• *hot dentist puts her fingers in your mouth* Me: *tries to stay relaxed* Boner:
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    • anabaewhen
      My oral hygienist has to press her boobs into the side of my face in order to get at my teeth... lord give me strength, cause I sure as hell need more
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    • Ammonelsad
      I relate to this on a deep level
      Ammonelsad 22 nov
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    • Time_to_get_rekt_
      All dentists are men in their 50's+
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    • ScrewTheOdds58
      When you got a hot dentist but all you can focus on is the spanish assistant with no experience not sucking up the drool with the tube thing and then saying shit behind your back (too loudly btw) about how gross it is
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    • PuffDaddyShane
      My friends mother was my dentist and I told him his moms boobs felt nice on my face
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    • EdgyDankMemer
      You mean when the prostate doctor fingers my ass
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    • NewVintage
      Mouth full of saliva about to gag, Dentist, "So, do anything fun over the summer?"
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    • Tbone1919
      Or when her boobs press up against your head or shoulder. There’s no saving yourself
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    • mastert
      When the dentist presses her big boobs against your face when cleaning your teeth
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    • CatDaddy96
      My friend's mom was my dental hygienist. Total milf. I always asked her how it felt to know that i have insurance that lets me have her mom's tits in my face every 6 months lol.
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      Getting the dick exam at a physical from a female doctor is the best and worst thing ever
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    • SpartanJohn117
      So, my doctor is super hot, and when I was getting a physical exam, it was hard not to pop, but somehow I made it through the ball fondalage without my millimeter Peter saying hi
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    • MadSnailDisease
      Happened to me when I was getting knocked out for surgery on my broken leg. They wheeled me into this room with all the nurses and this one nurse was super cute and I was like “holy fuck, hot nurses really exist?” and I swear as she knocked me out I had to fight that boner lmao
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    • StanIee
      Fun story: I got in a quadding accident and cut just above my groin pretty bad. I had to go to the hospital and had to be looked at by a cute af doctor. When she came in, the first thing she said was she'd have to pull off my underwear to see the cut. My dick was purple and she just laughed. Fml 😩
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    • ToastyVolt
      My orthodontist is a middle age Indian guy so hes not giving me boners hes giving me good oral hygiene
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    • SergeantSmith
      Do you know how hard it is to not lick their fingers
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    • Yeet_or_be_yeeted_
      Don’t even, try having a hot doctor, have to go ultra instinct to not get a bone during a physical
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    • MrBlondestache
      *Dentist pulls out glock* If you bleed that means you aren't flossing enough
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    • Nigachu69
      My dentist is my cousin, can relate
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    • N8thegreat22
      Yeah it be really awkward if I got a boner because my mom is my dentist
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    • joeygyo
      https://ifunny.co/fun/BRCrUcGT6 better go give my doggo some love
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    • Miata_Blast
      had one with thicc ol tiddies against my face the whole time and it took chinese monk meditation to not rip my pants
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    • Circularsphere
      My teacher in high school overheard my friend and I say we wanted to have a 3way with her and she made us stay after class and she goes "Boys you understand this is inappropriate right" we go yeah then my stupid ass friend dead ass says "sorry ma'am, your just very pretty for a teacher"
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    • Buddha710
      I had to get two feelings 2 weeks ago and my god my dentist was just hot damn, and she was like 22 and I'm 17 but she sure as hell put them honkers in my face while she doing her job
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    • YourAmericanDream
      I hate when the dentist tries to have a conversation with me while they’re stuffing their fingers in my mouth. Then they’re like “oh, shy?” No fucktard I can’t talk with your hand shoved down my throat
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    • Red_User
      is it just me or do female dentists forget they have boobs.
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    • beesummoner
      *presses tits on ur head when looking in ur mouth*
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    • momoJC
      Theirs always hot young rn's in the clinic and they were checking my balls for hernias and some new nurses came in and said if it was ok to do it to for learning purposes best day of my life
      momoJC 4d
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    • thebigdickenergies
      One time I went to this orthodontist and her tits pressed against my cheek like the entire time for some reason it made me leg twitch
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    • Not_A_Robot
      Am I the only one who’s always had an older male dentist?
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    • gettin_frisky_with_kremit
      I've felt a full titty on the top of my head when I get my braces tightened
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    • JamesgkwsWilliam
      I just hope I never wear sweat pants to the dentist
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    • Greenperson47
      I’ve never had an attractive dentist in my life
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    • Splicky
      You had me at ‘hot dentist’. Can you sleep over and floss me in the morning?
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    • sodium_hydroxide
      Lucky my hot dentist put her finger in my ass while she held me down with both hands
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    • Capt0bvious
      My dentist is some hot chick that's literally like 2 years older than me
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    • ChaelPSonnen
      More like when the hot female doctor checks ur balls.
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    • James_GRX
      I’ve only had female dentist and they always press their boobs against my face to reach my teeth lol
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    • Bantelope
      *dont suck it don’t suck it don’t suck it* *SUCK*
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    • johnrare
      Yeah the past 4 years ive had braces and well every time i go to get them adjusted or different wires, the hot girls always put their chests on me to work on my teeth
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      My aunt and sister are my hygienist & dentist... so this doubly applies to me
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    • BigBus
      I can’t like this post or my gf will get mad
      BigBus 4d
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    • ScholaroftheFirstMeme
      Try a prostate exam
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    • TheNitroGeneral
      My dentist is like a 50 year old guy. So I relate to this too
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    • LordDND
      You submissive little beta.
