• AuntJememe
      You think that’s fun, you should see how it tastes
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    • TheAlmightyZoink
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    • MDMAcivic
      IDK why everyone is freaking out. I played with Mercury when I was little and I still have all 12 fingers and 16 toes.
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    • PizzaTimes
      It's galium. It's like Mercury, it's melting point is so low that just the warmth of your body can melt it in your hand. Upvote so people can see
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    • PlugRunner
      I actually played with mercury from a broken thermometer as a kid, and unfortunately I am still alive.
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    • Blopp
      It's gallium, not mercury. Gallium's melting point is low enough to melt in your hand. It's nontoxic. That said, mercury is actually relativity safe to handle barehanded, as long as you don't have open wounds
      Blopp 9d
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    • Mr_Hyde_
      Natural selection will come for that one
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    • Aaron_pom_
      The actual substance in the pic is prolly gallium
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    • Puff_Daddy
      And that ladies and gentlemen is called natural selection...
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    • Inglorious_right
      Actually that's gallium. If anyone has ever looked in a thermometer, the mercury is red. Thanks for reading
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    • Spectreboi
      1 Mercury is safe to handle as long as you have no cuts or anything 2 that's gallium
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    • GreyDongle
      Elemental mercury is safe to touch as long as it doesnt enter your body in any way, diethyl mercury is the scary shit you dont want to fuck with
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    • NocaToca
      For everyone arguing over whether its mercury or gallium
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    • AgentJeffy
      Mercury in that state is not what's dangerous. The pores in your skin are too small for mercury to permiate through. Mercury's REAL hazard is if it becomes airborne and breathed in. At that point your body readily absorbs it and you can get poisoning from it. Smile to spread the information.
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    • VCmemetime
      Shhh just let natural selection do its thing
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    • InPain
      Jokes aside i think what's in their hand is Gallium. I metal that reaches its melting point in the warmth of your hand. Its safe to handle, and if you put it on anything made of tin it will make it crumble and rip like paper. (For instance, an empty soda can)
      InPain 10d
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    • AntiChungusAssociation
      It will be absorbed through your skin even without cuts, if that is mercury. The term mad hatter came from the middle ages when hatters were using mercury to make hats and over time the mercury on their bare hands would soak into their bloodstream causing mental disorders and death
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    • PhilSwift_Official
      Cancer has joined the chat:
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    • iCarlyFetish verified
      This is elemtal Mercury it's perfectly safe to touch
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    • Maniacal_Matt
      People used to play with Mercury back then but some genius found out that if you held it in your hand the puddle started to get smaller and smaller
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    • JustNoBody2anybody
      Unpopular fact, mercury in its liquid state is barely dangerous and about as poisonous as lead, when it's a gas it's much more dangerous
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    • Madmaster71
      That happened to my mom when she was in highschool. She said she thought the exact same thing. she rolled it around in her hand it turned her gold ring silver. And the whole school was evacuated
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    • Jonnyboii_98
      There's a liquid metal that looks exactly like mercury, it's called gallium, you can ingest it and you'd be fine.
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    • Hysteria
      Mercury niggas about to go at it with the gallium niggas
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    • LewdBanana
      Liquid Mercury contact won't do anything if it comes into contact with your skin, idk why people think you will literally fucking die if you touch it
      smile 9 reply 5
    • DJ_The_Anarchist
      Unless you eat it or get it in a cut or have a massive quantity of it in an enclosed space with you at elevated temperatures mercury won't kill you. Y'all acting like its instant die juice.
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    • memebender
      Boys it's liquid gallium, it has the same look as mercury but it's completely safe to handle
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      It’s unicorn blood 🙄🙄🙄 have y’all never seen Harry Potter😂
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    • Lil_MethPipe
      Pictures taken months before disaster
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    • bandi2891
      Really hope that's actually gallium and this person isn't a complete fucking idiot
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    • iKev
      Diethyl-mercury will literally make you lose your mind as your cognitive functions slowly erode. You will lose your ability to function properly over the course if a few months before ultimately dying. This shit looks like Gallium, a metal that has a boiling point of roughly 30 degrees centigrade.
      iKev 9d
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    • therealhamsv6
      Forbidden syrup
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    • thejokersrighthand
      This persons fucked. Mercury is a heavy metal(like lead) that soaks through the skin and can give a person numbness, loss of memory, and more....good luck bud....
      smile 8 reply 3
    • Zenith12
      Also that's probably Gallium or Indium.
      smile 8 reply 5
    • unholycrusader
      That is gallium not Mercury you liar
      smile 8
    • Jon171
      Mercury isn't really dangerous to touch for a short time unless there's a way for it to get into your system. If it was dimethylmercury that bitch would be dead within a year by a single drop.
      Jon171 9d
      smile 8 reply 1
    • bunkerbomb
      Natural selection strikes again
      smile 8
    • CryingJordan
      Sometimes I like my own comment to get the ball rolling. But only sometimes.....
      smile 10
    • superpilotdude
      The stuff in the picture is Gallium. It’s melting point is just under body temperature. It not harmful to hold and you can buy it online.
      smile 8 reply 8
    • wolfwud
      I'm assuming that's gallium because nobody is stupid enough to play with Mercury, right?
      wolfwud 10d
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    • ksprited
      Too bad it's gallium
      smile 8
    • Luci_
      That's gallium, look at how its solidifying on the surface in the pool. Mercury doesn't do that, also there isn't that much in most old school thermometers.
