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    • Imagine comparing a dick to horrible food that's pretty much the taste and health equivalent of licking the sidewalk
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    • You know McDonalds aignt that bad. It tastes fine. Ik its not healthy but every once in a while is fine.
    • Hahaha
    • I care what I put in my body so that's why I get fast food that's actually good
    • I eat McDonald's almost everyday and am healthier then most people I know
    • McDonald's is the Walmart of fast food, is that a good enough reason?
    • All about that double quarter pounder and a large fry 🤤😍
    • Why the fuck are a large number of females like this I don't understand it
    • “Mcdonalds is bad for you” *drinks starbucks everyday* Can we kill all women?
    • I don’t get it..?
    • Damn get fucked Stacy
    • Women bad 😂😂😂👌🏿👌🏿
    • McDonald’s is just gross in the first place
    • I’ve literally never met a girl who doesn’t like McDonald’s.....tf
    • I’m offended 😂
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    • Are you telling me, that cheap, convienance food is not the healthiest thing in the world?
    • I once found a booger in my McNuggets I haven’t been back to McDonald’s since
    • Stacy’s mom has got it going on anyway
    • I fucken love McDonald’s I just don’t say it because I’m scared that people will give me shit for it but hey that means I spend less money on outside food compared to them
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    • Someone post the "Destruction: 100 meme
    • I met a girl who posted “Im literally crying over a guy with heroin scabs” but also says “smoking is like, sooo gross”
    • I'm a decent cook, I just hate doing dishes so yeah I'm 1000% cool with McDonald's
    • Take me to McDonald's and ill be content
    • One time. At Applebee’s I put a Xanax in my bit
    • Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain't got a clue, All of these hoes I made off records I produced, I might take all my exes and put 'em all in a group
    • I like McDonald’s ....
    • I tell guys I'm tired of McDonald's. It's the only fast food I've eaten since living in this new town.
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    • My girl loves McDonalds but she stay fit and gorgeous af tho😤😤
    • McDonalds straight up has gross food tho.
    • Imagine getting offended that people like being healthy because they’ve internalized their own guilt and shame about being a lardo
    • Please take me to McDonald's. I will suck your cock for a Double quarter pounder with cheese.
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    • Lol but my Ex would always want to go to McDonald's
    • I’m literally on my way to McDonalds right now because my sister was there and got lonely.
    • I just like fries and chicken nuggets man
      Merori 14d
    • In the four years I was with my girlfriend, I never once took her to McDonald's. I took her to either Portillos, Red Robin, or Burger King because she was my princess who deserved the best and I loved her.
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    • Can't want your girl to be fit and then complain when she doesn't eat McDonalds anymore
    • Lol I'd go for a date at McDonald's idgaf. I mean, McDonald's, burger king, Wendy's, I love all that.
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    • Stacy has had several penises inside of her vagina, all belonging to less than savory individuals. Did anyone catch that part of the joke?
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    • Well dicks don't get left in a woman
    • Why did I read that with a southern accent
    • I just dont like their food that much, the chicken and french fries are the only thing I can actually eat there
    • Girls say you shouldn’t eat fast food l, meat or drink soda. Then they snort cocaine up their noses, drink Red Bull and beer religiously and swallow enough cum to fill a sperm bank
      Denbu 14d
    • I like making my own food I rarely go out or eat prepackaged stuff. Black bean burgers with batter fried fries 👌🤤
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    • How about they don't judge you for your eating habits, you don't judge them for their sex life and everyone minds their own business?
    • Bitches asking for Red lobster dick but her pussy McDonald's
    • Yeah fuck healthy people because they make better choices than me
    • McDonald’s is mad nasty, I like fast food, but I would eat rocks before I’d eat McDonald’s.
      5born2 14d
    • Yeah stacy
    • All these people talking shit about fast food when in reality they just pick one place they like and shit on everything else.
    • I only eat McDonald’s if I have to. If someone is going out to get McDonald’s , I’ll ask them if they can stop by another place, if they can’t or don’t want to, then I’m fine with eating it. I just don’t like the taste of McDonald’s food.
    • I eat lots of fruit ;)
    • Mcdonalds food is just bad lol like all fast food you just eat it when you have no time or money.
    • Yeah it's not that I care about that I just don't want to shell out the money for something I only enjoy drunk or stoned and even then I don't always want to when I can make something tastier in the comfort of my own home
    • It's always Stacy.😒😅
    • Fuck that I’d eat McDonald’s everyday of they kept what I wanted on the damn menu
    • My ex ate ass but wouldn’t eat Taco Bell.
      Omino 14d
    • Eating McDonalds once and a while doesn't magically make you fat, if you do basic fucking exercise there's no reason to get fat
    • What about people who don’t eat shit food and also don’t date shitty people 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    • *drinks a 600 calorie "coffee"*
    • I can't eat McDonalds without feeling regret and sadness afterwards.
    • Imagine naming your kid Stacy lmfao
    • Won't eat McDonalds, but you'll gladly stuff your nose with coke? Alright Sniffany
    • That's what I'm getting for lunch 💁🏻‍♀️
    • McDonalds just isn’t very good
    • McDonald's is gross tho
    • What's a girl?
    • dick at the very least makes people happy. McDonald's just makes everyone feel like shit.
    • Judging by how many times a month you get an abortion I don’t think so
      Zegop 14d
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    • McDonald's is just not good
    • mcdonalds is actually disgusting though
    • Stacy is a thot
    • Her mom has got it going on tho
    • Or they're all like "I don't eant any I'll get fat" then you get home and they eat your entire meal
    • I don’t eat McDonalds it’s as simple as that. Sorry that my parents cared enough about me not to feed me that junk.
      Dipl 14d
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    • apparently nobody likes mcdonald’s but there’s a reason they’re the biggest restaurant chain in the world
    • Hoes be hoes but they be acting like they ain't 😤
    • I’m more into her mom
    • My girlfriend is the Queen of our county from a pageant and her favorite restaurant of all time is McDonalds
    • Ohhhhhh oof
    • Having it monthly is okay, just having it on a daily basis is the problem
    • Depending on how I’m feeling, McDonalds is either the most disgusting food I’ve ever eating, or the most delicious thing on the planet
      Birbdy 14d
    • Idc if people don’t wanna eat at McDonald’s. It’s awful for you. But shut the FUCK up about I don’t fucking care if you don’t approve. The fries are fucking delicious
    • tea
      tyrai 14d
    • Fast food is disgusting so I honestly don't blame her
    • stpid
    • Should me more into her mom anyways.
    • Stacy be toxic af
      ONI28 14d
    • The snack wraps and fries are good tho
    • Only fat people eat McDonalds
    • I really just dont like mcdonalds though
    • It’s a superpower we guys have. We can tell what a scummy looking ‘boyfriend’ is actually about.
    • ehhh i fuck with McDonald’s
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