• HUMAN BODY: I can grow a fully formed human baby in like 9 months. I'm talking brain, functioning respiratory system, eyeballs, everything. ME: Cool, cool. How long Will it take for my twisted ankle to feel better? HUMAN BODY: 7 years and it will never be the same.
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    • Budder398
      Stem cells, son
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    • Nointerestingname
      Since this will get lost in the comments, I shove dildos in my ass..... Horizontally
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    • ImNervous
      Just cum in your ankle and there will be a new fully formed ankle in 9 months
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    • JosephJoest4r
      Not a red username in sight.... Beautiful
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    • jasonjax94
      Pro: you can grow a new ankle. Con: it’s not your ankle
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    • JohnBlazeAADTC
      I suffered what my doctor liked to call a "snowboards fracture" in my ankle 3 years ago. To this day, every once in a while my ankle randomly gives out, causing sprain-like pain. I'm living the good life.
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    • Sukaro
      iFunny: I'm one of the biggest meme platforms Me: Cool how long will it take to fix your crashing problems. iFunny: Never!
      Sukaro 18d
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    • Vaginal_Bleeding
      Biologically our purpose is to make as many babies as possible and then die.
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    • wyattemerson03
      The secret ingredient is jizz
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    • Im_Lying_To_You
      It’d be cool if my body could create a baby. But all it creates is a small white substance called sperm
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    • ferraripilot
      And the state of NY just said that baby can be aborted on the due date. Yet it’s double murder to kill a pregnant mother, and a pregnant rhino in a zoo has more rights and protection for their baby. FU Democrats.
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    • TylerProbst
      Why did humans put such little stat points into regeneration, but enough into reproduction to unlock the pleasure perk
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    • Billothy
      Bruh fr tho. I sprained my ankle a year and a half ago and it still hurts if I'm on it very much
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    • MuscleMannn
      Roll your ankle once and you’ll be rolling the same one for the rest of your life.
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    • lopezthemag
      Your body doesn't have the stem cells to repair damage in those areas. If we were to have stem cells all over the place to regenerate parts or even just to fix it, your chances of having cancer will increase and your body will put so much energy to control those cells.
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    • Truckie1
      Yet in some parts of this country it is now legal to kill that fully formed human being before it is born. Sad times. May god have mercy on our souls.
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    • DaGrenadeer
      We're not fully developed when we're born. All births are technically premature because our heads are too big. Also why other mammals can walk almost immediately but we have to wait about a year or two
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    • Ethan5bradshaw
      Maybe if I nut in my ankle it’ll fix
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    • jakecboehm
      Broke my pelvis when I was 14 in three places. Left leg is still weaker than my right and I walk like a gay penguin
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    • SirWilsonBarnabus
      Then in NY you can murder that baby 5mins before you birth it
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    • Sharptrucker3651
      New York: "Cool cool, but we're still going to kill you."
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    • MrJack
      You have to stretch it every day until you and your shitty ankle both die.
      MrJack 17d
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    • gunkguy
      Yeah you can make a human life if you don’t abort it
      gunkguy 18d
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    • Five_Foot_Psycho
      To be fair, creating a fully functioning human is actually a two person job.
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    • DeityJemima
      It's because everything after 12 years old is dlc and your body's Dev team gives the fuck up after the sex organs and weird hair everywhere updates..
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    • Blink_182_For_Life
      Abortion is murder. Change my mind
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    • Chomuggaacapri
      Babies aren’t fully formed though. Relative to the rest of the animal kingdom, humans come out RIDICULOUSLY underdeveloped because our heads are so big that if they grew for much longer than 9 months they wouldn’t fit out of the birth canal.
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    • MC_Mom
      People who have ankle injuries is this true? Is it always easier to roll or injure again?
      MC_Mom 18d
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    • RavynLiam
      Doctor warned me that if I kept twisting my ankles that they would have to break them & be casted to allow them to heal better.
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    • Clorox______Bleach
      Knee problems? That won't heal. Get surgery to clean it up but even then itll never be the same
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    • Datylerguy2
      Top comment gay therefore if I get top comment I am gau
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    • Drake_BeII
      Fun fact: if you work out and eat healthy you'll heal faster than anyone else
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    • mobd
      women dont build babies they just activate it using sperm and the baby grow by itself change my mind
      mobd 16d
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    • Mcohan12
      so you can grow a new ankle, just not your own.
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    • ReducedExpectations
      That's what the child is for, replacement parts
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    • smuigna
      i can still hear the piece of broken bone in my skull from when i was shot 15 feet in the air. jump roping is hard 😔
      smuigna 17d
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    • sweet_dick_eli
      You forget the best part...i can grow a fully functional human in only 9 months....and then abort it. ...liberal logic
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    • iTrashKitten
      I fucked up my ankle when I was about 7 and it still gives me hell whenever I run or put pressure on it after not using it for a while.
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    • BasedGodJamie
      Elephants have a gestation period of almost 2 years and rodents are pregnant for about 12-20 days. Those human numbers are weak either way.
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    • PiousPuddle
      Humans are weak to be honest. A super beefcake muscle guy still dies from a gunshot
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    • Mikasa_TollzZz
      I twisted my ankle 10 years ago. I’m still fucking suffering.
