• I was wondering if spider-man's spider sense is based on an actual thing spiders can do so I googled "can spiders sense danger" and the national wildlife federation treated me like the dumbass I am
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    • CrashBandiclit
      Spiders can indeed sense their environment. They feel minute changes in the airwaves around the hairs in their legs similar to how bats use sonar to see their environment. Spiders can also sense the tiniest movements in their webs which alerts them to the entrapment of flies and other insect prey
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    • Trust_The_Process76
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    • itsrealagain
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    • pfung06
      Since humans don’t have eyes in the back of their head and spiders have more than two eyes, maybe spider sense is like giving spiderman “eyes in the back of his head”
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    • The_King_of_Chefs
      Actually, spiders have very very very fine hairs on their joints that can detect the movement of air particles around it up to around a foot or so. It gives them a heads up for stuff moving towards it. Their coarser hairs also detect vibrations in the ground for up to a mile in ideal conditions.
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    • TheKingLerp
      It's not that, spiders have body hair like us except there's thousands of times more per square centimeter or however much area. So they can feel the slightest changes in air pressure, so basically anything moving near them.
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    • onesmolsmiley
      Actually the full thing reads "You probably expected that. But that’s not all: their most important source of information about the world and its hazards comes from highly sensitive hairs that cover the bodies of most spiders."
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    • Trumpalicious
      They actually do have spider sense, the hairs on their bodies are extremely sensitive to changes in the air so it could detect things moving behind them without looking
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    • DobisP
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    • Dick_lips
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    • WinterPunisher
      I think they might have other warning systems, i know they can sense small vibrations so there is so truth to it
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    • martialgod
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    • BIockedAndReported
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    • you_are_mom_gay
      MJ died in the comics from Spider-Man’s radioactive cum
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    • Marinesmigis
      Actually some scientist on YouTube did some research on this and found that their hairs are so sensitive that they react to disturbances in the air from a fly. When scaled up to human size, it’s the equivalent to feeling your friend wave at you from multiple feet away
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    • Swakista
      ((They use their hair do detect movements from the air around them))
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    • CH1408
      The pain in Peters head is likely his other 6 eyes buried in his skull trying to look around for danger.
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    • WatuhBoy
      I just want to thank Ifunny and all the users. You guys have been with me on the journey whether you like it or not. I thought i would always be a loner, a grouchy little shit. Yall changed it. With your bullshit comments or hilarious memes. Thank ya i found my soulmate and she uses ifunny too
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    • OverSiege
      Yo they reverted back to the smiling comments rather than upvoting and down voting
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    • FlameC64
      The 2002 Spider-Man movie probably explained the spider sense in the most realistic sense by portraying it as an extremely heightened sensory awareness/the god of all gut feelings rather than just psychic warnings
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    • justingale98
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    • KoSboi
      Spiders can detect vibrations in their web.. airflow and what not.. any change will alert them and they will be on edge
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    • fuge74
      the spider sense is based off if a few species that hunt via vibrations in the ground. e.i. trapdoor spider.
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    • shocshoes
      Spiders can feel pain before the pain actually occurs, in short a spider, if it were to be killed, would feel it happen before it actually does. That’s why Spider-Man was the only one who felt pain when everyone was turning to dust, because he was able to feel himself die in the moment before he did
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    • HSchuster
      Spiders have a much wider field of vision than humans and can sense small vibrations and air currents
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    • EarlDibblesJunior
      If spiders sense danger why did slammin my fist on one in the shower this mornin work
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    • link3347
      Spider man's spider sense is based on how spiders feel vibrations in their web from things caught in it. In the spider universe there's a web that acts kind of like the strings of fate and sensing danger comes from the web a sort of time telling ability.
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    • savrose0806
      I had never seen Spider-Man before till my bf got me to watch it. But when peter Parker was like losing his spider powers, I turned to my bf and said “He’s running out of spidey juice!!”
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    • _Skolas_Kell_of_kells_
      To be fair, they do have, like, eight eyes.
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    • dragonnuts0
      There are spiders that react so quickly that it raises the question of precognition but I think they are intelligent and experienced enough to perceive the next move of their attackers ; which is something I haven’t heard put forward but it seems a more likely answer
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    • Sinjester
      Spiders don't have a hearing mechanism, so they use the hairs on their legal to sense any changes in the air currents around them. The tiniest change will alert them.
