• If the United States in debt why don‘t we just sell the states nobody gives a shit about like Wyoming and Iowa
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    • Prometheus
      You cant sell what doesn’t exist
      Prometheus 14 jan
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    • Im_Lying_To_You
      Wyoming is fake tho
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    • Screaming_Eagles
      Naw sell Cali, it's really expensive and full of Democrats
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    • zachclay
      I think you mean southern California and New York
      zachclay 14 jan
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    • LumpyEggs
      Iowa squad?🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
      LumpyEggs 15 jan
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    • Barry_McCocner
      All in favor of selling California, like here
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    • EyeQueue
      Iowa is under appreciated. Bruh we save billions of lives with our corn and soy deals with China. We make stupid amounts of money off of corn and soy.
      EyeQueue 15 jan
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    • varangian1066
      Sell California
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    • robrobotspark
      But we got corn. And Wyoming doesn't exist tf
      robrobotspark a month
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    • Retr0128
      Id sell California because it’s so fucking dirty with all the celebrities and bullshit so let’s just sell it to the dirty Mexicans again
      Retr0128 a month
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    • Peace_Through_Chaos_
      I think you meant California
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    • IntricatePyramids
      California needs to go, sorry 🤷‍♀️
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    • punslayer69696969
      Y’all need us Iowans if y’all want to eat
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    • poisonedpoet
      Could always sale California. They always brag about how rich it is. Even if they have poor people camped on the streets by the hundreds.
      poisonedpoet 15 jan
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    • bullshit_alexa
      How about just get rid of Cali since it’s the worst fucking territory in the world
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    • Homedog1056
      Sell fucking liberal California and New York
      Homedog1056 15 jan
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    • asdfasdf834
      Sell Iowa and you all starve
      asdfasdf834 15 jan
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    • Nachtmara1911
      I'd be ok with losing California. All it does is whine and bitch, and then catch on fire.
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    • Cyrulz93
      Listen here you little shit this country is nothing without all the states. Except California fuck Cali. Iowa produces a shit ton of pork, corn, and soybeans basically were the reason you have bacon and ethanol
      Cyrulz93 15 jan
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    • Jerserph
      Alright listen here don’t talk shit about Iowa
      Jerserph a month
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    • Alfriggy
      Wyoming has yellowstone in it though, the first National park. Sell Florida
      Alfriggy a month
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    • SMOrc
      Actually, we should be selling off California because it is broke and receiving more than it gives
      SMOrc 18 jan
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    • fictional_quotes
      Because Iowa runs 75% of the farming that feeds your dumbass
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    • cobrajetm80
      Sell California first
      cobrajetm80 17 jan
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    • Offbrand_Chief
      Yeah, because Iowa definently isn't your corn capital or anything, right?
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    • Lordofanimetiddys
      Sell California that place is a liberal shit show. Well that and the fact it’s an insurance hazard
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    • Monachi
      Iowa produces more corn than any country in the world shits cash
      Monachi 16 jan
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    • I_NoSc0pedJFK
      Fuck You Iowa rocks
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    • SirWilsonBarnabus
      No, sell the commie ones like New York and California
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    • bissell740
      Leave Iowa alone
      bissell740 15 jan
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    • Me____
      And merge North and South Dakota into MegaKota
      Me____ 15 jan
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    • billy_boy123
      U mean California
      billy_boy123 15 jan
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    • THESORROW619
      California, sell that shit back to mexico
      THESORROW619 15 jan
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    • dumb1uck
      You Misspelled California and New York
      dumb1uck 15 jan
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    • Inferno54
      Because Iowas armories produce a ton of your nation's military weaponry, as well as the largest supplier of Corn, Soybeans, Pork, Fodder, and Grain Product. Learn your place.
      Inferno54 15 jan
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    • GrainGang
      No more corn for you you ungrateful bitch
      GrainGang 15 jan
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    • Lilkuhn44
      Iowa is the most important state.. lmao, good fucking luck feeding the United States without us. We also have the first vote in primaries in elections.
      Lilkuhn44 15 jan
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    • _wildabeast_
      Bruh I live in Iowa and I’m LIVID
      _wildabeast_ 15 jan
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    • smelly_ass_memez
      Hey whoah whoah, im from Iowa and we dont take kind to Gay ass Californians talking about us like that
      smile 7 reply 3
    • JeanPaulRodriguez
      California for a shiny quarter
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    • DonkinDunnts
      Hey fuck off Iowa’s a great state sell california
      DonkinDunnts 15 jan
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    • _Paul
      All in favor of California say aye.
      _Paul 15 jan
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    • BecauseScrewLogic
      Sell California, the cost of doing anything there is so high it would pay a chunk of the debt and it would get rid of Cali, so a win-win
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    • UlfricJenkins
      California and Florida*
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    • LanceCarleton
      And ones everyone hates like california
      LanceCarleton a month
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    • BTheWo1f
      Wyoming is amazing. Let’s sell California, buy Mexico, flip it, and sell it back to Spain boom debt solved
      BTheWo1f a month
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    • swamp_daddy
      Sell California so we can get rid of half of the Libtard and Queerbag community
      swamp_daddy a month
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    • PrinceShelly
      As someone from Iowa I can confirm
      PrinceShelly a month
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    • jack_van
      Don’t forget California we don’t want the libtards either
      jack_van 18 jan
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    • Bull_Moose
      How about California?
