• Didn't Kmart go extinct?
      2.5K 157
    • Ayyyyy
      724 12
    • Why the fuck you in Kmart
    • To everyone freaking out about Kmart being extinct, there are plenty of kmarts around Australia...
      3 1
    • I don’t know about the other states but there’s only 1 left in the L.P. Of Michigan
    • Wait. Kmart is still a thing ?
      KR4US3 4d
    • Broooo. Kmart is like, the shop for mexicans. So like, aliens work.
    • "Its not unusual to be loved by anyone"
    • Wal-Martians
    • Anyone who still shops at Kmart is an alien
    • Where do you live where a Kmart still exist?
      ZKS88 5d
    • Last time I was in a Kmart I was looking for sky landers
    • I went to the florida keys and instead of walmarts they have kmarts
    • At least they called you human; I generally don't get that same reaction.
      Jhun00 6d
      15 1
    • Yo Kmarts still exist? I have a bakugan from a Kmart lmao
    • Tf is a small child doing in an arcade/bar?
    • Yo a Kmart in my town closed and the day before it did I went in to see what they had left and things were just thrown around not all the lights were on and I saw like two employees. Weird fucking experience
    • Only aliens shop at kmart. And sometimes space aliens
    • shit i thought tyrone was smoking a blunt with his niggas last set i saw
    • Kmart? Havent herd that name in years. I still got shit on layaway what the fuck?
    • Is this funny?
    • Kmart, havent gone in that store in years.
    • Ayy lmao
    • White people
    • It was a ghost. Kmart is dead and you met ghosts
    • Sounds like some Wal-Mart shit to me lol
    • im learning to drive in an abandoned k-mart parking lot lmao
    • There's a kmart where my grandfather lives. I'll go there here and there for some sweatshirts or gym shorts. The prices aren't awful, everything is usually on sale. Good place is you need something quick and don't care if it gets ruined.
    • One time this little girl walked away from her mom, and her mom called her back over by name. So I asked her by name if she wanted a sticker, and she asked how I knew her name. Her mom said I was a wizard. Kid's mind was blown. She asked if I could turn her into a frog, and I said I couldn't at work
    • No one believes you chomo
    • Kmart still exists??
    • *bonetrousle intensifies* NYEH HEH HEEEEH!
    • When my cousin was a kid his dad had him at Walmart and he pointed out someone behind him had big ears. His dad told him to apologize and he said I’m sorry you have such big ears.
    • Zeldar, from the planet beldar
    • When was this posted 2008?
      okie 6d
    • Especially at 5 in the morning
    • I must report to the mothership of this
    • Once at a book store a lady called me tiny human when I was a kid
    • Did they have shadows?
    • Kmart still exists?
    • I would be surprised to see other humans at Kmart too. Hell I’d be surprised to even be at a Kmart.
      Wigo 6d
    • I got lost in Kmart once. Scarred me for life.
    • *there’re
    • Yes alien hunting! I saw that on tv too!...
    • We don't talk about Kmart.
    • They must watch Lucifer
    • When was the last time anyone saw a kmart?
    • Totally forgot Kmart exists at other places
    • Kmart is a whole different fucking world
    • Everyone always complaining “the features aren’t funny” but I’m always able to get a good laugh. Seem like the thing that isn’t funny is you.
      9 1
    • You think Kmart is a hideout for aliens, just wait till you figure out about the froyo places.
      10 1
    • I AM ZIIIIMM!!
      bynch 6d
    • There is still a Kmart in my town
    • How old is this story? Was Kennedy still president?
    • I mean yeah Kmart does always feel like another dimension, feels like you should leave as soon as you walk in, your home is earth. Anyone else?
    • The only thing about this that made me laugh was the name "hoofbitch"
    • I woulda hurriedly started looking everywhere and exclaimed loudly WHERE???
    • I've never been to a Kmart
      Raharu 6d
    • Yes; there are humans everywhere. 👽
      MDubz 6d
    • K mart is definitely one of this places were reality is totally altered
    • Kmart didn’t get shut down it got abducted
    • I worked at Kmart....definitely aliens in there!
      1 1
    • Kmart is still a thing?
    • *reliefed sound of sigh* if only humans weren’t racist and equality meant we were all working together with all countries and not greedy people we would meet aliens sooner
    • Kmart does still exists children
    • You started in some weird ass anime/henti
    • Usually I see aliens in Home Depot
      2 2
    • Rip kmart
    • I call this fake! Kmart doesn’t exist anymore 😏
      2 1
    • Fake! Kmart is not real!!!
    • Being in a Kmart is what I’m curious about 🤷🏽‍♂️
    • that did not happen and the fat tumblr retard that made it up knows that
      1 3
    • That girl can see aliens and I know another girl who can see demons
    • Kmart? What year was this posted
    • What do you mean aliens I honestly would have done something like this with my dad in public just to be random
    • Too bad kmart doesnt have lawn darts anymore
    • I'll never forget one time I was at Kroger and there was a kid sitting in a cart, and he points at me and says "mom! See that cool guy right there?!" I think I peaked when that happened.
      8 3
    • My favorite part about Kmart is how they found a whole new plant species and no one was surprised
      10 1
    • Is Kmart still in business?
      1 4
    • I’ll never forgot when my daughter went through her “hooman” phase haha
    • I work at Kmart and there’s heaps of kmarts around me so wtf are these comments
    • I am 3rd gender
    • Theres one still in the process of closeing and stuff is man cheap. Got like $200 in clothes and spent $45
    • Yeah if they were on Kmart dude also had a time machine.
    • I remember doing this at a reptile expo when I was a child. I wasn't expecting so many people. Also wasn't expecting there to be other animals besides reptiles.
    • Well they should go see some of the aliens that can be found at Walmart
    • Rip Kmart
    • Nwhat is Kmart ? Is it something fo broke. People ? If so then I wouldn’t know
    • Yo who remembers Radio Shack
      timato 6d
    • Mal0 6d
    • They are shopping on mars
      japaj 6d
    • Some gatdamn time travelers is what ye saw
    • *2 aliens
    • How old is this kmart is more than dead
      1 1
    • Hoofbitch
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