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    • Solaire
      I had an ankle injury that never healed correctly so now my ankle’s mobility is fucked and I have to wear a brace every time I play sports because it rolls so frequently
      Solaire 18d
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    • fAnDoMs_UnItE4
      Pro: you can grow a new ankle Con: it’s not yours
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    • StickyFingers
      Literally my ankle
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    • NoobishSalamence
      Pro: you can grow a new wrist. Con: it's not your wrist
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    • Gamingfanboy
      Pros and cons of the human body . Pro : you can make a new ankle . Con : it’s not your ankle
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    • rightydipshit_
      I recently sprained my ankle by jumping over a velvet rope while shouting “I’m Gay!” And landing on my foot weird
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    • YouTube_JUN6L3
      Repost trash ass feature wow
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    • ZerosPhantom
      Technically according to the idiot Governors today, a baby doesn't exist until its outside of the womb. And even then it's okay to kill it if the mother doesn't want it.
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    • Thecrazyfighter19
      Yeah this is what I need after dislocating my knee for the first time
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    • poopnpoop
      Feminist: can I kill it a few seconds before its birth or are my rights infringed upon
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    • Jorik_Graeim
      Maybe we could heal ourselves properly if boomers would let us study stem cells
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    • tbenitex
      facts i’ve sprained both ankles twice and i broke my right ankle once, now they pop and/or cramp if i run up stairs before like walking normally
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    • memelord2701
      Good news you can grow a new knee. Bad news it won’t be your own.
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    • kaiseretter20
      Abortion is murder. Change my mind
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    • Spruce_Block
      That why I love being a block of wood. No legs no problem
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    • MelodicMetal
      I know cum on your ankle
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    • Monkeyplay525
      I mean I twisted my ankle a while ago it isn’t the same but it wasn’t career shattering and it only took a few weeks to heal it was very minor though like no torn ligaments
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    • DelusionalGrandeur
      Except you'll need to raise AND fend for said baby for 20+ years til it can truly fend for itself
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    • ScorpionWing
      Feminists brain' this thing growing in me that will eventually think and talk doesn't deserve to live because I don't feel like dealing with it
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    • BiggieGustavo
      Just nut on your leg
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    • nickisgreat2
      This makes my peepee milk finally feel like it has a purpose
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    • MassEffectAndMore
      Our bodies are so afraid to mess up nerves during the healing process that they just kind of don't even try
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    • DarthHydra
      Bruh I hurt my knee playing pickup basketball last year in September and I still can’t bend my knee all the way
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    • beep_bop_boop
      To be fair, the ravages of pregnancy are permanently altering as well; a woman’s body is never what it was before and for some, never will be.
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    • JR_Riddle
      Abortion: that's where you wrong kiddo 👉😎👉
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    • XTweet
      Goddamnit I just made nachos
      XTweet 17d
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    • eZSlayerD
      Yeah all cool until the New York laws about abortion kill them up to birth
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    • Membracid
      If women can generate why can’t they regenerate?
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    • SpiderMan
      Wish we could just regrow ourselves instead of new people
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    • theRealOGGod
      Stem cell research needs to be funded more
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    • _What_Am_I
      Your cells are replaced roughly every 6 months so any injuries longer then that are crazy
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    • gravytra1n
      True I broke my ankle skateboarding and I still can’t walk without pain
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    • MrZ3r0
      Its due to the fact that a “twisted ankle” means you’ve messed up the ligaments/ tendons. These dont have very good blood supply so it takes a long time to heal
      MrZ3r0 18d
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    • WorldEaterJr
      Humans are so damn weak
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    • dndxvjid
      More like a week or two you fag
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    • TheAngryPilot
      We could do more research with stem cells, but a bunch of bible thumping morons think thats not right
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    • Expolsive
      New York can now abort a baby at 9 months, they stick scissors in its head.
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    • fdncdfhsjbzvbcs
      content not available more
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    • ChristopherNoah
      You dont grow the body. Your just what holds it and nurtures is. The cells multiply after the sperm and egg meet and starts to form the fetus. The cells do the work. Not Your body. Technically a baby is a parasite. As it just sits inside you and takes your nutrients
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    • Eddiy
      And apparently it is completely allowed to rip apart a fully formed, pain-feeling human one minute before they are born in New York.
      Eddiy 18d
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    • sammoreofthat
      Obviously you have to put your ankle inside you
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    • PigeonOfficial
      at that point just cut off your leg and get a cool robot leg
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    • somethingimnotsurewhat
      Not fully formed if it was fully formed it would be about 5'9 and about 150 lbs
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    • Draxx
      *Grabs shotgun
      Draxx 18d
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    • _y0_
      I pulled a groin muscle during soccer probably 7 years ago and it still hurts from time to time
      _y0_ 18d
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    • Disco
      Never twisted or broken anything so can't relate gang rise up
      Disco 18d
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      I’m going to take one for the team, goodbye straight life, goodbye datyler.
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    • Vaulty
      Vaulty 18d
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    • StupidTroll
      Upvote this to get a red username 😳
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    • Manchester
      I twisted my knee really bad falling on some ice and it still fucking hurts right the fuck now
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    • Lonely_Fvck
      "awesome! How long will it take me to grow a full beard?" "15 years, but your ass will be a jungle in 5"
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    • Lowrinse
      Tfw you go gay for Top Comment
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    • TKeks
      If by fully functional you mean helpless and useless for about 15 years then yeah...
      TKeks 12d
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    • BigBatNegan
      It's legal to kill babies now rejoice my fellow baby slayers
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