• Holy crap!! My other two neighbors across the street just put these signs in their front yards!!! Best neighborhood ever!
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    • tinsels
      tinsels 23 dec
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    • Dynamical
      Dynamical 23 dec
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    • PrincessGrea
      Actually loli lives matter
      PrincessGrea 23 dec
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    • wittynamehere
      Story is she had inflatable dragons in her yard for Halloween and decided to leave them up for Christmas and put Santa hats on them. Some neighbor left her a note asking her to take them down. She put more up.
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    • PotatoMashter
      If you guys don't get it a neighbor of hers said that she needed to take her inflatable dragons down.
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    • Zenith12
      Black lives matter: "What do we want? DEAD COPS" Regular people: "Blue Lives Matter" BLM: "RRRRRRAAAAACCCCIIIISSSTTTT REEE REEEE REEEEEEEEE"
      Zenith12 23 dec
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    • BryceGraham
      As a Christian, I gotta say something. Christmas is Pagan, and in no way celebrates the birth of Jesus. Nobody really knows when Jesus was born. Keep ya dragons.
      BryceGraham 23 dec
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    • skankhunt4_2_
      That's the same sign from two different angles but okay sure they did.
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    • McMemesalot
      Only the red dragons life though, because we have an arrangement.
      McMemesalot 23 dec
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    • The_Dudemanbro
      That's 1 sign from 2 different angles.
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    • justzak
      For those who didn't know they put up a bunch of inflatable dragon s out as decorations and a few of their neighbors were dicks and sent them rude messages
      justzak 23 dec
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    • HYP3Nova
      It's infront of one house just different angles
      HYP3Nova 23 dec
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    • whoopitywhoop
      That’s the same fucking house from two different angles liLying ass bitch
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    • SpikeHun
      same yard. sign is moved a few feet.
      SpikeHun 23 dec
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    • Josugay
      The context is lost without the first post
      Josugay 23 dec
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    • Ray_Clocks
      A sequel, I love it.
      Ray_Clocks 23 dec
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    • BRZ_LIFE
      That's one sign and just different angles
      BRZ_LIFE 23 dec
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    • reggiefarm
      reggiefarm 23 dec
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    • Sadu
      I had no fucking clue what was happening in this image until I brought up the comments so all I thought it was is like. A dragonkin neighborhood and it made me feel like having an aneurism
      Sadu 23 dec
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    • DatBoiWILLIFER
      Correct me if I’m wrong but this could be a reference to the feature a couple of days that was where a women put blow up dragons in the yard for Christmas decorations and some neighbor asked for them to remove them due to speculations on wether or not it had demonic coorilations
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    • WTF2016
      That’s the same sign though, just two angles
      WTF2016 23 dec
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    • ThatsReallyUnoriginal
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    • idiot
      content not available more
      idiot 23 dec
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    • Serdaigle
      Fr though. Whoever gets angry about dragon displays in someone else's yard should fuck off and suck a tiny pussy dick. Christians who think dragons are demonic just shouldn't have a tongue
      Serdaigle 24 dec
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    • talbotc
      That’s the same sign from different angles
      talbotc 23 dec
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    • kult45
      kult45 23 dec
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    • EinheitlichGermanis
      And the legacy continues with the followers whom promote the reptilian’s greatness!
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    • idiot
      idiot 23 dec
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    • TotaIIy
      It's the same house just from a different angle but ok
      TotaIIy 23 dec
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    • JesseLeePeterson
      Is this true
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    • Hanare
      Hanare 23 dec
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    • Alex0124
      This community really is something else, we changing the world one step at a time
      Alex0124 23 dec
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    • That_Dude9000
      R.I.P. to the people who haven’t seen the first meme and think this is some “All Lives Matter” BS.
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    • esepinchestoner
      hit 👋👊 or miss 👋😳 i guess 🤔🧠💭 they never ❌🚫 miss 👋😔 huh 🤠 you got a boyfriend 😛👫💑💏 i bet he doesn’t ❌🚫 kiss 😘💋👄 ya 😂 muah 😍✨👄😘✨ he gon find 👀👓🔍 another girl 👧🏻👫💑💏💔 and he won’t ❌🚫 miss ya 😔💔
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    • cookiehead921
      This will become a nationwide phenomenon.
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    • SaberChan
      SaberChan 23 dec
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    • TheNFLAccount
      the plot thickens
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    • SlayMee
      SlayMee 23 dec
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    • Sqorg
      Dragons should be decorations
      Sqorg 23 dec
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    • MrSimplicity_
      It's one sign, one yard
      MrSimplicity_ a month
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    • MrDaddyRyeBread
      This makes Spyro happy.
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    • Freshasfukinchekov
      For those who dont know stoy...lady put out Halloween blow up dragons for Christmas. Neighbor complained and now theres a whole movement going on......
