• I armer spen s 16 years stuoylng I aw by himself so he could sue a powerful chemical firm for polluting his land' - and he wins he first round
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    • Sir_Raichu
      Wins first round? Is it like a boxing match over there for justice
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    • dontduckwithme
      Monsanto fucking sues people because their products spread by bugs and wind into farmers land who don’t use their shit
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    • wydo
      It's a big deal because most over there can't fight giant companies. When a US or Canadian citizen sticks it to a big agriculture company it becomes huge huge news in parts of Europe.
      wydo 8d
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      That's what it takes to curb corruption? Fuck, we are lazy assholes.
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    • ThatCorgiGuy
      I fucking hate companies that do that. A majority of my state is infertile, or sterile because of those goddamn pesticide companies. It seeps into our water, and our food, and we eat it. I may not be able to have a kid because of them.
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    • Sacrifar801
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    • Nuclear_touch
      But people still complain about not knowing how to do taxes when they have the knowledge of the entire human race in their hand
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    • tas72
      Dont worry the government will bail out the chemical company, then execute the farmer.
      tas72 8d
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    • Garfiere
      A man with that level of dedication should be feared by all.
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    • PublicNuisance
      Kinda surprised the Chinese government didn't just cap this guy
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      Farming is not only hard work, it takes alot of knowledge and decision making.
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    • Peanutpolitics
      His name is Wang Enlin, and he only received a third grade education.
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    • mylife59
      It’s honest work
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    • laker95
      Imagine how many people he may have poisoned if the whole thing happening for 16 years, assuming he was still selling crops during that time.
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    • Mikescool16
      You gotta be hella smart to farm in modern times. You have to understand a ton about soil and how and when things grow, be able to effectively organize laborers, and maintain solid relationships with buyers of produce
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    • AlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia
      16 years? It only takes 8 to get a PhD dude was real slow
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    • RIA7F
      It ain’t much but it’s honest work
      RIA7F 8d
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    • texas663
      The Jew fears the samurai
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    • MasterofDeath1
      It ain’t much but it’s honest work
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    • meowstical
      Basically huge chemical companies are spraying thier crops and thier crops are spreeding the seeds that have been sprayed to other farmers crops so thier crops are the chemical companies property
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    • Johnny_Reb
      It’s much, but ain’t honest work
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    • ItsArthurMorgan
      Monsanto can suck a dick with their genetically modified crops and no seed collecting policies
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    • ajmataj
      That man has heart. A guy in my city is pissed about his house addition dimensions violating city ordinance and is running for mayor just to allow it.
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    • fishermannn
      Find what you’re passionate about and nothing is impossible
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    • CaptainDsNuts
      Some of the smartest and richest people I've met are farmers
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    • JETSofHELL
      I would never let my friends control the farms in minecraft they would never understand
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    • JsonTheRandom11
      I love how specific this meme is, I’ve only seen it used a couple of times but by god do they fit and it gets me everytime
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    • FatherSergius
      Jesus 16 years?
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    • Arlaul
      It took him 16 years to "win the first round" sounds like the chemical company already won.
      Arlaul 8d
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    • HomieTheClown
      16 yrs. studying law ? Nigga probably forgot what he was suing for
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    • bobnugget94
      Does anybody know if at&t would take me to court over $500
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    • POXNOX1
      It’s not much...
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    • DankestEevee
      Modern problems require modern solutions
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    • Thundercheif1
      The power of doing something outa pure spite is unrivaled
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    • ALWAYs_being_Funny
      I honestly want to learn how to farm so I can grow my own nectarines and shit
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    • ROAnoaZoro
      What is this meme even from like who the heck is he talking to
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    • StewieVengeance
      16 years? It was much and was honest.
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    • JaredMc
      It ain't much but it's honest work
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    • Barockmobamba
      All that time for a drop of Justice?
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    • M0NA
      Why would it take you 16 years.
      M0NA 8d
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    • Diddy_Trump
      Did u really have to study law for a case that was clearly in your favor?
