• 420bakeit 6 dec
      3.1K 26
    • If you ever take a tab of LSD and it has a taste or smell to it spit it out. Pure LSD should be tasteless and scentless.
      Skoodge 6 dec
      2K 424
    • Nein likes and ill delete my account
      2Dvs3D 6 dec
      1.3K 113
    • One time I bought acid from a guy who normally put it on Sweet Tarts to sell. Well he ran out of candy so he used some Tums instead. So I've eaten acid on anti-acid
      420vacuums 8 dec
    • Remember: if it’s bitter it’s a spitter
    • Be trippin into necks week
    • *gets arrested again for drug possession*
    • Oh cool. A criminal just got fame and now will explode into a celebrity. Yay. Good job society.
      9 9
    • All these people thinking acid is addictive take acid and decide if you feel like doing it again 😂😂
      8 11
    • Mugshot #3 on the way know they know the mans got acid
      Gaaruto 7 dec
    • Niggas gonna be trippin till necks week
      8 1
    • That tab is gonna put him on the necks level
      8 3
    • Ay that ain't a sheet that's a quarter.
      8 1
    • So he’s out there still doing drugs when he has a chance to be a meme god
      8 4
    • Legalize and regulate acid
    • Okay so my brightness is down and I didn’t see his fingers so it looked like it was sitting on the floor and I was like “that’s fucking huge”
      7 1
    • Now he is going to get a new mugshot because of possession of lsd
    • You just incriminated yourself commiting a felony, congrats
      7 4
    • If he gets caught with that acid, he’ll have another mugshot
      Tuesday 6 dec
      6 1
    • Gonna be honest I just thought this guy was super fucking riped
      6 2
    • That's not a sheet of acid that's 1/4 a sheet
      silvad125 7 dec
      5 1
    • Why tf are you touching that shit with your bare hands
      5 6
    • It’s no fun when memes become self aware
    • About to get arrested for a third time tf
    • Lysergic acid is absorbed right through the necc
      5 1
    • He'll be in jail Necks week if he takes the acid
      6 1
    • It’s funny how many people will think they have acid just by giving them blotter. The only way to know for sure is with a legitimate test kit that can test for Nbome
      ripjose 6 dec
      6 11
    • I love that he accepts his meme hood.
      Oneironaut 6 dec
    • Changief 6 dec
      5 1
    • Meme culture is cool cause this dude went from a nobody with a abnormal neck to like a D list celebrity
    • How do you even get ahold of acid
      BigPastey 8 dec
      4 14
    • Quarter sheet but aight
    • Take the whole thing if you wanna trip until necks weeks
    • A sheet ain't 5x5. That's a mini post-it note
      joekjoey 7 dec
    • And boom. More prison time
      dogsnoopy 7 dec
    • Why’s this guy posting evidence of his possession of acid after he’s already been to jail once 😂 this mans fuckin stupid
    • Don’t touch with your bare hand 😣
      4 3
    • Be tripping till necks week with that much
      Tideez 6 dec
    • Now you gonna have another mug shot cause you just said you were given acid
    • He’s embracing that neck
      4 1
    • I was really hoping TC would go to a good neck joke. Better luck necks time...
      fosterszj 6 dec
    • Man ive been getting a strong acid vibe from ifunny lately. Who here actually doses?
      HDKing 6 dec
      4 17
    • That's not a sheet of acid a sheet is 100 tabs
      vhush227 6 dec
    • Back to jail he goes
      rmadd 6 dec
    • That's a quarter sheet
      4 12
    • Imagine taking the whole ass sheet for the sake of thicc neck
      EggFucker_ 6 dec
      4 5
    • Sharena 6 dec
    • That low quality sheet is mostly likely not gunna be acid but something more dangerous
      3 2
    • That's actually only a quarter sheet though
      MetalG88 8 dec
    • You've been arrested twice, and you decided posting a picture of you in possession of an entire sheet of acid was the smartest idea you could have
      3 2
    • Oops back to jail
      Alycatz 7 dec
    • This is fake because he already has the profile
    • The trip is that it makes your neck feel huge af
    • Stop making criminals famous
      4 2
    • Pop that quad in your mouth pussy
      Drew_berry 6 dec
    • Wide neck in the sky with diamonds
      Marlboro 6 dec
    • It’s a necks level high if you take the whole sheeting
      PRoA 6 dec
    • *Quarter sheet
    • Am I stupid for thinking acid was a pill
      3 18
    • That's not a sheet.
      novami 6 dec
      3 1
    • Last time I took acid I thought I was in some Brazilian live leak video and thought I got shot multiple times in the head and died. Had some very good trips though so I’m not gonna judge it from that one experience
      Rasketta 6 dec
      3 4
    • Is this why he got arrested again?
    • A sheet is 100 hits not 25
      3 2
    • That's a quarter sheet of acid
      THan91 7 dec
    • IRLHistory 7 dec
    • He isn't famous, he is infamous. There is a difference.
    • That ain't no sheet bitch
      conrp 6 dec
    • That’s 25 not a sheet
    • How to break your parole 101
    • I’d buy a whole bible with his face on each tab
      iDuhBoi 6 dec
    • What would happen if I put that entire thing in my mouth
      2 7
    • On a tab of acid.... Wonder why he got arrested
      TheCJ 6 dec
      2 3
    • You’re not famous, you’re a meme.
    • how much does acid cost? for research..
      cozyyote 6 dec
      2 12
    • That's a little too mu... fuck it. Have fun
      MrGolfball 6 dec
      3 2
    • Hanare 6 dec
    • So wait all I have to do is be famous and I get free acid
      Coolminko 6 dec
    • We really making criminals famous now hey?
      3 1
    • Is that a micro sheet or do you have fucking crab claws
      2 1
    • put the whole sheet in ur mouth
      2 3
    • what happens if you eat that while sheet
      2 28
    • Put some respek on muh neck
    • How to capitalize on unexpected clout 101
      davidddd 6 dec
    • Yo why is he holding it with his bare hands. He about to trip balls
      CANfilms 6 dec
      2 6
    • "Save the neck for me Clark!" -cousin Eddy
      eassonova 6 dec
    • That's not a full sheet but ight
      tilferd 6 dec
    • Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mask
    • Hopefully he stops doing meth with his new found fame lol
    • Mmmm, the sweet look of 25 felonies.
      Testickler 6 dec
    • Is that wide neck, man he don't want no smoke
    • For real? You not have internet
    • Lick the whole sheet
    • Acid you say
    • Anyone else have their brightness down and just tough he had staved himself with the paper
      Fat_Frog 6 dec
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