• If imma be honest, I've
kind of changed
thoughts on Grant
Gustin a bit. After
rewatching the flash
(well sort of, used it as
white noise while I
played games Imo) and
listening a bit of
interviews with Grant
and shit, I honestly don't
think he's as bad an
actor as many (including
myself) have made him
out to be.
Yes, his perfomance on the flash is not always that great,
but that's what I want to get into. Learning more and more
about how the CW films their programs, has made me
become aware of just how badly these DC TV shows
direct their actors. The only specific example I can
explicitly remember is Stephen Amell discussing Crisis,
and how dogshit his first death scene was. Now I thought
his perfomance here wasn't even all that bad all things
considered, not GREAT, but better than he had been
doing. But here's the thing, due to a bunch of on set
"complications", the scenes Stephen acted through in
these moments, were without any of the other actors.
Flash, Canary, Mia, all of them were not in the room. If
yoy weren't aware of this, look back at the scene, stephen
and everyone else are never in the same shot.
Now, this is nothing new to filming anything. But there's
a ton of unearthed stories about the CW and how
they managed their actors. It's also not what I'm
addressing with Grant. Simply put, I think when Grant has
something to work with, he does a fine job. Season 1 he's
pretty charming, and when he needs to be emotional, he
does a damn fine job of it. I've defended this scene again
and again, but the moment where he gets to say goodbye
to his mom, still gets to me. Grant does a great job in
these moments. Because he has something to work with.
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    • “TLDR”, ok fine I’m saying Grant isn’t honestly as bad as I, and many others, claim he is. I think he’s just fine for what he’s in. Don’t think he’s the best actor in the world by any means, but I’ve just grown to feel that calling him bad for working with dogshit isn’t entirely fair.
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    • You’re 100% right and, now hear me out, I think this can also be applied to brenton thwaites. Dude has even said he doesn’t vibe with the dark and broody shit, and it’s easy to see. But toward season two when he was written like, well, Dick Grayson, he NAILED it imo. Titans has a decent cast but-
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    • Is Flash S1 worth rewatching?
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    • I’ve never gotten the hate on Grants acting. Most of his faults come from the shitty script he is handed. He’s no where near perfect, but he outshines just about everyone on his show by a wide margin
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    • Yeah I don't think his acting is terrible. His acting isn't what stopped me from watching the show or anything like that lol the cw shows are just ok for multiple reasons
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    • Definitely agree with you how they are pretty good actors with dog shit writing and direction. Pizza face honestly wasn’t even that bad tbh (as far as the acting for it) I’m not even caught up I think I have like 2 seasons to watch. I don’t even know who the villains are lol he’s a good singer too
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    • How do you feel about melissa benoist ?
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