• soul 12d
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    • The Floride is working well on yall vaxxed people
    • Except it's more like the anti-vaxxers have watched ancient aliens and that makes them know more history than historians; forensic files can at least teach you something....
    • But scientist aint got nothing on this one website that said vaccine cause autism
    • forensic science isn’t a science, the ONLY part of forensic “science” that is science is DNA. Everything else is not scientifically sound
      jessmac 10d
    • My dyslexic ass thought it said foreskin
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    • I'm literally watching FF right now
    • Um...what? Yeah, sure, trust the FDA, I’m sure they have our best interest in mind
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    • They had us in the first half I’m not gonna lie
    • I fucking read that as foreskin
      Rated_R 11d
    • Guys I’m not joking me and my sister are anti vax. My sis almost died at the age of three due to whooping cough and I was subject to the measly but somehow I’m still alive. The sad thing is that I’ll probably die at 20 because I thought that it would be fun to climb a mountain without a harness
    • I wouldn't say I know more than forensic scientists from watching the show, but I do know a bit more about pipe bombs than most of the people I know. Usually doesn't come up in conversation, but when it does, I feel like a creep
    • That’s how science deniers sound to climate scientists.
    • They had us in the 1st half
    • Government mandated vaxx meme
    • Duhh huhh antivax fahnni
    • Every comment I post saying that vaccines should be free so people don’t fucking spread diseases is just getting slandered. What a website...
    • Someone tell this to Donald Trump
    • But isn’t that how antivaxers sound to everyone?
    • They had us in the first half not gonna lie.
    • They had us in the first half. Not gonna lie
    • Vaccination is a freedom of speech. But sometimes, Karen, you need the shut the fuck up and swallow.
      thagabe 11d
    • They had us in the first half not gonna lie
    • Forensic files is a good show fr
      Codyyyy 11d
    • The worst part is that I read “Foreskin” not “forensic”
    • Had us in the first half not gonna lie
    • Stick your vaccinations up your ass enjoy you cure with strings attached.
      epwna 11d
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    • Do research in better places than FB. Find government funded pages that have info on them if you want to combat them, the government won't tell you much about the vaccines or anything but it's better than the amount of shit that gets posted on FB about it all.
    • Deep
    • Welp one more vax meme and I’m off to world star again. Left if because of the racism then came here and it’s 15 year olds that are also racist but also don’t know shit and pretend to and post the same fucking thing over and over and over and over and over and over. Brain washing at its finest
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    • “I’ve watched every episode of Vacation Vaccination”
      ttorres 11d
    • Apples and oranges
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    • And thats whats called the csi effect
    • It’s literally a problem that will solve itself
    • In the airforce, my mom was given vaccines for anthrax. Now she can’t wear makeup, pet dogs, or even put on germex without having an allergic reaction. All these things she could do before hand.
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    • Excuse me you mean ncis BitCH
    • That’s how politicians sound to climate scientists.
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    • I took forensics in like 11th grade. Fun class.
    • Fuck sake probably leaving I funny soon since it’s nothing but antivax memes now
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    • Had us in the first half not ganna lie
    • Foreskin Science
    • I was going to call her dumb but I guess she smart
    • We dont know what's in them.
    • Well when nurses don’t know the ingredients of vaccinations and tell me “It’s settled science” without showing me that science, people are skeptical.
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    • I’m just saying now most of the people on this cite never actually do any research they just go with the memes
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    • Thanks Canadian girl
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    • I think it’s crazy that if you question vaccinating in any way now days you are suddenly termed an “anti-Vaxxer” dumber than dirt idiot. Back off, I will question any and every decision that involves the health and future of my children and vaccines aren’t excluded from that realm.
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    • Oh my fucking god, fuck off with the vaccine features already
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    • Oh I get it, the joke is that this person thinks antivaxxers get their information from somewhere beside their own asses. That's pretty good.
    • dAiLy gOvErNmEnT MaNdAtEd pRo vAcCiNe mEmE https://ifunny.co/fun/U2iSqMsX6
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    • You really had us in the first half, not gonna lie.
    • Daily government mandated pro vaccine feature
    • All I gotta say is...look at the FDAs vaccine package inserts. Type in “flu vaccine package insert”. Got to the description section. And then come back to me. 😐
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    • Incorrect. Watching the whole series would give you a certain percentage of actual information. A more accurate estimate would be knowing all this forensic info from one episode of X-Files or something.
    • Now THAT is some fucking Truth fucking PREACH
    • As a nurse, I agree.
    • Well doctors and scientist used to support ciggarates for shit ton of years (1930-1960) so whats your point with this?
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    • im a forensic science major lmao. and yeah it’s absolutely nothing like the shows kids
    • I read it as she knows more about the science than scientists themselves as in their personal lives
    • I don’t know more than a forensic analyst but I do know a shit ton more than I should
    • That’s how climate change deniers sound to climatologists, or how “but muh two genders” people sound to psychologists.
      7 64
    • They had us in the first half not gonna lie
    • unfunny vaccine feature
      3 2
    • It would be more like only watching one season
    • Who tf is this bitch tho
      gifmun 12d
    • Why is it that you can only find that show when you’re in a hotel
    • Wow that's a really great way of putting it
    • This antivax shit is getting really old
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    • First half sounds like something Trump would say.
    • Hey fuck you! I've watched every episode of forensic files, while staying at a Holiday Inn Express. So ...suck mah balls!!
    • Sounds like greys anatomy viewers to me
    • Tf is forensic files
      zxasy 12d
    • Government mandated vaccine meme
    • The antivax is a movement that will solve itslef
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    • Or young/flat earthers, evolution, climate change...they’re all in the same category as antivaxers.
      Crisbob 12d
    • Subscribe to pepperoni
    • Except they dont know any better because they have autism.
    • Two vaccine features in a row, nice
    • If you’re for allowing women to murder their unborn babies in the name of “ my body my choice” but not for allowing people to decide whether or not they want vaccinations then you’re a hypocrite and your opinions are null
      dr8807 12d
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    • Whatta cutie
    • Foreskin science
    • Or climate change deniers to climatologists
    • You mean to tell me the X files isn’t a good way to learn about X’s...
    • Government should make vaccinations mandatory.
    • They had us in the first half not gonna lie
    • If our vaccines work then why does it matter what they do? An unvaccinated individual won’t cause a virus to evolve. Evolution is something that requires energy and will only be done when there is a need for it. If there are unvaccinated people then the virus will have no need to evolve.
      tevick 12d
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    • When the anti-Vaxxer big Chungus XD Edit: Thanks for gold!
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