• i had a dream last night that mothman was getting sued by the state of west Virginia for accidentally breaking light posts and he hired me as his lawyer and in court i was like "now my client is a giant moth so you cant blame him for loving lights" and halfway through my speech i turned to address mothman and saw he was bumping into the courtroom lights and they broke and caused a power outage

    • VultureDroid
      That’s too coherent to be an actual dream. OP should’ve just admitted they made up a story they thought was funny
    • TheFalloutHandbook
      Don't worry, folks. I'm making sure there are not THOTS in the TC spots.
    • Iosefka
      I had a really fucking crazy dream last night that involved snakes, pokemon go, a refrigerator full of ice in the toy isle, my ex trying to get a ride from me and my cousin calling him gay, bicycles, a gun everyone wanted and dash from the incredibles and his sister was scarlet witch for some reason
      Iosefka 21d
    • Kew_pwn
      (((Heavy breathing)))
      Kew_pwn 20d
    • MyPhotoCommentCollection
      Hey you the guy who posted this! Can you delete top comment please
    • Rodrigo3106
      Dreams do be like that.
    • Naxyld
      I had a dream I had just gotten married and I was holding my new wife, riding in a limo. Only to wake up to my shitty reality where I have no gf, no car, and just a bunch of depression and anxiety can I please have top comment
      Naxyld 20d
    • Montana__med
      content not available more
    • Tsumibito
      There is no such things as courthouses in west Virginia only the court of moonshine
    • CrispyTater2342
      Thats the kind of fucking shit i only remember in the split second it takes me to wake up
    • ThatGuy312483
      I had a dream that the entire northeast US became zombies, but they could still communicate through zombie language. I was a soldier fighting them but got infected and joined them. Little did the zombies know I was a double agent and used a machine gun to mow them down when the humans attacked
    • Hex590
      I'm not a smart person but I've always wondered, is it easier to remember nightmares more than dreams? I swear I can remember more nightmares than dreams.
      Hex590 20d
    • jakesalvatori
      The Adventure Zone Season 2: Amnesty (2017-19)
    • StitchNeedsDesserts
      content not available more
    • fandomcurt
      I remember when i was still at the bedwetting age i would occasionally have these mundane dreams that i was in a store and when i went to the bathroom in the dream i wet the bed irl.
    • I_am_a_gorl
      West Virginia doesn’t exist
    • got_any_grapes
      i’m gonna say this isn’t real
    • DeepFried
    • _Influx_
      No you didn’t
    • LiberalAgenda
      Top comment and I stop posting porn
    • WLOPdeviant
      The thot has been slain
    • oofdude
      I had a great dream last night where the smile liking system was back and I could actually press all of the buttons since they weren’t too damn small (I’m not even joking I dreamt this).
      oofdude 21d
    • Numbuh_2
      I had a dream where I was Dilbert and then all of a suddent there was an alien invasion
    • AustraliaIsFake
      Translate to dumb plz
    • PurplePangolin
      Adventure zone amnesty
    • mothman_
      sorry guys
    • Imnotreal
      Can I have what your having
    • Hogwarts_Castle
      When I was a kid my friends and I loved the whole thought of monster living in the shadows and stuff like Slenderman and The Rake so we googled Mothman and a women in a bikini showed up and we were not allowed to use the computer for the rest of the month
    • RapidPhoenix
      Is it funny that I’m in West Virginia and I witnessed this
    • ThegreatConfederates
      Almost heaven West Virginia
    • hamer51
      So you dream in birdman attorney at law ?
      hamer51 20d
    • BeefyBurger
      Does anybody else get the "add phone number to protect account" thing and think the home button look like a boner at first?
    • SheT0okTheKids
      I live in WV. I saw mothman bumping street light in a gino’s pizza parking lot while rednecks with yeye trucks tried to feed it bud light
    • checauchees
      You weren't dreaming. You just wanted attention on the internet. Or high.
    • ButtNugget27
      I had a dream were I put my arm around this girl then she came home with me and we fucked then I found out she was my cousin
    • Bitchwtafuk
      How the fuck do people get these dreams, the only dreams I get is where I fuck up shit and then feel depressed, it’s like I lm fucking Gatsby all the damn time
    • ChaosReign115
      I thought that said Method Man
    • RoachSeedGaming
      This needs to be animated short
    • Skeletorial
      I dreamed that I shoved a chair up my ass, I forgot the rest of it
    • GaiusOctavius
      Why do people on Tumblr insist on lying about their dreams? Like instead of just telling a damn story they found funny they have to add the dream aspect
    • HistoryMaymees
      I usually just dream I'm going too fast going down the curvy roads near my home town and I lose control.
