• "If you think for one moment that a college football team is unhappy about eating Big Macs in the White House with our billionaire President who fucks porn stars, you probably never played a real sport."
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    • When Obama was dropping air strikes on women and children and hospitals the media was silent. But as soon as orange man buys McDonald’s for college kids it’s REEEEEEEEEE
      Exox 17 jan
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    • People saying it's a cheap ass move haven't ever been offered free food of any kind in college, or been so dedicated to a sport that you've been holding a strict diet together and finally can cheat the diet
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    • That picture says it all those guys were more pumped than a libertarian at an IRS shutdown
      usmc2287 17 jan
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    • He invited them to the White House, and fed them McDonalds. Everyone had a good time and a good laugh. You people will suck the joy out of anything. I hope y’all are happy living in your depressive, grey little world.
      MemeRacer 19 jan
      smile 21
    • Imagine you go to the White House and they give you cold McDonalds fries
      smile 18
    • As a college athlete, if I just won the natty I would be kind of pissed if we were served fast food at the White House but it’s an awesome experience nonetheless
      BeanEater 21 jan
      smile 19 2
    • Nigga any American would be happy to see a shit ton of big Mac's.
      smile 15 1
    • Yo how come everyone on this app thinks they're political scientists at the age of 13?
      borkbot 18 jan
      smile 13 1
    • Cockhouse 18 jan
      smile 13 2
    • As a college student who is broke. I’d rather have McDonalds than some gay French food where I can’t even tell what the food is
      nederland 18 jan
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    • While I still say its unprofessional. That man looks happy as hell.
      Mr_Evermore 22 jan
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    • Everybody complaining about Trump getting McDonald's needs to remember college football players aren't high class people they're football players and what football player won't deny a Big Mac.
      FPS_CUBS 22 jan
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    • SwornIn 20 jan
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    • Honestly I would be fucking lit if I walked in and saw like 400 burgers
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    • iUploader 18 jan
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    • So many people expect such high class from the president. What people need to learn is trump is a buisness man and most importantly a human. Hes not a elitist who would look down and spit at there workers. People need to realize this is more then just fast food for the football team its a statement.
      Mike_Pence21 19 jan
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    • Now what if, and just hear me out, what if I didn’t fucking care..
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    • We have to admit guys, serving fast food on the finest silverware of the country is fkn hilarious. I love our president lol
      RaiderMC 21 jan
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    • Don’t let this stupid ass post distract you from the fact that the govt has been shut down for a month. Thousands of federal workers have been forced to pawn their belongings in order to make rent. I know Trumpist have no empathy, but supporting him is anti-American at this point. Losers!
      slybrew 20 jan
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    • He got like 7 hamburger in his hands. Lol
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    • If you don’t like trump you are seriously uneducated on how well of a job he does for this country and let your emotions get the best of you just because you don’t like trump for his personality and fail to see how good of a job he does at serving this country.
      Randel08 19 jan
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    • Donald Trump is a Good president. Anyone who disagrees isn’t interested in politics they are only interested in hearing their opinion and being told they are right...
      DuskTK 18 jan
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    • Let's be real: the players dont give a flying fuck. No one actually cares. But that's not what the media wants you to think
      Jombie 18 jan
      smile 9
    • I love how they asked for this food, he purchased it with his own money, and people still bitch about it. Legitimately asking because I'm curious, have any of the athletes that were there complained?
      smile 10
    • Can y'all just fucking respect the dude I mean fr y'all crying and complaining about all the stuff he's been doing ever since he's been in office he's done stuff that Obama couldn't do like the thing with North Korea, and y'all fucking complained about that, and then he does a nice thing like this
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    • My professor talked to us about how everyone telling Trump he's classless for getting McDonald's and causing a big ruckus are actually taking part in food elitism and essentially saying people that can't afford more than McDonald's also can't be classy.
      nicnoble a month
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    • Guys I’m a liberal in New York and I’m pretty sure people aren’t actually upset that he bought hamburgers. That’s totally chill it’s just hilarious that he went on twitter and wrote hamberders lmfao
      sarjang 21 jan
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    • That’s what they asked for. I’m sure he coulda got whatever the fuck they wanted. Look at the QB’s tweets.... he literally is so appreciative of him and btw the order was over $3000 so for anybody saying he broke how about you pay $3000 for a meal mufucka
      Conspirahcy 19 jan
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    • If Obama had done this, people would have hailed it as the most down to Earth, coolest, most gangsta thing ever
      PizzaFace69 18 jan
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    • Man: buys someone food. Everyone: What a fucking asshole
      Forblaze 18 jan
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    • “Look at the people with power buying all these fancy meals wasting money!” *Buys fast food* “Look at the people in power being so cheap!”