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    • BeannStalk
      It ain't much but its honest work
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    • Kryptonite224
      I love the emergence of the Director Krenic meme
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    • _DunhamTWP_622_
      Hey, farming has the ability to make you hundreds of thousands per year, depending on what you farm, how good you are, the weather, your employees, and the economy
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    • TheInfiniteRick
      Almost like that one blacklist episode. “Oh shit!” *calls Reddington*
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    • Urdadsbestbud
      What’s this movie on the bottom
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    • Moshigal156
      Hell yeah
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    • TheStainSpecialist
      Why is polluting his land in quotation
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    • CleverPseudonym
      It ain't much but its honest work
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    • What_are_you_facking_gay
      He needs an honorary degree in law
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    • Wetmouth
      We are just one big pimple on earths ass
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    • MoistGluten
      It’s not much, but it’s honest work
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    • DobbyIsAFreeElf
      Welcome to capitalism, people. A person has to dedicate 16 years of their life to stop a corporation from doing something wrong, and we glorify it. Capitalism does not make the 99% happy, it makes the 1% happy at the cost of the 99%, and they still accept it
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    • PotatoeMan999
      Mega oooooooof
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    • manguyperson
      Man commits "suicide" a week later.
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    • Recreation
      Probably be easier to hire a lawyer
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    • JrDragster120
      It ain’t much but it’s honest work
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    • Themostsavagecanadian
      Man could probably save the world
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    • FuckBoizNeverDie
      It took him 16 years. Most law schools are 3 years long. I wouldn’t call that talent
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    • nmerc74
      It's a peaceful life
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    • DiamondGunner520
      GMO products are really good for humanity.
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    • MKAF
      Fuck Monsanto
      MKAF 9d
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    • RiggityRekt
      It's much, but its honest work
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    • shakesbear
      Could just hire a lawyer
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    • TheGhostOfPepsiDragon
      It ain't much, but its honest work.
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    • Gone_Fission
      Everyone thinks of farmers as stupid or uneducated. They are only right a lot of the time.
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    • _Clean_Sanchez_
      Farming is a badass fucking job. someday I will grow tobacco and hemp and cannabis and all of you will buy it from me.
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    • TheSoyBoy
      He then committed suicide with three rounds to the back
    • Nicolio
      The tags...
    • Aothei verified
      god level
      Aothei 8d
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    • eskimopies
      I would have spent about 16 minutes looking for a lawyer. Corporate Chemical pollution of farm lands / crops seems like an open and shut case.
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    • iaintsorry
      tbh if we can get over a million people for a halftime show to sign a petition lets get monsanto raised
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    • Bolivia
      This app is fucking garbage. Delete it now and save yourself the hassle
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    • VocalMushroom
      It's not much but it's honest work
    • RegginV2
      This is stolen from r/prequelmemes
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    • altruisticbutterfly
      Candle store person
    • TyIenoI
      why not just get a lawyer
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    • CaptainObvious117
      Lawyers man....
    • RaizaGuns
      You know he had to do it to em
    • Unashen
      Fuck Monsanto.
    • Sanguinary_Guard
      16 years?
    • No_coitus
      lawyers... anyone?
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    • drb09
      meanwhile im not even patient enough to wait in line behind two people
      drb09 5d
    • xemantheory
      Rogue one was fuckn sick man
    • FezWorm
    • ccccx
      I thought this was some hunger games post
      ccccx 7d
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    • RobstarDaLobstar
      So he was still knowingly using polluted land to grow his stuff and sell it to people for 16 years?
    • MedicalMechanica
      That was an okay movie
    • iBeatBoxz
      I thought those 2 were the same person
    • tangoGSC
      I guess it wasn't honest work
    • IAmTheFortress
      Round one.......F I G H T ! !
    • MerctheMarine
      I mean, If it took the man 16 years then I'd just let him win. What a fucking waste of life
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    • kkhhlljj
      Hey! He learned the devils tongue so he could feed people. He a good man
    • Snazzyaccount
      But how much did he spend to study law?
    • LizardStick
      Or you could just get a lawyer and do the same exact thing without having to go to law school about it. Kinda dumb tbh
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    • thetrapOGKK
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