• Haha relay me
      Fanny 13d
      603 24
    • Idk what makes this less funny the caption or the picture
      743 122
    • I need it
      Tjs94 9d
    • Me being a Canadian, loves the idea of this bed
    • Thatd be hot
    • My feet just got sweaty and started sticking to the sheets.
    • Velvet von black!!
    • It would have to be 40 degrees for me to sleep in that
    • Fuck it I’d love it so much
    • Its to danm hot
    • It's for Canada
    • But imagine. If you set the temp to like 53°F and hid under here. It would be bomb asf.
    • Just noticed Diane's profile pic is a character from Rob zombie's animated film the tales of el superbeasto
    • I thought I saw cats
    • I'm just in Australia
    • I would love that so much in the winter. My cat would, too. She likes the fuzzy blankets
    • Look like its mad of ball sacks
    • If you have a bed like this your room better be freezing
      Billith 12d
    • I got static from looking at this picture
    • Id sleep naked on top of the shit, yuss
    • My feet would still be cold
    • Two types of people
    • Fr that looks uncomfortable
    • Why this person would not leave this bed is because they would die of dehydration
    • dream bed
    • How many teddy bears have to be sacrificed???? 🧸 ☠️
    • Itd have to be like 60 degrees in that bitch
    • I live in Ireland. Where can I buy this? It's currently mid 40f but feels like 32
    • Stick your hands and feet out the sheets and you wouldn’t be to hot, so that’d be pretty nice
    • Id leave that bed immediatley, no id just never go on. my body temperature alone is too warm to just casually sit on this bed and say "oohh comfy" before starting to sweat. Yes i know disgusting
    • Even if your room was -30° that bed would still be too hot
    • Ik turning on fan just because of that picture
    • I’m sweating too because I just got out of gym
    • Legit the first thing I thought of
      yaboia 12d
    • 2 types of people
    • I love big heavy blankets like that but my room has to be cold
    • Northerners vs southerners
    • How many doggos died to make this
    • Sleep in a bear if u willing to buy that jesus
    • I don’t get it
    • Maybe when it’s really really cold in the house and outside and you just found a new Netflix series, you’re home alone, you have plenty of snacks and drinks, and it’s been a long hard day at school/work. hell yea
    • This won't make me sweat I sleep with 6 big ass blanket
    • Okay hear me out tho winter time
    • Yeah you’ll be sweating IN the bed
    • That's why you sleep naked
    • Only sleeping in that if the ac is cranked
    • My room better be below 40 if I’m sleeping in this shit
    • It would be great to sleep in but horrible to have sex in
    • I have some fleece sheets and they’re heavenly in the winter. Best present ever
    • The pillows look like bits of the cinnamon toast crunch cereal.
    • Cold room with a thick comforter is way better than a warm room and a thick comforter that leads to sweating, change my mind
    • Looks absolutely comfy♥️♥️♥️♥️
    • I'm also getting static shocks
    • Im sweating bc my micro econ class is fucking hot as dick and we aint even half full
    • Is that velvet von black?
    • I have a comforter like that. It’s the nicest, softest thing ever until your body oils and sweat ruins it and it’s never the same even after washing it.
    • I turn the ac and fan on full blast but i still have big fluffy blanket. I'd love this shit
    • I cannot sleep when I'm hot. I have to have 3 layers of blankets, the ac on 71, and my ceiling fan on high.
    • If it’s cold af then yes otherwise nein
    • Sleep *Intensifies*
    • I think I put the wrong sock on. It’s feeling a little crispy.
    • I’d only be able to sleep if it was like 60 degrees
      ashdsm 12d
    • I have this
    • You left it to take the picture tho...
    • I hate being warm and hot but I love being wrapped in a blanket. I need a ice cold blanket man
    • But it's a good sweat
    • That bed would kill me
    • My cats would never get off that
    • You ever just miss the like button then try again but just copy it to your clip board?
    • Still only sleeps with just one fan
    • Im sweating rn because of damn Florida weather. Humid and hot
    • Some of us have jobs
    • But just imagine sleeping in that shit in the winter. Just take the shits off when summer comes around
    • Bitch your how did you get those pictures
    • Not if ya got a cold room and fans
      dale88 12d
    • My two thoughts while in bed.
    • I would never leave any bed
    • here’s how it goes, two fans, one ceiling for actual coldness and one box fan pointing to the wall for white noise, then blankets go in this order, fleece top sheet, a sorta fuzzy but not fuzzy blanket bc it would get too hot, and then a thin quilt. thank you for coming to my ted talk
    • Maybe if I lived in northern Scandinavia yeah but not when it gets over 70 degrees
    • Because you would die of heat exhaustion or dehydration
    • Needs some foot slits for easy piggie ventilation.
      bcaapi 12d
    • I live in the damn center of the us and we have extremes for summer and winter and I still sweat on Egyptian cotton in the middle of the winter fuck that shit
    • Northerners vs southerners
    • That would be perfect! If you kept your room at.like 55°...
      grue 12d
      1 1
    • My wife bought a comforter like that. It was hell.
    • Lol I'm in bed right now using the same blanket. I keep my place at 64 with a fan on and it makes the bed a dream, but it can get hot.
    • i'm getting itchy
    • fuzzy pillows are whack
      Davvv 12d
    • I want that so bad but at the same time i know I’m gonna she’s a few pounds from sweating
    • If you have fans all around you I could see it being comfortable
    • How tf can people have big ass quilts
    • That bed, with like 12 fans pointed at it would be the coziest thing ever.
      Crow27 12d
    • the duality of man
      zbaka 12d
    • Is that made out of Labrador?
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