• How to get a depressed Girl to fall for vou
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    • ImFinnaCommit
      Literally what I said to this depressed girl when I met her and she liked me
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    • Kazootie
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    • YuriSenpai
      I went to see that movie high asf and I would recommend that to ANYONE, the visuals are so spectacular
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    • AgentVenom1
      Difference is not all depressed girls are hot asf like Gwen. If they are, they'll find a new man faster than Miles spidey senses
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    • ShrekLord121
      Low key, she banging hot
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    • spiceydeepfriedpeepee
      He touched her without consent. He’s telling her that it be like that without her asking. He’s telling her what to feel.
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    • cringemastr69
      Gwen is fine af change my mind
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    • Webbraham
      Hi, I’m 23, I know the fbi will be called, but Gwen Stacy is cute
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    • iLjs
      You’re da sunflowaaaaa I think your love would be too much
      iLjs 22d
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    • MilkMilkM
      Gwen could get it she is fucking hot. I would fuck her any day.
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    • LegendaryRex
      Gwen can catch the dick
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    • RandomFucking
      Nah niggs find a broken depressed girl with daddy issues and say you're pretty and I love you. By the end of the day she will be schlobing on your knob
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    • HotDong
      I’m a guy but if I girl said that to me, I would suck her dick.
      HotDong 21d
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    • ctrieskey
      Gwen is so fucking hot
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    • BeejaBeeja
      Who else would smash Gwen ;O
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    • Khajiit_is_Innocent
      Why is Gwen attractive
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    • medicalmemajuana
      I’m a depressed girl and I can confirm that this is 100% effective
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    • 3am_Comics
      She's kinda hot tho
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    • The1_2hate
      This movie should be movie of the year
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    • KyleTyle
      I apparently made my ex’s depression go away while we were dating until some shit went down and he got depressed again which led to the breakup
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    • LordHeadass31
      God Gwen Stacy is fuckin 👌👌👌👌
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    • PvtSnafu
      this nigga coulda got some pussy
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    • MagicMoses
      You wanna sprite cranberrie?
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    • ded_batteriezzz_404
      I actually wanna try this, depressed girls are the shit
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    • GenWarfield
      Starting the new year right with spiderverse meme
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    • ____M_____
      Been there fellas, it ain’t worth it. You’ll build her up and then she will just tear you down.
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    • Floatin
      I ain’t seen this movie yet but damn she cute
      Floatin 23d
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    • itall
      *sexy voice* hey...
      itall 23d
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    • Do_crack_respect_women
      Interracial should be illegal. change my mind
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    • Waffleman19039
      Why is it always a white girl
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    • Xiggles
      Depressed girls are kinky
      Xiggles 23d
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    • Bait_central
      I'd assume gwen is pretty depressed after having her skull smashed and her spinal cord broken
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    • SukuMuieyWang
      This expression is annoying af
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    • loser_wasnt_a_problem
      I make the girls so wet i need to enchant my boots with depth strider
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    • thezargoyto
      Yo thank god Gwen is in my age group cuz she is hot asf
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    • i_am_fabulous
      My panties hit the floor so hard they are halfway to China
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    • JD_Animal_House
      Gwen Stacy be thicc
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    • Legit_Rabbit
      I usually just take out my meter long peter and that gets the job done
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    • Anamoly
      And then rip.the side of her hear off with your spider powers
      Anamoly 21d
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    • UmAcTuALLy
      This shit made me laugh out loud
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    • MrBoomyBang
      It’s because they want the comfort of a person that can relate. Props to you if you can maintain a relationship with them.
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    • manjuicey
      Man those depressed girls will give you the worst relationships ever
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    • DoomGuy21
      I did this by accident. I had to get 12 degrees in psychology to figure out how the fuck to get out of a relationship like this
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    • Vyzro
      I like gwenns ass
      Vyzro 22d
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    • Chihuahuasauce
      Why tf they gotta make her so cute for
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    • Da_PeePeeV102
      Step one: dont be black
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    • Yaeet6
      Aye bruh shes hot
      Yaeet6 22d
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    • lethaljojo
      Really? Maybe I’ll connect with someone finally
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    • laughinglord
      My god. I hope he’s voiced by jerry seinfeld and is saying “so, you like jazz?”
