• Political_Pooh
      If she ever runs for president, remember what she did to our lunches
    • Kooc14
      Seriously. My high school had a combo line where you could get things that were double portioned and 10x quality. Could get a burger that had a 6in diameter and 1/2in thick. Could add ol-bay or chilli powder to shit. Was dope af. After my sophomore year of high school they got rid of it
      Kooc14 21d
    • KimJongYuck
      My highschool used to straight up order Papa John's
    • 1One1
      She took our strawberry milk
      1One1 21d
    • Myopinionrendersyoufucked
      At least childhood obesity rates are down. Oh wait.
    • JuJuEyeball
      I remember salt
    • AnimuStew
      The new system isn't even nutritional, it's like eating the color gray
    • Ginger_Joe
      Isn’t weird how she started all that to fix childhood obesity but in reality it led kids to eat excess junk when they came home making the problem even worse
    • CELSlUS
      You used to be able to get free ice creams and chips and fresh fruits and breakfast that was actually good and now you just get the “healthy” alternative serving of cardboard with frozen fruits and expensive snacks
      CELSlUS 20d
    • skiddylo
      Fun fact: the FDA allows schools to serve meat that’s a lower quality than allowed to be sold at grocery stores
    • SomeRandomAssNigga
      It's ridiculous, and because of the change nothing was improved. Kids just either didn't eat or they just started bringing actually good food that they would sell to each other
    • _Vanguard_
      The funny thing about this is all the “health program” organizations that were authorized to sell the kind of food Michelle Obama wanted in schools actually have such poor quality and unregulated ingredients that the food is worse for kids than before mrs bitch turned school lunches into fascism.
    • Airthy
      when papa trump came into office my school got pizza and chocolate milk back. actually about a year into his office
      Airthy 20d
    • imapilotrichard
      I will forever hate her just for fucking up my lunch
    • OneBluntMan
      I remember buying energy drinks and soda from vending machines in middle school then her bitch ass came along and they got ride of the entire thing and most of the good lunches got trashed. Thanks Obama.
    • Chad_Lancer
      She was responsible for replacing all the good snacks in the vending machines at school like like granola and nuts. Bitch.
    • daddybelle
      What happened is that Michelle Obama went to schools and originally proposed healthier meal options that still tasted good but schools didn’t wanna pay for that so they opted out for healthy shitty food
    • txcw36
      Used to have kick ass chicken fried steak fingers with mashed potatoes and pizza the size of your face with a cup of grease on it. Needless to say I was glad I was the last class in my school allowed to leave campus for lunch once Michelle came along....
      txcw36 20d
    • Neighborhood_Weeb_Slayer
      She forced me to get fruits and vegetables that went in the garbage every day. If I don’t feel like eating something that day then I’m not going to fucking eat it.
    • ItsYaBoiSneaks
      Who remembers tony's galaxy pizza every friday back in elementary school
    • Chakiato
    • Bob_Blob1213
      My school had: cookies, a slushie machine, ice cream, REAL PIZZA, chicken legs, and a snack shack with all kinds of chips and shit. My fucking foam lunch tray would fold in half if i wasn’t careful and now im lucky if the lunch person gives me 6 dried out chicken nuggets instead of 5.
    • ArcaneHero
      I had shitty food before and after Michelle's plan
    • StSentry
      Two words: Rectangle. Pizzas.
    • BlaidF
      Fuck the Obamas
      BlaidF 21d
    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      Man I remember having respect for Michelle but the day she fucked our lunches all of that faded away. Soda machines, fries, mini/regular burgers, spaghetti, pizza,etc gone! Now all we have is cardboard and stale food. Good thing I graduated the next year and no longer have to suffer.
    • pheonix080
      Michelle Obama fucked up lunch because “childhood obesity”. Lets not forget that everybody had to get Mcfucked because a bunch of fat fucks couldnt be bothered to eat less or exercise more. And no, its not “genetics” or being “big boned”. Fat people lack discipline. Make them eat rice cakes n’ shit
    • SeamusSledgeCowden
      I just realized that Trump got more fat women up and walking in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years
    • TheRealTSeries
      Obamas ruin everything
    • BoiledEgg
      The most damaging of all the Obama scandals
    • Mike_the_Great_9
      And from 2014 to 2018 the average weight of a person in the USA went up, great work Michelle!
