did it.
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    • BigDaddyJaverz
      This is the type of thing where you don't think about it but the second it leaves your hand you snap back to reality
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    • 80085_AJ
      I've done the same.. what comes next determines how tired you are.. and I of course went and grabbed a few towels to lay on.
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    • Cullenthesavage
      I've done that once to
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    • Thomas_the_fucking_train
      Real life glitches
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    • BoopityDoopity
      My laundry hamper is right across from my toilet. Today I almost put my laundry in the wrong place
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    • _Trico_
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    • k_meplease
      Do you guys ever do some really stupid shit like that. I put freezer shit in the cabinet. Cereal in the freezer. And Juice on a FUCKING PLATE. I’m not joking I was about to pour myself some white crab peach into a fucking paper plate and it was fine in my mind.
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    • DonHernandez
      Same but I threw my phone into the recycle bin instead of my juice box
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    • shnitzeldoodle
      My dog has to get her shots tomorrow and I accidentally said vet and she knows so she’s been hiding in a corner...
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    • AmNorb
      I once poured juice into my ramen instead of my cup, and then almost did again right afterward like the fucking neanderthal I am.
      AmNorb 5d
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    • Kaz5
      When you’re playing a video game and hit the wrong button.
      Kaz5 6d
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    • DoomGuy21
      This is called an IRL glitch
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    • Texhoma
      *Dwight shrute voice* idiot.
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    • paisanogamer
      Don't u hate it when u get a yogurt from the fridge and u open the lid and then ur brain stops working for a second so u accidentally throw away the yogurt instead of the lid
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    • mcs3
      To get those bed stains out dilute hydrogen peroxide in water and use a towel to first dab then scrub the stain out (parts of hand my burn, itch, or turn white if not diluted enough) then use more water to clean off the hydrogen peroxide
      mcs3 7d
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    • LittleBobby
      Don't you just love it when your brain controls the wrong arm?
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    • LumberDiesel
      I once bought a pack of cigarettes and threw them into the garbage on the way out because I thought it was my empty. Serves me right for smoking.
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    • QManMan
      Then proceeded to drink the remote
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    • ILustig
      One time I felt my coffee bottle to make sure the cap was on before I shook it, it wasn't. I then proceeded to shake it because I'm a fucking retard
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    • Kevinposas
      One time someone asked me to toss them the ps4 controller and then i tossed him a chair
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    • SirHamcelot
      Confusion 100
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    • AFuckTonOfViagra
      I once held my drink in one hand and my phone in my other, and I accidently attempted to drink my phone.
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    • TiffanyLoilr
      I accidentally put the koolaid powder in the sugar container instead of the 2 liter container for the same reason lol
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    • Xitto25
      🎵cause ya had a bad day🎵
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    • GEICO_Lizard122916
      I’ve done this before. Except it was with milk and cereal. I put the milk on the shelf and caught myself putting the cereal in the fridge.
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    • _highfructosepornsyrup_
      You are retarded
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    • iDoobzTV
      Dude this actually happens. I don’t understand why though, like you know what you want to do, but your body is like “time to YA YEET the opposite thing”
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    • chupavisor
      Don't cry. Don't.... Cry..... *Cries*
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    • Candimusprime
      I relate wayy to much
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    • EMMR05
      I threw my phone in the trash once like that
      EMMR05 9d
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    • NsN_Prototyp3
      I laughed before i finished reading this hecause i have done this... twice ..
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    • AWholeLotOfChez
      I'm in this picture and I don't like it
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    • whoTHcares
      When I was really young I had a popsicle in one hand and a frog in the other... same basic story with way worse results.
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    • Mifune
      One time i was eating trail mix with a bottle of powerade and when i went to pour a handful of mix into my hand i instead poured powerade into it
      Mifune 9d
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    • KneeGears7077
      All I can imagine is as soon as it hit ur bed u either freaked out or mid throw ur realized what had happened as u watch the glass fly through the air as the look on ur face is the face of pure depression and pain
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    • AbraslamLincoln
      On multiple different occasions I've thrown my koozie in the trash instead of my empty beer can when I was really drunk
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    • _Magniflorious_
      I just laughed out loud by my self. You know how hard that is to do. I commend you.
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    • kbbkj
      Press x to doubt. Press y to fuck yourself
      kbbkj 9d
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    • Linkmolgera
      We've all been there
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    • shadowmanrasputin
      Hopefully you made up for it by drinking the remote
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    • Tumbler_Hedghog
      * D R I N K S R E M O T E *
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    • goman32
      I did this with a turkey sandwish a plastic bag and a recyling bin
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    • Killingbites
      When I had pizza on a plate I turned the door knob to my room and subconsciously turned my other hand and my pizza fell on the floor
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    • mirranda
      Ooh so you stoned stoned?
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    • Futa_God_26
      It really do be like that sometimes
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    • BootyGunner
      I do shit like that sometimes. At least I’ve never gotten the razor all the way to my mouth in the morning
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    • LeCesne3301
      Just blow in from stupid town?
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    • oXeXiX
      oXeXiX 7d
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    • HickoryDick
      Never done that, but only because I put deep, deliberate thought into the action knowing that I would otherwise do exactly some klutzy shit like that
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    • Tech64
      Instead of throwing the tv remote on my bed I instead threw my phone and it bounced off the bed onto the wall adjacent to it and it broke
      Tech64 7d
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    • Lexxy
      It be like that sometimes
      Lexxy 7d
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    • memepp56
      Bro fucking same. I literally look at the shit I’m about to do, think about it, decide and then do the exact opposite lmao
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    • RoyalHyena
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    • CDBColdFlame
      They pressed the wrong button
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    • darklord02968
      Ever just wipe your ass with the phone and proceed to play on your toilet paper
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    • RebelRacerBee
      It's the same energy as when I walk into a room and realize i don't know why I went there in the first place
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    • llollkll
      I was holding an open water bottle and hand warmers, and tried shaking my hand warmers some more but I just splashed Dasani in my face
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    • I_cant_do_anything
      Once I had a fork in one hand, and some chocolate milk in the other; I wasn't paying attention and ended up sipping my fork
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    • KyungsoosHusband
      One time I placed a cup of chocolate milk on the window right next to my bed and my dumbass left the window open on a windy night, so at like 3am I wake up gasping for air because I just got downed with chocolate milk from a fucking gust of wind.
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    • Yatsuto
      It be like that
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    • waluigi_the_resurected
      And then took a sip of remote
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    • Sense
      Sense 8d
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    • Xeaphius
      It’s my birthday today, can I have top comment?
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    • aintitso
      I wonder how high this person was
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    • DrZonnked
      A few times while cracking eggs into a bowl next to the trash for scraps I'd crack the egg right into the trash for some reason. I blame lag.
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    • rwplm
      The human brain can be interesting sometimes
      rwplm 9d
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    • Lancest_corporal
      This girl could be my soulmate
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