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    • ChillchillT
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    • 40oz
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    • kathxrine
      i haven’t been on ifunny properly for a few years now and damn it’s dead dead
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    • DavidPrice
      Wish top comments had something to do with the fucking feature these days
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    • NfgMystic
      Spiders can actually feel air movements around 10-20 feet away allowing them to mobe out of the way of objoects moving twoards them
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    • MrSimplicity_
      Spiders actually have hairs on their legs that are sensors for danger, they use them to detect any change in air pressure caused by a moving object or predator/prey
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    • imanidiot
      I wanna see the rest of the page tho XD
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    • ThatWhiteboy1
      Some spiders can sense vibrations on the ground, when their legs are contracted by microscopic amounts. They are super sensitive
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    • R2Q5
      Where the fuck is the hyphen
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    • Crystalritz
      The rest of the sentence is, "You probably didn't know that, because you eat shit"
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    • vonreich
      Spiders have poor eyesight
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    • RoboNigga
      I think the sense comes from spiders having super sensitive hairs and they detect changes in wind pressure or something
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    • dragonshout62
      false. Most spiders are mostly blind and use vibrations to "see"
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    • OptimisticTree
      Susan needs to go away, I’m not into thots.
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    • RectalMuscles
      Can’t sense my shoe tho
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    • Not_a_human_being
      That spider was mutant so it might even have powers we don't know.
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    • Crabpeople
      Spiders can sense your fear and will jump on your face then crawl inside your ear and eat your brain
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    • Wook
      I get my news from PewNews
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    • PunchDownKing
      People do have an instinctual sort of “spider sense” i’m pretty sure. Or it could just be some few people because i just sort of know when my friend is about to sneak up on me as a joke or when i moved my head to crack my neck and a basketball missed my head from where it would’ve been.
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    • Animz
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    • GalvanizedErection
      Spiders build webs so that there's a specific strand that sends vibrations back to the spider so that they know what's touching the web. It's so precise that they can feel things before they even touch the web. Not exactly spider sense but interesting nonetheless.
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    • OmarTheMonkey
      They also have some really neat organs that can detect the smallest changes in wind so they do have a real life spider sense
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    • Greenperson47
      I watched an entire YouTube on it (Because Science) and as it turns out they have the most sensitive sensory organs of any other known creature on the planet which is more sensitive than you could ever possibly imagine. You should just watch the video
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    • MrJauneArc
      Some have hairs that can detect air moving near them, like say something swooping in or striking. So they can feel the air around them move and react to that instead of reacting to getting touched. That's what we call spidey sense
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    • blazegunnerzz
      Theres actually hairs on their body that can detect the most incredibly minute changes around them that it can be based on.
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    • Testsubject276
      To be fair, spiders have multiple eyes that look in multiple directions, so unless Peter mutates and grows extra eyes there's no other way to make it work. Perhaps spider DNA with access to a human brain cranked his spatial awareness to ten.
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    • BlackAdamnWarlock
      Its something call fucking hair, eyes and the ability to feel the vibration. Same as most bugs. They can also feel the shift in their webs
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    • BlueBerryWinters
      I just looked up that website and it actually says that
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    • oh_no_something_offensive
      They have these hairs on their legs and body used to detect things and some of those hairs can detect changes in the air when something gets close to them so yes spider sense is real
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    • CARNAG3
      Most spiders don’t see very well, they mostly use the hair on their legs to sense vibration
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    • Spongebob0
      I feel like twice the dumbass I read in my mind “E yes” 😂😂😂
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    • IAmMaddie
      that is such a smartass answer and i absolutely love it
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    • Tatoru
      Actually spiders can sense the air move around them with the hairs on their legs, that's why you see Spider-Man's hair stand up when his spider sense goes off in the movies.
      Tatoru 13d
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    • Calories
      The giant ass banana spider me and my buddy decided to blast with a 20 gauge Fire Shell for fuckin sure didn't sense that shit coming
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    • A_Baby_Ate_My_Dingo
      Most spiders have poor eyesight though. The spider sense comes from the idea that spiders always seem to know you’re about to squash them before you take a swing
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    • BigDave_TheManletKing
      They can also detect differences in air pressure with fine hairs to the degree that they could theoretically feel the random movements of molecules
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    • eKanye
      You now have the nigga pass thank me later
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    • Fluffy_Bananas_142
      Spiders, don't see very well but do rely heavily on all the other wonderful senses
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    • thisisastrawberry
      Spiders do have spider senses I’ve never killed a spider on the first hit
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    • ___SpassGhast___
      They can sense a lot of shit it’s really cool. Watch BecauseScience
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    • memeyewyew
      Imagine someone trying to come kill you and you get a massive migraine
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    • shatfish
      Spiders have shitty eyesight
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    • DarkEliteXY
      I have spider sense but I ignore it cuz I wanna die
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    • JesseLeePeterson
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    • idroid
      There's no such thing as a sixth sense, a sixth sense is like a third gender... Just saying
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    • Danny
      Anyone awake?
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    • Waffe
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