• Am I the only one who is stupid enough to think his grandparent made him use the chainsaw to put in his eyeliner?
      141 4
    • I hate his kind of people they are disgusting and unnatural. Their choice is horrible and I wish I never had to encounter them in my life. I would kick my child out of my house if he turned out like him. Android users are the worst am I right?
      163 30
    • Yall complain about furries and gays all fuckin day. But it's you little edgelord pieces of shit who have ruined this app.
      17 41
    • I feel like this is an unpopular opinion but could we please leave people like this guy who aren't doing any real harm to anybody alone for once
      12 2
    • I'm sorry you got featured because as you can tell, you're going to get a lot of homophobic comments
    • Why is everyone being mean to the gay guy??? You just are all just ..... fucking assholes 😎
      7 1
    • Why can’t the straight boys in the comments contain themselves
      6 2
    • Why does everyone hav ego be so hateful on this app...
    • I need a gay cabin :)
    • I knew this comment section would be an impressive display of homophobia but... Wow. So many people, so upset, simply because now they've been made aware that somebody they never have met and never will meet exist...
      6 7
    • You don't gotta be straight to enjoy using a chainsaw. Chainsaws are fucking awesome
      4 1
    • Gays are awesome.
    • ya'll ever find it funny that the majority of people on this app will laugh at jokes bout rape and murder and tons of other fucked up shit but gay?? nah. that's too far
    • I want me a buff lumberjack bf
      4 4
    • Why’s everyone so homophobic and horrible? This is funny lmao
      7 23
    • My favorite southern phrase is "you ever did see"
      satrok 21d
    • Last feature everyone acts like a anti smoking righteous right then come here to be anti gay
      3 1
    • I know some gay men who are manlier that Paul fuckin Bunyan
    • Like if you are going to love your child no matter what
      10 11
    • I can respect anyone that can make fun of their selves
      3 1
    • I mean whatever dude if you like a log in your cabin, do you.
      3 1
    • ass is ass, man, woman, trans & furry just bring that ass here
      3 1
    • Covert_ 21d
    • I’d make him join the wrestling team that’d be the last time he’s think about a big strong man on top of him
      4 1
    • Lol thats actually pretty good
    • You deserve death
    • Nice👍
      Memeus 21d
    • Makeup was invented for men
      2 3
    • There is nothing wrong with being gay. That is an indesputable fact. All those who wish to use government to restrict the individual liberty to have relationships with whichever consenting adult you wish are tyrants and deserve to be killed.
      4 21
    • "Thats a lot of wood"
    • Who cares. Let him be a gay furry. It doesnt affect you unless you're also gay
    • its kind of wholesome in a way
    • Maybe he was being supportive letting you be around all the wood you could want
    • I mean, I do like log cabins.
    • Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?
    • Why should it matter if he's gay or a furry why does it matter who he is as long as he is being who he feels inside and is being himself why the fuck should any of u idiots care God damn all of you people are hating on others just cuz they're not like you who gives a fuck
      sk50110 21d
      7 21
    • Wish the people of iFunny weren’t such bigots
      4 4
    • What’s with the homophobia like Christ
      3 1
    • Sounds like fun to me chainsaw beats using a machete an ax may still be fun though
    • Haha he's a fan of wood
    • I’m still gay but I can build a cabin would’ve sufficed
    • Can y’all stop with gay people, they are not hurting you or bothering you in any way just leave them alone. Fucking twats
      4 5
    • I'm very interested in what a gay log cabin looks like
      1 3
    • Well at least you got a dope ass skill now
    • Did Ray Gillette write this?
    • Gays like playing with wood, this is not new information
    • Bet he handled it like a man😂
    • You could say that he’s good with hard wood😂😂
    • Love this lol that cabin is gonna be fabulous.
    • you can be gay and still be a man
      1 1
    • All these anti gay fuckers will never have a romantic night in the best damn cabin you ever did see
    • Step grandpa???
      1 1
    • Bolson from Breath of the Wild
    • Gay
    • I thought this was going towards "grandpa said I should use this chainsaw for my eyeliner!"
      yayme 21d
    • fun fact theres a group of gay Republicans called the "log cabin republicans" and essentially their ideology is a life in the closet
    • What does being queer have to do with eyeliner?
      joeseed 18d
    • Time to have some sweet gay sex in a log cabin
      4 4
    • Uhhhhh I can’t lie I kinda want him to build one I’d find it interesting to see a gay log cabin
      2 1
    • Your STEP (emphasis on the word step) grandfather should have no say in what type of person you should be and can fuck off for trying to make you into something you’re not.
      1 2
    • That was pretty gay
      wtbwhi 21d
    • Yas queen!
    • Good cuz I’m all about morning wood
      1 2
    • Gay men are still men and should still be able to do manly things
      4 3
    • I thought he took the chainsaw to his eyeliner lmao
    • Wonder what he does with all that wood
    • At least he found a good job that day
    • More than half of this god damn comment section is just homophobes that want furries to be "euthanized" just because people enjoy being furries. Let people do what they like doing. It's like walking up to someone and saying,"Wow you like (insert random activity), you're a queer and I don't like it."
      2 4
    • So bad but so funny
    • The walls wouldn't be straight.
    • That’s fucking awesome lmao
    • I thought they meant, use a chainsaw for eyeliner
      BANKAl 21d
    • Hell yes
    • Y’all a bunch of homophobes
      hotfush 21d
      3 7
    • *ahem* fag
    • m o o d
    • Hell yeah.
    • I’ve seen that tweet several times now, but that added line got me.
    • Nice
    • I feel this
    • Thats a lot of damage
    • They where at a con I was at last weekend, they’re fucking tall
    • When a plan backfires
    • Lol that’s great. My brother’s boyfriend is the same way. He’s a correction’s officer and he is the manliest gay man you will ever meet
    • I bet that just made him like "wood" even more
    • I'm sure the interior design would be outstanding as well
    • Im... Im interested to see what a gay log cabin looks like
    • Hey, what's up with their pfp?
    • Monty python lumber jack song
    • Your a lumber "jack"
    • That explains the beard trend
    • Lmao
      Kazax 21d
    • I laughed. Not gonna lie.
    • I love that
    • Yassss
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