• Where is the music in the background
      2.8K 33
    • No on:... sjws: uh its latinx
      xblitzy 11d
      1.1K 185
    • Can't forget about the smile detector with a dying battery.
    • I thought that said wacuum cleaner
    • Yo I've been playing too much DMC5 because I at first thought that was V
    • The saddest thing of all is this is so true
    • I can relate, I had a 1v1 against a person like that (sounded like Spanish in the background) and I couldn't mute him that's the worst part of PS4 to me was so annoyed I just created a party with myself
    • Where’s the smoke alarm?
    • So TRUE
    • Me: *eats spicy chip* kinda spicy. Latino: *shoots me in face* YOU THINK THATS SPICY?? MY MUCHACHO FED US LAVA AS AN AFTER SCHOOL SNACK!!!
      ccccx 9d
      8 3
    • Drunk dad beating family
      ccccx 9d
    • And using the mic through the kinect
    • This is why we need a wall
    • Omg this was all I heard when I was playing 360
    • Not latino specifically mexican kids
    • Or a black dude with baby crying around
      3 1
    • Don’t forget the smoke alarms
    • I want this to be a meme format again
    • You forgot the chancla
    • Relatable.
    • Saaaahaahahaahame
    • Darking bog
      Akamaru 10d
    • Femur breaker noises
      Jammin 10d
    • That is literally one of my friends
    • This post makes me so unbelievably angry, I want to mute it so much even though there is nothing to mute. I don’t know if it’s peer racism or just unbelievable trauma from my ears being slaughtered.
      Duck10t 10d
      2 5
    • You forgot the next frame of brushing off the mute button
      Dezmion 10d
    • Smoke alarm beeping!!
      ro1029 10d
      3 1
    • PlayStation as well not gonna lie
    • You forgot siblings fighting
    • The worst part is that at times in my childhood i would have shitty headsets and there was one in particular that for some reason, at any random point in time, it would let out a blaring berp until i restart the headset (since it was bluetooth) and i would always have to let the screams of agony
      IO_____ 10d
    • Where your ears ALSO on a different planet?
    • It do be like that sometimes
    • Should have had "lawnmower" and "leaf blower" because that's like a left and right hand for them
      Whenis 10d
    • Spot on mate
    • Lol yeah but it’s just cuz we didn’t have a tv in our rooms so we gatta play in the living room
    • Mute the spic
    • This happened during my live stream today and my dogs would not stfu. Then my mom comes in yelling about some bs my sister did.
    • No pues, tienen razon.
    • Now imagine being that kid and having to go through that everyday
    • Fucking illegal latino kids annoying as fuck while playing apex
      1 5
    • Don't forget that squeaky noise in the background that no one knows where it's from
    • No joke I was playing GTA V today and this little kid would not stop saying yo-yo anyone got a mic and I wouldn't say anything and he would just keep saying that
    • Nah man, parakeets and cockatoos screeching too let’s not forget
    • Actually though it’s so accurate I still my Xbox best friend
    • I’m white and ppl can usually hear my parents screaming at each other and the dogs constantly barking.
    • I’m Latino lucky enough to not confirm
    • Seriously! That's why I leave random squads when I hear that
    • On ps4 as well. My ass cheecks.
    • Next feature is earrape. You're welcome.
    • Yeah and loud music
    • Better than little whit kids calling us elephants
      1 2
    • Don't forget their fire alarm chirping because it needs a new battery
      2 1
    • That's a fairly accurate statement
    • Racist but still so true
    • and theyre always obese little shits too, go outside and play fatass
      Bears 11d
    • Dad watching el partido de futbol
    • The occasional beep because they dont change the batteries in their smoke alarms
      8 1
    • then the sound from their tv is the worst
    • Where’s the loud ass fan in the background + something playing on tv in another room
    • Why is this so true
      Mrmwolf 11d
    • I’m Puerto-Rican USA born myself and this post is 100% accurate. I can’t speak Spanish myself but fuck is it toxic to hear Latin Americans on the mic and everything that’s related with this post.
    • Im hispanic but im not like ghetto hispanic I have my own room and shit but ive met some of these people
    • This sounds racist but play popular online game for a day and it will make sense.
    • And the dad arguing back with the mom 😂
    • And the blender
    • Or that black guy who plays shit music for all to enjoy
    • Don’t forget the fire alarms that beeps every 30 seconds because needs new battery
    • You forgot their siblings who somehow have their entire school over to hangout.
    • Some people make spot on memes. And I can say this is 100% true. It’s across all consoles as well.
    • Dollar store mic
    • Oh shit it’s too real
    • Am latino, can confirm
    • Si senior, yo soy del rancho
    • Why do some people even plug in their mics if they dont use them to talk to other players. They just scream and make me want another holocaust.
      Sguig 11d
    • @Alconflame from 2015 Xbox 360
    • Happens on ps4 a lot too lol
    • Dude this always happens and when you mute them they teamkill you for not responding
      HUNTERK 11d
    • I no speak taco
      MrReese 11d
    • I have a friend where his Xbox is in the living room where his family usually is (he’s Latino). I can hear his dogs, his mom talking to the dogs, and he occasionally plays music on his Alexa. He’s got every stereotype except for a crying kid because he doesn’t have one at his house!
    • Flan blowing in the back
      DBoyd 11d
    • This is so true not even joking
    • This is my everyday Hispanic life
    • Forgot the roosters in the background.
    • That's because in Latino families kids don't normally have the tv in a separate room or their bedroom, it's mostly in the living room next to the kitchen.
    • Annoying cousins
    • The fucking blender
    • Exactly
    • It's so Accurate
    • You forgot smoke alarm
      TVRTA 11d
    • Omg I hate that shit
    • Good lord how accurate
    • Latinos shouldn't be alowed to have mics.
    • Doing the dishes
    • Latino kids-Post explains White kids-Sibling fights, music, memes, cursing at mom Black kids- Music and parents Asain kids- WATASHI WO SHIMEIDA
    • How is this so accurate?! XD
    • Luke brushes off shoulder reveals he’s deaf
    • Bro I hate how real these things are
    • For. Ducking. Real.
      1 1
    • And once he stops shooting he then realizes you muted him
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