• If yall having a bad dayjust letting yall know my co-worker got his prostate exam and when the doc touched his prostate he nutted immediately and fell down knocking over some equipment
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    • “No homo” - God as he put the male gspot in the ass
      Kyle737 15d
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    • He says "my co-worker" but we know damn well it was you
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    • The doctor nutted, not the guy
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    • Day 358 without sex: went to the doctors today...
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    • Who nutted though!?! Him or the doc!?!
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    • smile 1.6K 15
    • This dude nutted during a prostate exam making him tonight’s biggest loser
      Noglett 15d
      smile 1.6K 28
    • That must be some good ass prostate for the doctor to nut right just from touching it
      smile 923 10
    • Did the patient or the doctor violently cum and knock over equipment
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    • This is not something a coworker would be likely admit. Do you have something you’d like to share?
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    • There’s not much a haven’t masturbated to
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    • When I had my prostate exam I had a really nice doctor. He smiled and said “go ahead and take your pants off” and When I asked where to put them, he said “just set them over there next to mine”
      ccook21 15d
      smile 767 21
    • Do you say thank you or do you apologize?
      smile 586 11
    • Damn. The best and worst nut he’ll likely never have again.
      smile 440 4
    • I heard of something similar. He was so embarrassed. Dr said it happens all the time. But now dude wants to be pegged in the butt or have a dildoe in his butt. Wife won't have sex with him anymore.
      smile 365 6
    • You would think a prostate doctor could do an exam without busting a nut. Smh.
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    • Wait... who nutted and fell? Him or the doctor?????
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    • This doesnt specify who nutted
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    • I can't figure out how my doctor checks my prostate, but still manages to keep both hands on my waist..... Mind boggling 🙇💬
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    • Wait. The guy or the doctor?
      jmacha 13d
      smile 154 2
    • When the Doctor is checking your prostate but you see both his hands on your shoulders.
      smile 133 3
    • Hey doc, can you take off your ring? That’s not my ring that’s my watch...
      _WAR 14d
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    • When youre getting your prostate checked by the doctor but you feel both is hands on your shoulds
      smile 122 4
    • When you have a prostate exam on the last day of November
      smile 99
    • It’s all good unless the Dr’s hands are holding ur shoulders
      smile 67
    • I remember my first prostate exam, it was all fine until he put both hands on my shoulders
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    • Poor doctor, he probably didn’t expect to nut so fast from touching another mans prostate
      Jinice 12d
      smile 28 2
    • The doctor nutting everywhere is very unprofessional and could lead to a law suit
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    • So he went to work the next day and was like “Yeah so I came during my prostate” Like wtf no one asked Jerry
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    • Here's the rest fellas
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    • smile 19 2
    • The face after the insertion
      smile 18
    • And niggas be like “bro how could a dude like being fucked in the butt”
      smile 18
    • I mean he busted a nut, doesnt sound like a bad day at all
      smile 15
    • Every time my dad came home from the doctor when I was young he was always look depressed af, like he had been defeated. I asked him why one time and he said’ “getting older is really degrading”
      smile 15 1
    • Guys are so uptight about butt stuff but you’ve basically been given a clitoris you refuse to use. The forbidden clit
      smile 16 3
    • Does it feel that good? Cause nigga I ain’t gay but jackin off startin to get old
      smile 15 12
    • so you’re telling me that when porn ads say “this will make you cum instantly” they’re talking about a prostate exam?
      smile 15
    • Imma need the number for that doctor and a pillow to break my fall
      BDC91 13d
      smile 14
    • This is why its important to masturbate... prevents accidental discharges like this
      smile 14
    • Hol up who nutted the doc or the coworker
      smile 16 5
    • TravieC 14d
      smile 14
    • Homosexuality: UNLOCKED
      smile 14
    • I heard a dude say on a podcast that when he donated sperm they gave him 2 options: he does it himself or a nurse sticks her finger up your ass and touches a certain spot that makes you cum instantly. and I was like what the fuck
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    • When i went in for my prostate exam i asked the doctor where i could put my pants he said right next to mine.
      smile 13
    • Imagine being secretly gay for years only to have a doctor expose you at your prostate exam.
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    • Don't you hate it when you're in the middle of a prostate exam and you realize both of your doctors hands are on your shoulders
      smile 13 3
    • So what did the co-worker do?! Doesn’t sound like a professional doctor, nutting during an exam like that...
      smile 13
    • You think the doc would be able to last a little bit longer
      smile 13 1
    • "when you getting a prostate exam and feel both of the doctor's hands on your shoulders"
      smile 13 3
    • First time I've actually laughed out loud at a featured meme in forever
      smile 13
    • This is how he felt
      smile 12
    • Sounds like the beginning of a gay porno 😏
      feeth 14d
      smile 12 1
    • Was it the doctor or the co-worker that nutted?
      smile 12
    • What do you expect when someone has a full fist grabbing your prostate
      smile 12
    • The doctor nutted and fell? Happened to me too... gotta hate the two hands on your shoulder when getting checked.
      smile 12
      smile 12 8
    • Otherwise known as Thursday at my house
      smile 12 1
    • The definition of a bad day: Prostate exam and then you feel both hands on your shoulders.
      smile 12 1
    • That’s why I don’t shove things up my butt. I’m afraid I’ll like it
      smile 13 12
    • Leave it to God to put a mans g spot in his ass and make it a sin to be gay.
      smile 13
    • Bruh I don’t know what’s worse: getting forced to but by your doctor or causing another man to spontaneously bust
      Jausin 15d
      smile 12
    • The prostate is the male g spot. Whatever almighty power put it in your ass laughs at your fragile heterosexuality.
      smile 16 9
    • What a very unprofessional thing for the doctor to do
      smile 12
    • Him or the doctor?
      smile 12 3
    • Who’s ready to see dancing anime girl at end of features again!
      smile 14 3
    • who's having the bad day here, the doctor or the patient?
      smile 11
    • Good job, u made that co-workers’ day even worse by posting his incident on the internet.
      smile 11 1
    • Doc: I found your prostate. Patient: How do you know? Doc: Because I nutted. Patient: What?!?! Doc: What?
      smile 11
    • Who nutted? The coworker or the doctor
      smile 11
    • Shit fellas maybe we need to reconsider these females
      smile 11 2
    • Oh mannnnn I was worried about my doctor one day putting his hand up my bum hole now I gotta worry about accidentally sheet sneezing in the room
      smile 11
    • He learned a lot about himself that day. Also after he fell the doctor said “Are you ok sir” and the patient screamed back “ITS MA’AM!!”
      smile 13
    • I want my prostate massaged now
      smile 11 1
    • smile 12 1
    • 50 million gay men can’t be wrong
      smile 11 2
    • The doctor knew EXACTLY what he was doing.
      smile 11 1
    • You guys are all flipping shit about the guy having a fetish for anal or him being gay but little beknown the males g spot is actually located near the prostate, what happened is the doctor accidentally touched the g spot instantly making the co worker orgasm. Could happen to y’all so enjoy 🙃
      smile 15 3
    • When you say "your coworker" but your really talking about yourself and not admitting it.
      smile 11
    • When the doc gives you a prostate exam but both his hands are on the table
      smile 12
    • I remember when Murr was Tonight's Big Loser
      smile 10
    • Why does he know this about his coworker....? 🤭
      a4ty 11d
      smile 11 1
    • They found the male g-spot
      smile 11 2
    • Same thing happened to me at the dentist
      smile 10 3
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