• Yo what is this?
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    • A little too relatable
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    • For all my fellow weebs, the anime is called: “I want to eat your pancreas” < I know it’s a funny ass title but I swear that’s what it is. Cause anime that’s why
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    • Fun fact this anime is called “I Want To Eat Your Pancreas”.
    • This is a great anime ( Kimi no Suizou wo tabetai or I want to eat your pancreas) I recommend watching the trailer before watching because it pretty much sets the stage
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    • “I Want To Eat Your Pancreas” a misleading title, but a surprisingly real and emotional movie. Like so I can get my weeb tc
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    • I don’t like the anime where like 5 anime girls all want this one average ass dude. “Relatable”?
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    • Got a date with an asian qt on Thursday myself wish me luck bois
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    • Bro im fucked up i just finished that movie bro
      wlan 20d
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    • Shut up you have friends you just wanna feel sorry for yourself
      T0MAT0 20d
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    • Thought it was called “I want to eat your princess” and then I thought that wasn’t correct so I read again and it’s called “I want to eat your pancreas”. Now I’m questioning life
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    • I’m in this image and I don’t like it
    • Boku no pico is the name of the anime. Like so others can see
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    • Yes I can relate to the magic ninjas throwing up gang signs
      im_scum 20d
    • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. She has pancreatic cancer and it gets really sad. 10/10
      Waifi 20d
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    • If the person is really in love, you don’t need money. Being with them brings light into their day. They’ll enjoy you for who you are. I mean, but them some chocolate now and then and do something special every so often to make them extremely happy, but still.
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    • I wish I can buy a girlfriend,I don’t want sex or nudes or any of that horse shit, I just want her to tell me what am really not and tells me everything will be alright. But that will never happen because it won’t be real, I will just sleep and dive in my dreams because that’s the closest it can get
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    • you guys serious? i get the “i cant”, but “i dont want to”? seriously? ik it takes time (and money) to cultivate a relationship and make it work, but the end result is so worth it. not that i would know ;-;
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    • Anime is " i wanna eat your pancreas" the girl is dying btw
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    • I said that to a friend once and he said,”No it isn’t.” But he only saw shows like Dragon Ball and One Piece. I showed him a slice of life anime and he asked,”How come American shows centered towards youth sucks?” I was just like,”Right!?”
    • My gf just recently broke up with me. She is the only girl in the entire school that gave me attention. Guess I'll die alone now
      yarnaM 21d
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    • “Hey,stop complaining and do something about your problems “ “I can’t I have self diagnosed anxiety “
    • Fuuuuck no that shit was sad af
    • Usually when a girl asks if you want to get a girlfriend, she's dropping hints that she wants the dick.
      Lcdude 20d
    • A girl and a guy sitting 5 feet apart cuz they're both gay
    • Anyone know any animes dealing with real life regular stuff rather than fantasy themes. Something like this picture.
      Greco60 20d
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    • I'm in this picture and I don't like it.
    • content not available more
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    • Sauce
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    • anime is wanting to see sakura and hinata get fucked ;)
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    • I just dont think i could hold a relationship after shit that the first two put me through
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    • For all the people wondering for the sauce it's "I want to eat your pancreas." Weird title but a good movie.
      Hikki 21d
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    • I watch it because it’s funny and has good ass fight scenes
    • Anime is dumb. Change my mind
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    • Saw this in theaters and yes. I cried in the theater.
      Maikai 21d
    • It's a movie literally called " I want to ear your pancreas" it's G8
      Solooo 21d
    • Sauce?
      Ketto 21d
      3 2
    • Is The Dragon Prince an anime? Even if it’s not, y’all should still watch it. It was created by the writers of Avatar TLA and has a fascinating story and amazing characters! You can watch it on Netflix!
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    • Movie is called “I want to eat your pancreas” like so others can see.
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    • this anime was sad. and the twist at towards the end got me fucked up
    • i’m in this photo and i don’t like it
    • Hentai: "Why dont you get a gf?" "Why should I when I have a sister..." 🤔🤫
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    • Isn’t this that anime that has beautiful animation but has a stupid name about a Pancreas?
      Tita 20d
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    • Bro watch NHK
      sealilo 20d
    • I am in this pic and I dont like it xD
    • Dude that hits hard. A lot of my friends have sort of left me behind at this point, but it was semi consensual. Thankfully nobody here knows who I am irl so I can share this I guess lmao. High schoolers suck
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    • I once dated a girl in high school and i didn’t know her last name until after i dumped her 3 weeks later
      68yesac 20d
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    • Hey guys just some advice my girlfriend loves my perviness. Tell some girls some pervy shit like how you'd like to see them in just panties and a t shirt. Many girls like that shit and if they don't, move on until you find a girl that does. They're out there. Until next time bros
      2 20
    • I feel attacked
    • "I want to eat your pancreas" is it's name no joke
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    • How am i supposed to eat this without any damn sauce?
      2 3
    • Isn't this I want to eat your pancreas?
      Hoodelz 20d
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    • Razz 20d
    • Haha especially the fucking your little sister part haha
    • I'm in this post and I don't like it
    • I'm in this picture and I don't like it
    • Anime name?
    • First thing, a girl over at my house it's not relatable. Let alone somebody over at my house playing video games with me
      Baimmu 21d
      3 1
    • Tim1024 21d
    • A girl in my bedroom? playing video games with me? The 5 feet apart seems alright tho
    • I cannot believe i want to eat your pancreas got featured, hell yea its an amazing movie
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    • I'm in this picture and I don't like it
      Blopp 21d
    • ‘I’m in this picture and I don’t like it’
      ty808ty 21d
    • If it was relatable he wouldn’t have a girl in his room
    • *report picture* I’m in this photo and I don’t like it
    • I mean, bro is honest. Got a chick in his room and aint gonna try. Respect.
    • You literally have a girl sitting next to you in your house playing games together. Ya hypocrite.
      lanoo 21d
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    • What i love about anime is, that there is an endless amount of them. You have those with superpowers and then just these relatable ones and think: oh another anime again
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    • Anime: I want to eat your pancreas. Very heartwarming and bring tissues for tears later on if u plan to watch
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    • Im in this photo and i dont like it
      Concept 21d
    • I'm 19 and I just want my first gf.
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    • Movie called "I want to eat your pancreas"
      _Akuma 21d
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