      Cheapshot360 18 jan
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    • I don't care who you are. This was a classy move. From his own pocket he bought this to keep from forcing staff to cook without pay. And the students loved it.
      axxalonn 18 jan
      smile 8
    • Look at that guy’s face and tell me he’s upset about getting McDonalds
      smile 8
    • Dude that would be so lit fr like I hate trump, but nothing beats dinner and a show amirite?
      Brand017 a month
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    • I’m sorry if I where to ever go to the White House to eat food I would expect the best fucking food in the world not a bunch of Big Macs and chicken nuggets I can get for 5 bucks down the street, but hey that’s just me.
      BenDoverM8te 22 jan
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    • Trump's a fucking cool guy if ur not Mexican and not a Government employee
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    • He also fucks his daughter so....
      peace44448 21 jan
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    • Why in the hell has ifunny been so political lately.
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    • I don’t understand why everyone is so offended by this. Fast food after a football game is a fucking tradition in both high school and college
      smile 7
    • I don't like Trump, but he would get flamed for buying them expensive food as well
      Waffles_ 18 jan
      smile 9
    • It's not the fact that they didn't like it imo. It's the fact that you should eat something to match the prestige of visiting the white house. Like I LOVE me some Mcnuggets, but if I got dressed up to visit the home of the most powerful person on the planet, I'd want something to match that.
      iCordelia 18 jan
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    • Why did liberals who wanted a wall 6 years ago change their minds?
      Dr_NiraCain 18 jan
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    • People just lookin for reasons to hate the guy.
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    • Ay man, you're a fool to turn down a free big mac even if it's from someone like trump.
      Dommer4kill 18 jan
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    • Why is ifunny so political
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    • The liberal mindset is weak and cowardly. They work off of emotional appeals, false statistics, and claim anything counter to their narrative is oppressive. They also hate all thing white, masculine, and Christian.
      Baker11 18 jan
      smile 9 75
    • People shitting on trump but he didn’t need to do shit he could of not bought shit
      EvilDeadAshe 18 jan
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    • Trump: does something political. Media: reports on it regularly. Trump: gives college football players McDonalds. Media: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!
      smile 7
    • *government gets shut down under Obama* Libs:"it's okay, it's completely normal" *government gsts shut down under Trump* Libs:"omg wtf is this man doing!? He's ruining this country!!"
      tiny_dick 18 jan
      smile 7 1
    • Shut the fuck up and let them eat the free food you stupid jealous dipshits
      Nii_man 18 jan
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    • Look how happy this man is. Look at his face. Now look at the big mac. Now back at his face. Youre telling me that trump is all evil? Nah.
      _Gibbyboy_ 18 jan
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    • Trump: *breathes* Everyone:
      uckoff 18 jan
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    • ash54 18 jan
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    • I didn't know it was for college kids i seen lots of people making a big deal out if this like he had the queen of England over not fucking college kids
      TheColdTruth 17 jan
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    • In coming high schoolers defending trump
      smile 8 4
    • Live near Clemson, have heard the players personally talk about how much they enjoyed the McDonalds. They said it was one of the coolest meals they'd ever had.
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    • I swear we're living in a comedy movie
      extremesucc 21 jan
      smile 6 2
    • People saying this is cheap but do y'all know how much 300 fucking big macs cost
      lambchopps 20 jan
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    • YungTug 20 jan
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    • The most American sentence I’ve ever read
      smile 6
    • I thought he bought fast food cuz the Clemson team specifically asked for it? Idk why libs are so mad. I think they just like being mad. Not sure what happened to "love trumps hate", that seemed to last for all of 2 months
      Jerando 19 jan
      smile 8 10
    • Okay, anyone with any sense doesn't give a single crap about this. I'm completely liberal and don't support Trump in the least, btw, but he still provided those kids with an experience. Granted, whoever made this post is trash, though . . . "[ . . . ] fucks pornstars [ . . . ]." Gross. No one cares.
