• It's like that with 20 something year olds too
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    • Y'all ever get those kids in middle school that'd just jack off thru their pants during class or nah
    • So retail... Gotcha
    • When my grandpa died i just happily walked into the class and told my teacher it with a straight face and started playing with legos
    • That’s because these kids don’t understand it and it’s all that goes through their mind
    • Old friend; hey I don’t like your shoes Young me; well they’re comfy Old friend; I wish my parents thought of that when buying MY shoes .... ok
    • I used to babysit kids of wealthy parents, this is so true omfg... one time me and this one kid was playing roblox and I shit you not I asked “how’s your dad been?” Because they he just recently moved out, and the kid straight up says “he’s good, it’s just that mom and dad don’t love each other anym
    • Thanks, they’re sticky.
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    • I love using IFunny. It be like “hey new features are here” and I’m like “thanks I’ve seen this 8 times this week”
    • Literally my first day at pizza hut I deliver to a mom and kid and he hands me a tip and says "my dad just died"
    • Yeah, his parents are trying to buy him off. My parents are doing that now. Torn between each other, demanding my sister and I pick sides. Fucking immature shit
    • Are his shoes sticky tho
    • You dont even have to say hi. Just be in the general vicinity. I went to pick up my kid from school once and out of nowhere this other little kid in her class looks right at me and says "my daddy was mean to mommy and now I live with my aunt." How the fuck do you respond to that!?
    • This shit has been stolen and cropped soooooo many times
    • They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
    • My dad left to go to the gas station im still waiting for my juice
    • That sounds too real
    • Not wrong
      lilloll 11d
    • Please like my shitty collage xx
    • Thanks for tc
    • Straight to the meat of the conversation. No need for pussyfooting.
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    • My dad has diabetes
    • You just lost the game
      Ajar 11d
    • Talking to any skyrim NPC
    • This litteraly happened to me today
    • I one time was asked how my day was going when i went to the bank to get my account re-opened, and i replied good, my great uncle just died though
    • I saw this on a Tumblr post one year ago
    • Reminds me of this one dumbass in my class says dumbshit and then I call him out and then he gotta come back at me with "me brother is being deported and my niece is dying"
    • so as a kid my family was friends with another family (i had a crush on one of them actually) and their youngest(at the time like around 7) tells my mom "it's weird at home. im told daddy had a baby girl but i havent seen the baby girl yet? where is she?"
    • Just sit on them. You are a sitter ya know.
    • I was so suprised
    • I've seen this one before and you know this guy just saved it and cropped out the ifunny watermark because look at how the bottom is missing a little bit
    • No cap this was me 😂😂
    • The shoes were a guilt offering
    • Only white people's parent get a divorce. All the other animals never got married
    • Yes
    • When I was a teenager at a bowling alley I told a kid who was bugging me to go find his Mom. He looked super sad and said he didn't have a Mom, just a Dad. My heart and soul were so crushed I bought that kid everything I could afford in that arcade. That's where I learned to be kind to strangers.
    • Thanks they are sticky
    • is that why I got shoes almost every weekend?
    • I was teaching 3 year olds at my dance studio and one of the girls was whining about having to stretch and I asked her why it was bugging her today. She started crying and said "my mom went to Texas because my uncles heart stopped and daddy said shes never coming back " 😐 I felt so bad for her
    • I like your shoelaces
    • She must work at a adoption center.
    • Thanks, my mom Karen took us from our father
    • I swear evweyonw shitting about the girl from wakanda but I read it like 3 times and still thought that was fucking lifeline for some reason
    • Me: tell your parents may divorce be with them
    • Oh wow someone gets twice as much shit LMAO
    • At age 18, someone complimented a shirt i was wearing and my response was "thanks, i didnt buy it". Sorry starbucks employee to whom i said this 😔
    • I can confirm this is very true
      2bnines 11d
    • Mine too bud... Mine too...
    • your parents are divorced? *megaphone firing up * ATTENTION EVERYONE! BUSTERS PARENTS ARE DIVORCED
      Floatie 11d
    • I am a high school teacher and work at a daycare after school. This happens with my 3-5 year olds, as well as the high schoolers. 🤣
    • Every teenage girl to ever exist between the ages of 13 through 17.
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    • Same
    • 3/4 marriages end in failure. Y’all ain’t special.
    • I experience sort of the same thing working in a nursing home
    • Its because they have no one to talk to this stuff about so they just let it loose whenever they get the chance. Humans need to vent.
    • It's like that with some customers. I'll be like "how you doing this morning?" and they respond "man my mom just killed herself last week and I cant sleep. Funeral today."
      LuKa117 11d
    • Kids have no filter at all lol
    • (X)
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    • Fr tho
      Bran666 11d
    • Must be sticky shoes
      wasso 11d
    • Me: thanks, my uncle rapes me at night
    • i too love working with kids because they trade me their holographic charizards
    • People gotta stop posting porn
    • Truth
      Raava_ 11d
    • Hey I like your sticky shoes
    • ...a reason to shit in his shoooooes! And the reason is youuuuuuu!
    • They had us in the first half not gonna lie
    • I fucking love working with kids. I’ve worked with them for years, and so far my favorites have been 18mo-3years because they have the funniest stories
      BigEats 11d
    • Then they're like yea 2 christmases!
      Mugatu 11d
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    • "I got them when my parents were fighting over me by trying to buy my favoritism"
    • hrrn, colonel, I’m trying to sneak around but I’m dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards
    • Don’t marry and have children you aren’t gonna commit to the relationship. Far to many divorces these days
    • Lmfao so true
      tpelf14 11d
    • Facts.
    • Sub for rainbow six siege content
    • Reply plz
    • I remember having this bathing suit I really liked when I was little, and when someone complimented it I just said “Thanks, my parents hate it.”
    • heard some kid talk about her dead older brother like it was nothing while tutoring.
      zbaka 11d
    • I can also confirm this, but also kids can just tell when something devastating has happened to you even if you are smiling amd happy
      Aleysa 11d
    • It makes sense, cuz when your parents are divorced they buy you cool and expensive shit so that you’ll like them better than the other
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    • Can confirm
    • That says a lot about our society
      C0MM 11d
    • When my mom and dad got divorced I told everyone single one of my friends mothers that my mom was a lesbian. I was in 2nd grade and my mom hadn’t came out yet
    • Then they end up with there mothers nudes
    • Working with kids? That's illegal.
    • Truthful
    • But are they sticky shoes
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