    • PMmeYourSpinache
      Obama had great intentions to put a dent in childhood obesity, but fuck, she really did underestimate the ability of school districts when it comes to cutting corners.
    • invalidnamethanksobama
      We had the best fries then they went to unsalted baked fries.
    • Zeldagamer96
      We had big lunches. Pizza, burgers, wraps, burritos, etc. We lost those. We also had a student run coffee bar. We lost that too cause it didn't meet the Obama standards. This shut down our coffee bar and business classes. Thanks butch. Oh and our vending machines disappeared too
    • Jivy
      They used to have cookies the size of your head and soda machines that had the good shit
      Jivy 20d
    • TheAtomicCock
      Everything used to be hitting before the Obamas came along
    • I_KnowDeWae
      This is the shit we get
    • mamabear1213
      Tbh blame ur schools tho, I dont think the obama administration did great, but i do know she jus wanted better, bigger healthy lunches, and all the schools cheap asses went to the shittiest food they were allowed instead of spending more for good shit
    • WinterOlympic
      I remember when my high school banned any drink with sugar in it and blamed Michelle Obama over the pa system.
    • bhammer97
      I remember when that happened. A lot of food has been wasted since then.
    • kinglolzorz
      they complained about how the lunches were unhealthy, then after the switch people started bringing their own way unhealthier lunches.
    • Wrecked_Em
      I remember I wasn't forced to buy health insurance out of penalty of a fine before Barack Obama came along.
    • GameBoii
      Her heart was in the right place but that shit was nasty. Like so nasty I didn’t eat lunch most of the time in middle school. High school lunch has gotten a lot better though
    • that1guy45
      We had a teacher that would sell salt packets to students for 50¢
    • MadSnailDisease
      My world was TRANSFORMED when I went from public school to a private high school. That food was fuckin amazing! Burgers, cookies, fries, A SELECTION OF SODA, my mind was blown! Spent ten bucks on unnecessary shit my first day cause I was so overwhelmed
    • manofcommoninterest
      I don't know what schools y'all went to but my lunches always fucking sucked
    • ImTheDeviliLoveMetal
      She turned school lunches into jailhouse lunches. Not prison lunches, prison lunches get good shit, jailhouse lunches are basically garbage
    • DarkNunn
      Got rid of my damn mozzarella sticks
    • Dr_Quarantine
      content not available more
    • Jerm57
      A lot of things were hitting before the Obama's came along
      Jerm57 21d
    • sauronseye
      My school started serving whole grain, gluten free, veagan cheese pizzas because of her. It was disgusting
    • edgy_ass_comments
      Just think, theres a whole generation whos school kids had to have shitty lunches. Look me in the eye and tell me thats not cancer.
    • Sholero
      She made it so they wouldnt even give me fucking salt
      Sholero 20d
    • piercemeerin
      Has anyone ever seen school lunches in different countries? Way better than the average american school lunch. Also here, children have to feel ashamed for not having money to eat. They might get a pb n j or crackers.
    • thewhiteblackness
      Did anybody else have that bomb ass nacho cheese taken away after Michelle and it was replaced with nasty ass jello looking cheese?
    • cadc13
      I hate that change too, but that sure prevented a bunch of childhood obesity and onset diabeetus to happen.
      cadc13 20d
    • the_internet_is_gay
      Bitch got rid of dino nuggets.
    • BigBearBob
      We used to get bomb ass sub sandwiches and fat plates of pasta, but the scaled the portions back so far it was more of a light snack. The fruit they gave us was so shitty no one ever ate it.
    • AlarmmClock
      FUCK you Michael Obunga
    • Capone_
      Meanwhile her ass is eating steak and lobster flexing her fat ass on all of us. My school used to sell brownies and nachos she ruined that shit now every lunch taste like cardboard dipped in spoiled milk
      Capone_ 21d
    • MasterOfNonsense
      I'll never forgive the obamas for depriving me of my delicious, oily, rectangular pizza slices so big they barely fit in the tray and replacing it with cardboard garbage.