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    • Wise_Old_Anime_Guy
      Try having a hot nurse run an ultrasound on your ballsack looking for a hydrocele, occasionally running the hot gel onto the base of your shaft without getting a boner
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    • willysalz
      As a male hygienists assistant, I can tell when a patient is enjoying the cleaning too much. I had no idea this was such a kink until I started this job
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    • BossBark
      *Hot doctor puts her finger in your butt.
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    • TheBoulderOfficial
      I have a dental hygienist who doesn't have the biggest boobs but she's cute as fuck. When she's scraping my teeth and flossing at the end of the cleaning she always comes at it from above my head and so my head is between her tits. It's fucking amazing.
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    • DelusionalGrandeur
      I have a gorgeous black lady dentist and she puts her boobies on my head heh
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    • OffensiveFox
      Yo the dental assistant where I go purposefully pushes her boobs into my face.
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    • Convictedformurder
      Thats because her breast are running against your head
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    • Stale_Potatoes
      I had my sports physical done by a woman and popped a boner. Fucking r.i.p.
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    • WholeWheatCrust
      All the female dentists are from india and look like they put their faces through a meat processor.
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    • HaHaYouGay
      Flex one muscle really hard for about 60 seconds to get the blood rushing somewhere else
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    • SilentHills
      I had a pretty hot dentist press her boobs on my head
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    • 4_Years_Old
      For my physical I had this hot chick in her early 30s and holy shit was it hard when she had to check my balls. I was so worried I was gonna get a boner
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    • spookyman42O
      This was my first time having a women dentist same story boobs on the face yea yea yea and then this bitches kid just walk in and it was some one I knew from school asking about dinner in shit while im getting their moms jugs in my face.
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    • Epicakninja
      When I’m about to get a boner, I think of a bunch of sad stuff like war, dead puppies, and people who haven’t tasted Ramen
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    • ColeTadlock
      I’m not getting a boner with latex in my mouth.
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    • HideriKanzaki
      Now moan
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    • _Joshuab_
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      If you get aroused by fingers in your mouth you probably gay
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    • FedEx_Ground
      Oh yea finger these teeth you slut aw fuck
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    • Shuppona
      Don't have this problem, the only person I can find attractive is my gf
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    • anabaewhen
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    • NoNameNigga
      Flex any muscle for around a minute and boner begone
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    • Xundus
      Lmao I would not be able to control that at all. Think I just developed a new fetish tbh. Please help.
      Xundus 5d
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      This is unrelated but one time this hot hair stylist was cutting my hair and she asked me where I worked and went to school etc., and I told her. Then, in my vain attempt to keep the conversation going...I asked her where she worked...
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    • JRR_the_balrog_of_morgoth
      All dentists are people from arabic countries and all assistants are women from 40+
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    • Triairius
      If she’s staring at your crotch enough to notice, you’ve got a chance anyway.
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    • Buizel99
      Idk how yall get boners with latex shoved into your wisdom teeth poking around
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    • X_tek
      no lie I've gotten a boner she just told me it's fine it happens I think she just said that to make me feel better.
      X_tek 5d
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    • lowpez91
      I've had a female doctor hold my balls and tell me to turn my head and cough. It was almost like a porno except she was a professional.
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    • SchmidtyWok
      Sometimes I like to lick their fingers to make them uncomfortable
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    • powerstruggle7
      All the booby brushing as a teenager. Jesus christ...
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    • Jon_Bovi
      You mean the dentist assistants. My last dentist I feel he literally hired nothing but hot young women. Every single one of em were hot af
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    • EliteZebruh
      Dentist: Owo what’s this?? *pornhub intro starts*
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    • DN13
      My orthodontist's assistant was so GD hot. She had these emerald green eyes and I just got lost in them. Tan skin. Dirty Blonde hair. Ahhhh, Memories.
      DN13 5d
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    • Vault_Boy_Fucking_Dying
      It’s worse when it’s a hot doctor and you’re getting a physical
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    • Boog_Shlizetti
      When you're getting a physical and the doctor starts grabbin your junk
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    • MyBad
      A super hot busty dentist literally put my head between her tits and winked at me then continued on with the cleaning.
      MyBad 5d
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    • NotQuiteHuman
      The hottest ones are the most aggressive with your teeth.
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    • redstone
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      When the doctor checks ur penis and you get a boner and he just looks at you
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    • join_me_or_die
      Bitch try not getting one with a fucking masseuse. Iv never been more stressed/relaxed in my life!
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    • Khadgar
      I got a physical from a really hot doctor once. I never felt so judged in my life... It was amazing
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    • carlgallagherisdaddy
      I have to get my braces fixed every other week and all you gotta do is throw a hoodie over you lap
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    • EatDemChickens
      What about when you have to get a physical or summin and the dr or whatevea has to look at ur pp?
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    • The_Smarter_Rock
      Yall stfu. I just had an ultrasound ON MY NUTS about 3 hours ago
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    • 3019
      My dentist is an Indian guy
      3019 4d
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    • AdAstra
      I don’t relate to this on any level
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    • savv_smith
      Can’t wait to be a hygienist and think this actually happens
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    • IncestIsGood
      And then she sticks her dick in
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