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    • Tyronepaco699
      You like jazz?
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    • HotThiccB1tch3s
      Gwen is hot I’d fuck her hard
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    • sanguinegenie9
      Well I guess depression is going to be the trend for January 2019
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    • offtopik
      Fuck these memes all sucked. It took everyone working together to lose this one. Great job team.
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    • EvilMajesty
      Anime tier titties
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    • snug
      snug 23d
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    • Tomvedere
      Listen to lil peep and look like you haven't slept in days and all the depressed girls will love you
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    • MAXY_ROO
      Depressed girls actively avoid the good guys, but continuously, willingly go for the bad ones, then go crying to the good ones that they friendzoned every time and repeat the cycle. Change my mind.
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    • Fur_Fag_
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    • garfieldfanclub
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    • Yuvious
      I need to see this movie
      Yuvious 23d
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    • i_peed_on_my_cat
      90% of rape starts with a hand on the shouldrt
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    • blake246701029
      Or ask her if she want a sprite cranberry
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    • ThirdWorld
      This is the most annoying scene as in this scene, Miles have already been bitten so other spideys can sense it. But spider gwen acted as if she didnt know, when clearly the fingers got sticky in front of her
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    • Scummy_Memes
      ngl Gwen Stacy was cute, don't tell my gf pls
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    • Cacaonut
      Nobody is trying to get depressed girls to fall for them. I don't need that kinda baggage in my life
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    • TheFaceOfDepression
      d e p r e s s e d
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    • myrealname
      You wanna know how to actually get a depressed person to like you. Be super overwhelmingly nice to them while also being a good person to others. It’s worked for me twice
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    • thethiccestbowl
      very edgy, thank you!
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    • X3runner
      Suddenly a white couch appears and a few more black guys show up
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    • JTDaniels
      Depressed girls easy. Jus treat em well. Make me feel special n that’s it
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    • DammitDonald
      It really do
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    • yung_chip
      Best movie of the year
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    • Silenzio
      Did he just touch her on the shoulder? Mad man is gonna have rape accusations for years. He fucked up.
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    • _Zapata_
      Gwen is so hot
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      Then dab immediately afterwords
      ELOCXVI 22d
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    • couchpotatoe
      How me and my bf got together
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    • EndlessPain
      This is like the twenty-third time I’ve seen this format and I still don’t know what he actually says
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    • honey_N_U_T_cheerios
      What did he actually say
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    • wrtzjs2
      Another brother tryin to nab him a snow bunny
      wrtzjs2 23d
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    • XxenigmaxX
      Then get kinky with her and pull her hair really hard
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    • gbaby5
      I mean I’m down on life to but I’ll raise your life up along with you
      gbaby5 23d
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    • Huntamasta
      Legit said that to my crush over snap today and it seemed like she lost all interest.
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    • EdgelordJafar
      Wtf, Im actually getting together with an emo chick and said this, this post is too meta
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    • Staleishi
      When depressed or diagnosed with depression, depending on the person it can be really hard to feel emotions, and you feel emotionally numb about everyone and everything.
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    • HiddenFemaleUltima
      I am a depressed girl, and I can tell you this, I would a 100 percent fall for you if you said that to me.
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    • Parzival_1
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    • ubermensch_will_to_power
      Coal burning Is being shoved down our throats
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    • John_F_Kennedy
      This is entirely correct
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    • Pecked
      don’t come for me like this
      Pecked 23d
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    • Caziiah
      H e y
      Caziiah 23d
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    • SpikyWolf
      She hot
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    • Blackrew
      My gf was depressed when i met her and 8 months later she isn't depressed anymore 👍🏻
      smile 5 reply 2
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