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    • WolfMageMaster
      I love how i new the context of this before hand but thanks to the top comment for helping others understand the greatness that is that christmas dragon display
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    • Deadlymag
      Am I the only one who originally thought this was about Bad Dragon 😅
      Deadlymag 23 dec
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    • Mazda_MX5
      Made by the Alduin gang
      Mazda_MX5 23 dec
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    • Exitum16
      If you look at the pictures more than once, you can see it's the same picture just at a different angle. The car parked on the left of the house, the same house, whatever the hell is in the backyard of that house
      Exitum16 23 dec
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    • Maxolotl
      Maxolotl 23 dec
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    • ApallingPoodle
      Dragon my balls on your face!
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    • updatepatch
      Those are both the same picture? Just 2 different angles
      updatepatch 23 dec
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    • vbrogan
      That’s two pics of the same sign. Same spot and all. Just diff angle
      vbrogan 23 dec
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    • YoBroToni
      Thats literally the same house from two different angles you can see by the cars and the tree
      YoBroToni 23 dec
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    • FR33W0RLD2345
      the sad realization is that 2 neighbors is the same neighbors but at a different angle
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    • Nile_Gladiator
      But... But.... That's the same yard in both photos
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    • Pswizzle42
      Dragon deez nuts across yo face
      Pswizzle42 23 dec
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    • Candimusprime
      It pains that I immediately knew what was happening here
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    • Offensive_Centurion
      Life outside of Texas just ain’t right....
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    • PussYeet
      That church legit made Christians everywhere look like garbage. When will they learn. Jesus said love your neighbor not condemn them
      PussYeet 23 dec
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      DBZLEGEND 23 dec
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    • bigboidaddydiego
      Dragon my balls on your face
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    • Qwit
      That's the same sign from a different t angel, plus that's your house.
      Qwit 23 dec
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    • Limb0
      That's the same neighbor. The picture is just taken at a different angle
      Limb0 23 dec
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    • TheReal72KJP
      I didn't want to do this, but I'm boutta shoot up your neighborhood
      TheReal72KJP 23 dec
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    • ThomasJefferson
      Notice the date on the tweet is a time that has not yet happened
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    • Chickenbutt1998
      For those who don’t get it there has been a post going around where this person put inflatable dragons in their yard and one of their neighbors told them they should take them down. Here are the other neighbors showing support
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    • Neophytus
      What’s great about this is it will eventually expose the complainer or force them to lie about their ideals which is a great shame
      Neophytus 23 dec
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    • AmbassadorAJS0788
      No they don't
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    • Novawest
      That post say December 23, 2018 its only the 22nd. Is this a post from the future
      Novawest 23 dec
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    • CockMyDoodleDoo
      *thu'um intensifies*
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    • Theduckle146
      Theduckle146 24 dec
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    • bleeeach
      That’s a genuinely nice house 👍🏾
      bleeeach 23 dec
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    • Blingtron5000
      Wait, it’s the same neighbor, she just moved to the left to take another picture
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    • megatronslayer
      Dragon Christmas is where it is at
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    • bonesause
      Holy shit I just got a wave of nostalgia more powerful than a climax. I just remembered the old Pete’s Dragon movie with the green 2D animated dragon. Holy shit childhood
      bonesause 23 dec
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    • TheChadmeister
      It's one sign
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    • Waluigilord
      That’s the same sign
      Waluigilord 23 dec
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    • Shrek_Harvey
      Dragon my nuts on your girl
      Shrek_Harvey 23 dec
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    • Blu3snek
      Blu3snek 23 dec
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    • MattyDibbs
      The same two cars are in both pictures. Your neighbors lame as shit but you’re even lamer because you lied on the internet
      MattyDibbs 23 dec
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    • Chandlerwazhere
      I don’t get itb
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    • ThaGooch
      But the picture is the same 1 sign taken at different angles
      ThaGooch 23 dec
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    • LiamSteeper
      I am so proud of this community
      LiamSteeper 23 dec
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    • Kasane
      I don’t get it
      Kasane 23 dec
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    • amonroy99
      I identify as a dragon and I approve this message
      amonroy99 23 dec
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    • Reaching_For_Nirvana
      One neighbor* look in the driveway
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    • idiot
      content not available more
      idiot 23 dec
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    • _Mr__Daisy_
      Can someone explain
      _Mr__Daisy_ 23 dec
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    • IncestIsGood
      The saga continues
      IncestIsGood 23 dec
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    • Patrixxx
      I also support the dragons
      Patrixxx 23 dec
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    • Bizcaz
      I thought it was furry shit
      Bizcaz 23 dec
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      This is funny if you saw the first one.
      HIYA_PARTNER 23 dec
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    • ABNxBlitzkrieg
      Yeah and if you believe that I'll be dragon deez nuts across ya forehead
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    • FumpledinkBendersnatch
      But thats the same house in both pics...
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