      Jhun00 19 jan
      smile 9 3
    • Trump could find the cure for cancer and people would still criticize him
      YeetTheFetus 19 jan
      smile 7 6
    • Obama got killed by the media for eating arugula... I think presidents in general get grilled for stupid shit. There’s definitely no problem with serving fast food lol
      BoobsForHire 18 jan
      smile 6 1
    • I dont play sports but im pretty sure the player's aren't allowed to eat that kind of stuff during the season. So after winning their form of a Super Bowl they can eat what they want. And if it was me, I'd choose that over a fancy steak meal or something
      TJCDrums 18 jan
      smile 6
    • Neoma 18 jan
      smile 11
    • i’m not a big fan of trump, but i don’t see the problem with getting them fast food. isn’t that what they wanted?
      xXmegXx 18 jan
      smile 6
    • I hope the food was hot. Mcdonalds food have a half life of 10 seconds
      CamTheMan402 18 jan
      smile 6 2
    • If Obama had done this you guys would be saying it's the most ghetto shit ever.
      BitchPudding 18 jan
      smile 6 17
    • So.. I'm not a trump supporter or anything but... Y'all know that they even said that they really liked it right? Plus he paid for it out of pocket since there was no catering
      PhotoComment 18 jan
      smile 7
    • “Our billionaire president who fucks pornstars” dude I fucking love America
      NCBuckets 18 jan
      smile 6
    • Last three president didn't even get them food. Trump couldn't use the White House kitchen and asked them what the needed-- Not to mention: HE PAYED FOR IT OUT OF POCKET.
      fuckofftodd 18 jan
      smile 6 4
    • CNN: McDonald’s is white supremacy
      Bannables 18 jan
      smile 6 2
    • This was a double blade sword on trump, he could of got a high cost meal, lobster and steak but the media would have a field day becasue government shutdown and some workers not being payed and cant feed there family, give the man a break
      Christmasss 18 jan
      smile 6 1
    • i fuck with McDonald’s and that’s probably the most patriotic thing i do for my country
      Lorcet 18 jan
      smile 6
    • I would rather eat big Mac with DT then Filet Mignon with H Clinton or Obama
      smile 6
    • If you hate Trump it’s because your mama is big ass liberal who is disappointed that you didn’t choose gender neutrality.
      lornadoones 18 jan
      smile 6 40
    • Hahaha i hate trump but honestly lay off him for the fast food. That’s dope and the most endearing thing about him
      EpiclyBoring 18 jan
      smile 6
    • There is literally zero reason to get mad at him over this.
      Classic50s 18 jan
      smile 6
    • I don’t give a shit who’s offering me tons of McDonald’s for free I’m taking it and ima he happy
      smile 6
    • Garfiere 18 jan
      smile 6
    • Grunhold 18 jan
      smile 6
    • I would much rather tell my grandkids I ate fast food at a White House dinner with the president than some average dinner that’s been done hundreds of times.
      smile 7 1
    • If you ain’t an athlete, you wouldn’t understand the awesomeness of getting to cheat with a bunch of fast food
      Marcus110599 18 jan
      smile 6
    • College kids don't turn down free food
      Pandasu 18 jan
      smile 6 1
    • Disconnecting from politics to hate a person especially your president is despicable. A president I feel should be respected even you disagree with his politics. I respected the shit out of obama because being president is still a big deal to all of us and without us we make that job twice as hard.
      ForceThaPain 18 jan
      smile 9 15
    • He could cure cancer and they’d complain about overpopulation
      Kevin215 18 jan
      smile 8
    • Just a distraction from the fact that he does nothing as like 800,000 people fucking starve for a pointless piece of infrastructure that we wouldn’t even be able to properly maintain.
      bluefire8 18 jan
      smile 7 14
    • Imagine being the president of the United States and buying food for a football team and doing a nice thing, and then your nation shits on you for it. Genius.
      smile 7 2
    • Man if you think McDonald's is cheap your wrong as fuck! I've seen people just feed 4 people and spend more then $45.
      MemeWarrior 18 jan
      smile 6
    • Trump is doing an awesome job. I won't be surprised if he wins another term.
      smile 6 1
    • Again. Trump could give someone a 50lb piece of silver and people would rush to their defense because he didn't give them diamonds instead
      dlanod_pmurt 18 jan
      smile 8
    • Shit, I'd have a bigmac with Trump, forget all that fancy bullshit with 9 pieces of silverware and crystal glasses
      smile 6 1
    • Why are people upset about this again?
      smile 6 3
    • If Obama has done this y’all would absolutely not be on the same side
      smile 5 2
    • No its more just the fact it's been the longest government shutdown and his response is lemme give them mickie ds
      smile 7
    • Because liberal democrats have become professional victims who are offended by everything and have been whiny little bitches about everything Trump does because they’re still salty Hillary lost. They don’t care about hypocrisy or double standards.
      dknollRX7 21 jan
      smile 10 6
    • To be honest, I'm sure these college kids enjoyed their meal.
      smile 5
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