    • josephmedley
      And child obesity still went up... Because people would turn to just bringing lunch but since they were poor they could only afford cheaper unhealthy foods which were worse for them than the original lunches
    • ColdNights
      I could get strawberry milk everyday before that whore
    • meltedkitkat
      Worst thing the Obama administration ever did tbh
    • SoundsGood
      In the 1st-3rd grade we had stuffed crust pizza
    • NOTaNerd5
      People out here really thinking this was Michelle Obama's fault. She had a movement to have fat kids be healthier cuz they were killing themselves with their unhealthy habits. Your school districts are what decided to be cheap, get shittier food, and sell smaller portions
    • GodWire
      I always leaned right when it came to politics. I never agreed with Obama but I respected him as a man and as commander in chief. I fucking loathe his wife. Just because fatty boom boom doesn’t understand twinkies arnt a breakfast food, I have to eat cardboard for my lunch? Bullshit.
      GodWire 21d
    • NeerScam
      We had strawberry milk damnit
    • basenerd234
      My school used to have McDonalds fries, Jesus Christ I missed them
    • sQuAtOfSlaV
      Y'all talking about the lunches but y'all ain't talking about what they did to the vending machines.. 2 times the price and less food. Could get a pop tart for 50 cents than it went up to 1.25 for a single whole grain one. Thats fucked up.
    • CheekClapperOfficial
      We had vanilla fucking milk, French fries turned into roasted potatoes. Burgers are now shit. So far I found 3 bones in the burgers
    • FiredMcDonaldsEmployee
      Remember strawberry and vanilla milk?
    • Censored
      Damn I remember that shit. My high school used to have special food on fridays ranging from cheesesteak to all sort of other stuff. Then Michelle came along.
    • grandeur
      i was tiny asf but i’d need to buy two lunches to feel full. it’s downright silly.
    • gubloid13
      Its my birthday guys im so excited
    • DiamonDav
      What are you on. School lunch has always been and will always be terrible. The only thing she did was get the real chips taken out of the vending machines.
    • SlayRod1032
      Fucking middle class kids had to pack a lunch. Weren't poor enough to get reduced lunches yet not wealthy enough to buy everyday
    • TheyCallMeBeter
      My Nigga trump is bringing the OG lunches back boys
    • besterest
      Fat asses ruined it for everyone
    • CaptainShepard
      We got so much good shit until her
    • SomeRandomGuy55
      From Coca Cola machines to juice machines.
    • CNN_News
      You kids don't remember how bad Barbara Bush's food was.
    • 2080Ti
      Y'all remember orange creamsicles?
      2080Ti 21d
    • Monkeyboy_Mikeyman
      They used to have sloppy joe, fish sandwiches, grilled cheese, meat lovers pizza, all that stuff. Then Michelle Obama's punk ass came along with her bitch ass "healthy food" program. That shit isn't "healthy" it's literally one step above prison food.
    • Fast_Mag
      Pokemon go got more kids active in 3 months than she did in her 8 years as the First Lady. Fucking weak ass shit
    • mrloungensmirtz
      We had some good ass biscuits then after the Michelle Obama shit became soggy ass wheat bread. Fuck.
    • XxX_PoUsY_aNiHiLatEr_swAG
      Bullshit. In 2004 the pizza tasted like ass and the chicken sandwiches were repulsive. What a crock of shit. If you wanted good food you brought it from home.
    • buttnugget77
      Obama wasn’t a good president
    • pheonix080
      Make kids do the presidential fitness test of old. Shame the failures and feed them carrots & rice cakes. The victors shall be fed a banquet of delights. Make fat shaming great again 😉
    • CLE_
      All the suburban kids are so mad. You guys had fountain drinks and burgers. Try eating meatloaf for lunch 3 months straight cause you were late due to your health teacher keeping you an extra 10 mins so he can tell you about STDS everyday.
      CLE_ 21d
    • TheOriginalRepost
      That’s the Obama legacy right there. Healthcare that’s unaffordable without government assistance and shitty school lunches. Thanks the Obamas.
    • King_Of_Dead_Memes
      School lunch was always shitty?
    • SPITF1RE
      (Good news: the Trump administration reversed the lunch policies Michelle put in place)
    • The_Man_Moon
      The problem is not in the school lunches it rather what the parents are feeding their kids at home
    • Torion
      My school got rid of some of the most disgusting pizza I have ever seen and replaced it with Papa John’s because of her so I’m not too mad
      Torion 21d
    • WhatGivesYouChickenTendie
      My school used to serve a slice of cheese on fucking bread before Michelle Obama came along
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