      Luci_ 10d
      smile 8 reply 2
    • Randomshitwhateves
      This is Gallium it is okay to handle it with a bare hand. For those thinking this is mercury, they stopped using that in thermometer years ago. Gallium has a very low melting point which makes it perfect for thermometers.
      smile 8 reply 2
    • gman4161
      It's okay to touch as long as you have no cuts or anything. Should prolly still wear gloves tho
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Lonk
      That's Gallium. Even if it were mercury, it's safe to touch. Only eat if you wanna die. Like me
      Lonk 10d
      smile 8 reply 17
    • Mcmanchuria
      Liquid mercury is fine to touch as long as you do not ingest it or let it get into your wound
      smile 8 reply 11
    • Goldfour
      Mercury is only dangerous if you drink it or breathe in it's evaporated form. You can play with it in small amounts and it's still safe. Just don't do it too often
      smile 8
    • epic_face01
      Mercury is actually harmless unless ingested and it's to heavy to be absorbed through the skin and with its high surface tension its very hard unless ingested however you should still wear gloves to be safe from any cuts or scratches
      smile 8 reply 1
    • LickMyLeedle
      Touching elemental mercury isn't that dangerous- you just need to make sure you dont have any cuts it can get into. Organic mercury is the one that can dissolve into your skin.
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    • B0WS3TT3
      Lucky your not a dancer, because you've got Cancer!
      smile 7
    • torn8o88
      Try using it as lube! It's great!
      smile 7
    • TheTalented
      My dog ate this stuff one time when I was little lol, I haven't seen her in years, my mom said she ran away :/
      smile 7
    • Jake_From_StateFarm______
      Mercury can give you brain damage that's not saf... you already... have břąïņđåmăğə
      smile 7
    • HappilyTaken
      Natural selection, anyone?
      smile 7
    • MeatyMemer
      That’s mercury, oh ya, don’t get it in a cut, or something else that has blood coming out or you’ll get mercury poisoning
      smile 7
    • Mubdub
      Guy should go into hat making.
      Mubdub 8d
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    • qwerty11223344
      My high school once got evacuated and shut down for a mercury spill.
      smile 7
    • the_hoff96
      Only real niggas know thats gallium
      smile 7
    • canihiturjuulfam
      population control at its finest
      smile 7
    • skrillex4367
      Oh no
      smile 7
    • TheGreatGrim
      That’s gallium lol. Mercury doesn’t have that sort of viscosity & elasticity
      smile 7
    • CitizenNappa
      Natural selection
      smile 7
    • That_one_assassin
      I accidentally drank mercury form a thermostat when I was a kid the voices say I'm fine though
      smile 7
    • RedTheThief
      Forbidden sauce
      smile 7
    • MechEngStudent
      PSA: This is Mercury, not Gallium. Mercury is used for two reasons in a thermometer: 1) it has high density so it's not as sensitive, and 2) it has a high coefficient of thermal expansion which allows us to measure the difference in height to gauge relative temperature.
      smile 7 reply 3
    • isotope2
      It’s funny bc they stoped putting mercury in thermometers a long time ago
      smile 7
    • FlatOutTruth
      Unsafe: touching mercury Safe: putting mercury in a vaccine and injecting it directly into your bloodstream
      smile 8 reply 12
    • JackTheRipper01
      And so natural selection begins to makes its choice.
      smile 7
    • John_A_Tron
      That’s gallium, a metal with a really low melting temperature(can melt in hot water) so he used it in liquid state as mercury
      smile 7 reply 2
    • Reichdeer
      Thats organic mercury not elemental mercury, he's fine.
      smile 9 reply 3
    • DarkViruz
      All these people saying "he's dead" don't know basic chemistry. Mercury ions are bad for you. Elemental mercury is fine. They only banned mercury because politicians make laws not scientists
      smile 8 reply 4
    • Deathmanyay
      You are part of the reason thermometers don’t have mercury in them anymore.
      smile 7
    • FunnyMan43
      Freddy mercury joined the chat
      smile 7
    • redivider
      Natural selection, do your thing
      smile 7
    • Nydus_Nexus
      Everyone thinking that the picture is mercury, but its actually gallium
      smile 8
    • ChristopherLake
      The photo might use gallium as a stand in for Mercury for the joke
      smile 7
    • alexbeanz0
      Next up:children eating mercury for the 'merc' challenge
      smile 7
    • Charismar
      Mercury is more liquidy, that’s either gallium or soder
      smile 7 reply 1
    • R6_Caveira
      That’s probably Gallium not Mercury
      smile 7 reply 6
    • Mikersoft_Vindows
      It's just gallium in this pic lol
      smile 7
    • Hysteria
      Look at all these chemists in here
      smile 7 reply 2
    • Eeevaaa
      I've seen Harry Potter, you can't fool me. That's unicorn blood
      Eeevaaa 10d
      smile 7
    • ryanisme55
      My father was a high school physics teacher in the 1970s and used to poor it over his hand every year as a demonstration...he’s 74...no cancer yet
      smile 7 reply 1
    • TheAnimeMan
      Btw, you won’t actually get hurt if you touch mercury. Unless you have a cut, or ingest it, nothing will happen. Search “Cody’slab Mercury” on yt to see a guy put his hand in Mercury
      smile 7 reply 2
    • MrSockez
      That's obviously gallium. Mercury thermometers haven't been a thing for like 20 years
      smile 7 reply 5
    • Dyantheread
      Natural selection will run its course
      smile 7
    • iIIustrator
      He's really holding Gallium, a metal with the same melting point as a chocolate bar and is super fun to play with in liquid form. I highly suggest getting a tube on Amazon to mess around with
      smile 8 reply 4
    • Reeses_stuff
      That's gallium, also you can handle mercury safely with no gloves if you don't have any cuts and wash your hands thoroughly
      smile 7
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