    • geewi
      "Just look at my client, cmon."
      geewi 21d
    • Hackzorer
      I had a dream once that made me wake up laughing so hard I was crying but I can’t remember what the actual dream was anymore
    • banallpitbulls
      You should just tell it as a joke instead of claiming you had a dream.
    • lil_succ
      had a dream where I was at target. these two hillbillies were assaulting me and I started throwing things at them and one reached into his pants to pull out some nut and when I turned around, there was a remote on the cart and was ringing, and when I grabbed it, i woke up and my friend was calling
    • saint_salty
      I had a dream where this random girl from another school showed up one day and for some reason could build like in Fortnite so she built a 1x1 and we fucked.
    • WhiteUser
      Did you guys check out the moth man cult?
    • nevernuttingagain
      I once had a dream where shrek and Kanye west were the same person
    • DatMemeDatBoi
      Wtf is ur mind
    • ronrisamurai
      Fuck tc saying it was made up. Just because he isn't creative enough to have dope ads dreams doesn't mean people don't get them. I believe it.
    • Xp1osevDiarrheah
      Last night I had a dream I was hanging out with Kratos and we were gathering wood. We then got into the cabin and I showed him Facebook and he said "Your people make no sense to me."
    • OkIahoma
      yea and i saw a ufo floating that told me to have a “goodyear”
    • Alelejandro
      Why is top comment hentai is this what this app is coming too?
    • Morgan___Freeman
      All I see is either “don’t let porn get tc” or porn. There is no in between
    • 8ustedNut
      Ok please for the love of God. Stop hentai shit from getting TC. I can't keep trying to explain to my mom that I'm not watching porn!
    • GoobyDog
    • Anjou
      Any true west virginian would know that mothman is actuallyour lieutenant governor
      Anjou 21d
    • Nightwolf357
      I had a dream that my my sister became a socialist, the dream basically ended with me chainsawing commies fucking doom guy style
    • AntiFeminismDaily
      These “last night I had a dream” posts are fun because you can make up any story and say “it was just a dream”. They can’t prove I didn’t dream that I married Luigi on the back of a $5 bill while I pimp slapped Obama. Try me!
    • Captain_Keyes
      Ok this was actually worth reading this was stuiped but funny
    • birbio
      Indrid no
      birbio 18d
    • gnatwithabat
      Ackshuahlly itth jutht a overthized thnowy owel
    • Yoda0527
      Almost heaven, West Virginia
    • Jim_Jammed
      It’s funnier if you misread bumping as humping
    • Invalid_Response
      Oh. Oh this is gold...
    • kLoE_
      I had a dream once that i gave birth to a fully grown Jeff Goldblum
      kLoE_ 19d
    • RealTrashman
      Oh, yeah? I had a dream where I was being attacked by aliens and the only currency valuable was Bitcoin. Bitcoin that was acquired by my pet piglet because she was Instagram famous.
    • 18_Ounces_of_Draino
      This sounds like an episode of Harvey Birdman
    • i8urmp3
      That’s pretty funny.
      i8urmp3 19d
    • grkn
      Y’all have some wild ass dreams my are boring as hell
      grkn 20d
    • ADragonEatingAMoon
      I had a dream where a tree ate me once but that's all I remember of it
    • CobaltBox
      I had a dream one day where the only was i could talk was if i squeezed a plastic bag
    • LoveCaptainEO
      I had a dream last night where I asked my dog to take a questionnaire and all the answers were woof, and I thought it was brilliant until I woke up. Also, this feature is fake.
    • PrincessPeach
      Yesterday I dreamed that I was still in the middle of my exams and had a math test I didn’t study for, I freaked out so bad
    • Buffsukiy
      The fresno nightwalkers are the coolest cryptids. Changr my mind
    • thatwhitekid292
      This happened in west virgina right?
    • Colonelherzog
      I have a dream, that Fallout 5 will be better than Fallout 76, and that no one wants to ask for refunds
    • communistdoggo10101
      County roads take me home
    • zxgzyxy
      Its the courthouses own fault for having all their lights connected in series.
      zxgzyxy 20d
    • SkinnySnorlaxC
      Bro the real question is how u remembered ur dream
    • Pissoffutard
      Limit the hard drugs before bed
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