      Bull_Moose 17 jan
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    • thatoneguythatUdontlike
      Cuz Iowa was ranked the best overall state my dude
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    • EsaWithCats
      We should just sell DC, so we dont have to deal with anymore adult childs
      EsaWithCats 16 jan
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    • HEF_BOMB
      California is worthless now. Nobody wouod buy it. Its like trying to sell a game to Gamestop
      HEF_BOMB 16 jan
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    • MarvelousMar
      FUCK THAT ! Sell California!
      MarvelousMar 16 jan
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    • brainblaster43
      How about California. Just sell them and solve 2 problems at once
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    • Gannicus_
      And California
      Gannicus_ 15 jan
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    • TheOneThatGoobs
      To be honest sell indiana no gives a fuck about indiana
      smile 5 reply 2
    • manof8bit
      Hope you don’t like eating fat boy. Iowa is the number 1 producer of corn and number 2 in pork we feed the majority of the nation asshole
      manof8bit 15 jan
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    • __JJ_
      Sell California. We can be free of its problems
      __JJ_ 15 jan
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    • Spudork
      Could we sell California instead, they are a huge financial and social drain
      Spudork 15 jan
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    • GhostyBro
      Iowa’s actually kind of a nice state.
      GhostyBro 15 jan
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    • STEV3
      You mean California?
      STEV3 15 jan
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    • payton1p
      Bitch Iowa provides your bacon bitch #iowaproud
      payton1p 15 jan
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    • _Lil_danny
      Y’all can suck my iowan cob
      _Lil_danny 15 jan
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    • StoneWhale17
      *me, an Iowan* muthafucka
      StoneWhale17 15 jan
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    • Lalatina
      Sell ohio, leave Iowa out of this
      Lalatina 15 jan
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    • PiercePhillips99
      I live in Iowa
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    • Crow_Of_Judgement
      You underestimate us Iowans, we have fuckin corn whips, cob guns and some heavy machinery
      smile 5 reply 4
    • xFadedPandax
      Get rid of California
      xFadedPandax 15 jan
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    • red_duck
      let's drop California
      red_duck 15 jan
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    • DarkTypeLover
      No. Sell California. We don’t need those little fuckers. Atlanta is the new Hollywood anyways.
      smile 5 reply 7
    • giraffeoafrica
      You misspelled California
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    • Trashy_Mute_main
      *cough* California
      smile 5 reply 5
    • Melon_Wizard
      I too would like to throw away agriculture states that keep well over half the country fed
      Melon_Wizard 15 jan
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    • Tapir
      You mean California
      Tapir 15 jan
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    • GeauxBeaux
      How many people actually forgot there was even a Wyoming. I wonder what other states I’ve forgotten about
      GeauxBeaux 15 jan
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    • Marksmen244
      Iowa produces most your food assholes we'll starve you
      Marksmen244 15 jan
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    • mtvasg
      I’d like to sell New York, New Jersey, California, and specific shithole cities as well, so, great idea!
      mtvasg 15 jan
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    • EthanWing
      Iowa has the richest soil in the US you unagricultural swine
      EthanWing 15 jan
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    • Blink8533
      Sell California, they already want to go!
      Blink8533 15 jan
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    • realshit
      Iowans rise up
      realshit 15 jan
      smile 6 reply 2
    • ConnorRouse
      Listen here bitch iowa has a vast supply of corn which can be used for ammo, so when ww3 starts good luck when you run out of ammo and iowas not there.
      ConnorRouse 15 jan
      smile 5
    • GaunterODimm
      Sell California too. We wouldn’t miss California. Sure, Hollywood is there, but that’s it, really.
      GaunterODimm 15 jan
      smile 5 reply 2
    • PuppyPage
      California should be the first sold.
      PuppyPage 15 jan
      smile 6
    • Gibby421
      Iowa people represent
      Gibby421 15 jan
      smile 5
    • bevans8293
      I'd say let's sell Cali, but who'd want to buy shit?
      bevans8293 15 jan
      smile 5 reply 1
    • TheKnightLover
      Please, take California
      smile 5
    • Swampfox05
      Sell California is not even American anymore
      Swampfox05 15 jan
      smile 5 reply 1
    • D20Bloodhunter
      You like corn, Iowa has the corn! You like bacon, sausage, any pork product, Iowa has the pigs! You like the national debt not climbing even faster than it already is, Iowa exports the excess of these products to other countries which provides a source of national income! IOWA!!!
      smile 5
    • Hellsverg
      Wtf is Wyoming.
      Hellsverg 14 jan
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    • Hey_guys
      Hey! No one gives a shit about Ohio!
      Hey_guys 14 jan
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    • theincrediblechicano
      We could sell Indiana and North Dakota for a two for one sale I mean what even happens in those two states
      smile 4
    • a_a_ron5592
      How about California and Ohio
      a_a_ron5592 a month
      smile 4 reply 1
    • get_head_and_eat_lead
      Without Iowa, slipknot would not exist
      smile 4
    • good_gamer
      Let sell are worst states like California
      good_gamer a month
      smile 4 reply 2
    • gaaraishere
      Or California
      gaaraishere a month
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    • dabofjuice123
      I live in Iowa
      dabofjuice123 a month
      smile 4 reply 4
    • cpusandstuff
      fuck you sincerely iowa
      cpusandstuff a month
      smile 4 reply 1
    • APackOfCamelsUnfiltered
      We'd sell California but the only people who want that dumpster fire are like-minded commies that don't have money
      smile 4
    • lanespoop
      lanespoop 17 jan
      smile 4
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