• How's this for a 911
Conspiracy theory?
19 Arab mustims outwitted the most sophisticated military
defence system In the world 4 times In succession
'They defeated the taws of physies by having
collapsing buildings fall at free fall rate
They defeated the laws of chemistry by melting
steel girders [2750F] with aviation fuel [1517F}
They brought down 3 WTC bulldings (#1,2 and 7)
by hitting only two of them
Each building happened to fall neatly into its own 'footprint'
All of the hijackers were on board we're not sure yet why
none of their names appeared on any of the flight manifests
At least five of the hijackers turned up alive and well, after
their suicide missions on 9/11 they now live in the middie east
"some Interviewed by the BBC
A plane hit the Pentagon (one of the most guarded buildings In the
USA) Unfortunately no CCTV footage of the actual plane exists
(the wreckage, plane parts, luggage and bodies were never found)
Cell phone calls were made at altitudes and speeds that
are usually imporsible (over 2,000 feet over 230 mph).
We still don't know how they did this
BE= unfortunately for democracy
that's the Official Line on 911 Stop wild conspiracy theories such as the one above
insist on scientific truth!!!
Hf you don't, thon the REAL porpetrators_ will continue to change
your peaceful world from this,
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    • @Anonymous_198, Exactly. I don't believe all the bullshit media says. I just said that to get other people to start thinking.
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    • @USHA_LibertarianSocialist, if they release the original security tapes you would see a small plane or a missile
      PoliticalFubar 3 jun 2014
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    • @USHA_LibertarianSocialist, because they have no video of a plane and going into the Pentagon
      PoliticalFubar 3 jun 2014
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    • One thing I don't understand is this. Truth seekers say that on 9/11 a missile hit the pentagon, seeing that no bodies were found and there were little to no plane parts in the crash, but the government could EASILY prove them wrong by just releasing a video of the event. But they don't.
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    • @fergaliciously, yes it is
      PoliticalFubar 2 jun 2014
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    • Please don't concoct such preposterous lies about a calamitous event.
      NomineRex 2 jun 2014
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    • There have been interviews of the people in the lobbies, and they heard explosives coming from the basement before the plane hit
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    • My god... Half of this isnt true..
      HelenKeIIer 2 jun 2014
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    • Sigh.
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    • Finally. someone who thinks like I do.
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