• Tumblr in a nutshell: *person says something decent*, *next person say something dumb*,*last person over reacts*
      3.9K 88
    • Brunsos 22 dec
      2K 19
    • Captain I need help here
      454 5
    • Fucking brits
      Kerme 22 dec
      273 28
    • n_rf_ 22 dec
      12 1
    • AL0NZ0 22 dec
    • Barleyy 22 dec
    • Holy shit guys lololol hahahaha I almost spat out my tea just by reading this 😂😂😂
      404skin 22 dec
      6 3
    • I drink tea, I'm from Tumblr
      WiFiReminder 22 dec
    • When you make small dick jokes you keep their expectations low so when they find out it’s average they’re pleasantly surprised
      connerbv 22 dec
    • How come everyone on tumblr spits out their drinks
      YuWot 27 dec
      5 1
    • Small dick jokes are the best because they either have a small dick and are confident about it or they have a huge dong and are humble. Both are equally attractive. Talking about your “big dick” just makes it sound small
      5 1
    • Aege 22 dec
    • I talked about my dick like it is smaller then it is. Then one day someone just said they saw my bulge. Then my gf said thats why she was attracted to me at first
      ImoralJ 22 dec
    • Why is everyone on tumblr drinking fucking tea
      5 1
    • birdLord 22 dec
    • ctb_ 22 dec
    • Y'all ain't got shit on my 2 inch power tower
      MrRustyGearz 22 dec
      5 19
    • I tell girls I have a really small dick and when they see it. They're like, "well damn. That's a averagely sized good looking dick".
    • M3M3_4DD1C7 24 dec
    • A medium is a spiritual person like a palm reader that can talk to ghost. Like so others could see and understand.
    • Why are they always drinking tea?
      BrokerBear 22 dec
      4 2
    • I don’t get the medium dick joke
      pranthe 22 dec
      4 1
    • Generally, those who boast about their size aren't packing much heat
    • I always make small dick jokes because it’s unexpected and it’s funnier to make fun of myself even when I’m not actually telling the truth.
      crimsonreign 22 dec
    • Lower her standards, so when you actually whip it out, shit surprises them even if it’s only average
      _SpicyMeme_ 22 dec
    • If you consistently say how big your dick is you 100% guaranteed have a tiny dick
      Relief_Feast 22 dec
      4 5
    • I’m 6’ tall and I have size 15 feet. The other day some girl in my class looks at me and goes “You know what they say about big feet” and before she could finish winking I stared her in the eyes and announced that “it’s not true.” Sometimes you gotta sink the ship to kill the captain
      5 1
    • Once sent dick pic she told me to move my thumb out the way
      umhie 22 dec
      4 1
    • Bold of you to assume that I have a dick
    • If you joke about having a small dick your girl can't be disappointed when she sees it. Her only choices are "That's what I expected" and "Oh my God, that's way bigger than what I expected".
      4 1
    • "I nearly spat out my tea" stfu
      PatheticGirl 22 dec
    • J377yf1sh 22 dec
    • 4 1
    • Its funny when i joke about my dick, It hurts when my girlfriend does though
      Mandingo 22 dec
    • What does this mean
    • I choked on my spaghetti
      toasterbread 27 dec
    • Haha my tea lmfao I’m spitting out my tea heehee I’m pissing straight tea lololol my tea I’m spitting it
      JigglySmash 23 dec
      3 1
    • Oh my god I like literally spat out my splenda mocha mariachi frappe I literally can't right now
    • If you like small dick jokes your gonna love me ;)
    • PopustheMad 22 dec
    • Do people on tumblr always scroll their feed with a mouthful of any beverage just to post shit like this
      beersat3 22 dec
      WeebPolice 22 dec
    • I nEaRlY sPaT oUt My TeA
    • Told this girl I’d give her a full 9 inches. 3 then, 3 later, and 3 tomorrow.
    • I NEARLY SPAT OUT my dog’s cum
      Poznan 22 dec
    • I don’t measure my dick. Never saw a point to do it
      ItsFrenzius 22 dec
    • My dicks so big I can't hold it with my hands. Too bad I'm a quadruple amputee
      Fat_Rack 22 dec
    • Stop spewing your drink everywhere. That shit is mad disrespectful to whatever establishment you’re in.
      ToastBread 22 dec
    • Tea you say,need another revolution?
      JRodri456 22 dec
    • "I nearly spat out my tea" is equivalent to "I nearly dropped my crumpet"
    • What if wet dreams are just ghosts molesting you in your sleep.
      TheKildar 22 dec
    • Why is everyone on tumblr always drinking tea
      Ab3502 22 dec
      3 1
    • I got a little pickle. It's not a big dill.
      Sausage_67 22 dec
    • Lying fuck, nobody drinks tea
      NovaShadow14 22 dec
      4 3
    • The worlds smallest pussy destroyer is in my pants
      The_Real_IRS 22 dec
    • She's limiting her dick joke intake by 66% by only going with small dick joke guy. Where as I make small dick jokes, big dick jokes, and average dick jokes. I'm insecure, confident, and a realist all wrapped up into one loveable dick joke telling machine.
    • Tumblr: *opinion *joke about opinion *overreaction.
      GoogityBooty 22 dec
    • Dynamical 22 dec
    • Always make small dick jokes. If it gets down to business, they'll already know what that they're getting or they'll be surprised to have more.
      WillGrac 28 dec
    • everyone knows small dick jokes are better
      _Ozzie__ 28 dec
    • I have a small penis, no joke there...lol.
    • Old memes that have circulated countless times and weren't even that good the first time are my favorite. 10/10 ifunny
    • What about vagina jok- Oh wait, Amy ruined that.
      Snoop 24 dec
    • Tumblr users sure waste a lot of tea.
      Alesif 23 dec
    • Small dick jokes are good cause no one sees them cumming
      NOT_A_BENDER 23 dec
    • I’ve got a medium dick. You could say it’s pretty middle of the road.
    • Tea? What is this, 1777?
      VanMailman 23 dec
      2 1
    • Everyone on this app hates tumblr yet there are always 10+ features of it
      Wasss 23 dec
      2 1
    • When I make small dick jokes, people take me seriously.
      6lvc 23 dec
      2 1
    • The real irony comes from people posting complaints about Tumblr post formats that are in formats themselves.
      AttackDoggo 23 dec
    • My boyfriend got me by making small dick jokes
      izzulu 23 dec
      2 2
    • Guys who make small dick jokes actually have the biggest dicks.
      ChamberK 23 dec
    • Wait, boys use tumblr?
      2 1
    • What is the average size then?
      Jojotaro 22 dec
      2 4
    • I make both because my pp very average.
      GiantDong 22 dec
    • You know what they say: “It’s below average!”
      Bananameep 22 dec
    • I have an average dick l. It's... It's average
      2 5
    • I make both. Where does that land me on the spectrum? Bipolar?
      SerKnightGuy 22 dec
    • I NEARLY SPAT OUT MY craft beer
      meme1453 22 dec
    • Is that why i get random erections for no reason, its seeing something thats not there
      jbyj222 22 dec
      2 1
    • Tea? Fag
      Hugg 22 dec
    • Small dick gang
      MadHouse1 22 dec
    • I don’t get it
      i_am_vide 22 dec
      2 6
    • No but for real I got a small dick tho, I think it's important to not get anyone's Hope's up you know huehue
      Zavex 22 dec
      2 1
    • Nah you didn't.
      YuriSenpai 22 dec
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