• There was a guy accused of being a witch that was crushed by rocks in the witch trials
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    • I heard it was cause some kids took some shrooms and tripped out starting a huge thing then also it was for land purposes.
    • Ya see Jesus came back after they killed him... To my knowledge non of the witches have
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    • Make an argument worth having then we'll talk
    • I think I remember something about a couple dogs being killed in the witch trials in my APUSH class.
    • Yep, Giles Corey was killed. Though it was for withholding information in trial
    • Fun facts, no witches were ever burned at the stake in salem
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    • Jesus literally raised fools from the dead and split some fish and bread into infinite food.
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    • Fun fact: no witches were actually burned at the stake in the Salem trials. They were hung, escaped or killed in some other odd, much more enticing way
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    • They accused men of being warlocks an killed them to sooooo
    • Implying it was real
    • because witches were accused of doing evil things, they didn't accuse jesus of doing evil things u fucking retard
    • Maybe if women quit making deals with the devil
    • Sorry..., witches is what I meant.
      xephys 10d
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    • Just about all women are bitches though.
      xephys 10d
    • They need feminism because women aren’t good enough to come back from the dead
    • Fun fact: Salem was not actually the worst town for the witch trials, a town named Andover was the town that accused and executed the most witches during that time
    • The women probably died way faster too.
      sdixo1 10d
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    • Also it was their way of "dealing with" the residents of New Salem
    • So...ya...like, pinned to a cross with nails in your hands for days or fire. I wonder which is worse...not to mention one was literally gods son during a time of extreme religion so ya magics kinda ok
    • Religion is a lie.
    • It’s funny because in the Salem witch trials it was two girls accusing everyone. They also accused dudes so this is retarded
      Meadeh 10d
    • He got better.
    • Men were convicted of witchcraft too
    • To be fair Jesus was killed because the (was it Romans? I think it was Romans. Correct me if I’m wrong) were salty.
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    • Bruh Jesus was tortured before being left to die.
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    • Everyone who does "magic" gets burned, put on a cross, or called a queer.
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    • Hey do you guys wanna know a fun fact no one at all was burned alive in the Salem witch trials and almost 1/3 of the people convicted where men
    • They killed him twice no
    • #StopBurningMagicPeepsYo
    • The majority of womens problems stem from other women
    • You dont need feminism for something that happened 100+ years ago
    • The romans killed him
      MOTH75 11d
    • Yeah but We 100% can prove the witch trials unlike Jesus also he did actual magic women just need to know basic chemistry or medicine or make the wrong person mad to get burned or tortured or drowned
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    • But it took forever for them to get to him. Jesus was ready to go (until is final moments when he called out to god). But with witches, they would throw them in the river and burn them at the stake. I'm pretty sure that if a woman in that time period smelled the air and said "its going to rain" and
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    • Yeah even men accused of being witches were killed. If you’re gonna say something make sure it’s correct.
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    • Giles was a real g
    • You talking about fantasies boi, jesus aint real
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    • Funny how no one wants to be recongnized.
    • You ever wonder if Jesus did come back but it was during the whole witch trial era and he did a miracle and every one was like “WITCH”, the burned him up and god went “F - them I’m done” and now we have PETA and Anti-vaxxers and flat earth-ers......
    • what do you think is worse: cruxifixction or burning at the stake
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    • That was the 1600s not 2019
    • No one was burned at stake, learn your history
    • Once-over Jesus worked in the power of God as opposed to witches who didn't.
    • Men were also killed for practicing witchcraft
    • Men were also killed for being witches too
    • His death was worst than being burned, far worst, and he did it for us and look at where we are
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    • Pretty sure crucifixion was worse than being burned alive
      MLXVI 11d
    • It's international dishwasher day
    • Jesus was a better magician
    • And tortured him, and made him carry his own cross. You don’t see them making the witch carry the rocks to the water
    • I feel like some one is bitter cause she cant do magic tricks. Can anyone teach her a card trick or slight of hand or something.
    • But women accused others of being witches tho
    • B u T h E c A m E b A c K a F t E r t R e E d A y S
    • He was just a good magician
    • Are we not going to talk about the fact that 1: witches were hanged, not burned, and 2: men were also hanged for witchcraft?
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    • See the difference is that when a man is killed for doing a magic trick he comes back after three days. It's why we have the three day rule.
    • And, you know, we don't burn people at any stakes, or anything anymore, so..
    • Aren’t we also forgetting that in the Salem witch trials with was a bunch of girls that were accusing women of being witches.
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    • Jesus' death was worse than a witches
    • your a wizard jesus
    • There were male witches too tho
      T_R3K1 11d
    • magicians - killem all
      Sly420 11d
    • Liberalism: a bad excuse to justify your bullshit
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    • That one eri pfp
    • I need feminism because blaming men for everything wrong in my life is easier than taking responsibility for my actions
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    • (((They))) killed Jesus.
    • Jesus was an actual teacher of many different things tho....... Including how to come back to life......... Did the witches ever do that? No.....
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    • Witch was a sort of gender neutral term back then so it was both men and women who were burned at the steak. I would also like to point out that crucifixion is much worse than being burned alive.
    • Yes all of the miracles Jesus preformed would also be very much called witchcraft
    • Feminism and black lives matter always look at the past and say that "that's why I speak up" but they literally have never experienced slavery or actual oppression.
    • Religion is about control. So is feminism.
    • I need feminism because my boyfriend broke up with me and I want special treatment and oppression points
    • They killed anyone who did "magic"
    • Also the witches weren’t actually witches.. they just blamed people for stuff they didn’t understand. Jesus actually performed miracles according to the bible
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    • No, you DONT need feminism just because something like that happened over 2000 years ago. Do a fucking magic trick now. Are you going to be burned at the stake? No! It’s 20-friggin-19!!
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    • One woman's witchcraft is another man's miracle
    • also jesus wasn’t a witch & there are male witches (warlocks) that have died too
    • Its dumb to use a past example as a reason for wanting present feminism
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    • He was staked to a stake
    • *But not for magic tricks.
    • He literally died for the woman's bitchass
    • Even if she is retarded, Believing in the Abrahamic religions is just as dumb. Theres only thousands of years worth of history that proves its nothing but a political agenda and brainwashing for money and control.
    • They killed him a little. He got better
    • A feminist, once again, proving their lack of intellect.
      TB0NE 11d
    • We don't need feminism in America anymore
      Pandasu 11d
    • Wait until she finds out what the cross means
    • What if Jesus has a twin and him rising from the dead was his brother returning home
    • Guys were also killed for witchcraft and wizardry???
    • Some retards never heard of the term "warlock." Lmfao
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    • Imagine holding a grudge for 327 years
    • I do think it's important to note that feminists want to be EQUAL to men, yet some ppl who call themselves feminists think men are scum and want them crushed under a boot. That's not feminism that's sexism.
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    • My family name didn’t even exist back then how is that relevant
    • Yeah they left Jesus to bleed out for days
    • The Bible is fiction.
    • You need feminism because of events that respectively happened 2000, and 500 years ago?
    • This is relevant in the Middle Ages, not in modern times
    • Yeah. But that nigga came back
    • Fun fact no one was actually burned alive at the Salem witch trials
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