• Maverick_88
      smile 5.9K reply 38
    • jaxcalop
      smile 3.8K reply 34
    • Little_to_no_context
      Features were late
      smile 703 reply 86
    • Imnotfunnyatallinanyway
      It feels like a disservice to Robin Williams to make genie will smith
      smile 12
    • WalterClemments
      They could’ve at least used terry crews. That way he’d be much funnier and buffer
      smile 12
    • Icy_pie14
      How dare you stand where he stood!
      smile 11
    • GolladayInn
      Petition to use a hologram Robin Williams instead, say I!
      smile 11 reply 4
    • Hail_Hydra
      Can we talk about the fact that smith is filling in for someone who left shoes that are to big to fill and is just allowing the movie to be enjoyed by the next generation
      smile 11
    • RedeemedDefender
      I'd be fine with Will Smith playing the Genie....if he didn't look like Will Smith covered in blue paint 😕
      smile 10 reply 1
    • DeutscherLuxus
      screw the CGI, nobody can replace Robin.
      smile 11
    • NoForMeDawg
      Genie: “I grant you 3 wishes”. Me: “I wish for Fortnite and Mark-ass Brownlee.”
      smile 10
    • where_ismyshit
      They should of cast Danny DeVito
      smile 10 reply 1
    • LimeTime
      Y’all my crush was complaining about not having a valentine and when I said “I can be your valentine” she deadass laughed at me 😞
      smile 10 reply 13
    • rezer0
      Would you really want to take a roll that Robin Williams played so well?
      rezer0 5d
      smile 11 reply 1
    • code888
      HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK did black panther win against all other films for vfx in 2018. What about Annihilation? Infinity war? FOCKING politics are taking over so grab your dick and hold on to you “white privileged” because your about to have a great time in 20 fuckin 19!!
      smile 10 reply 3
    • Tigerlily7877
      No one could ever be genie better than Robin Williams, RIP
      smile 9 reply 1
    • TwilitLugia
      I really don't see people's issue with the Genie. He honestly looks fine.
      smile 9 reply 3
    • tesseractt
      After they hired will Smith and edited him to look like the genie they were probably like God fucking dammit
      smile 9
    • SloppyPinkSock
      In 30 years liberals will attack will smith for wearing blue face.
      smile 9 reply 2
    • metallicaNLC
      Jim Carrey would’ve made a better Genie, his goofiness is actually somewhat similar to Robin’s
      smile 10 reply 1
    • Matittles
      Jim Carrey could probably play the part really well
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Coltonator
      As long as Will Smith can do a good job, I think I’ll be fine with it. He’s still a good actor in a remake of a good movie, so for now I’ll give it a shor
      smile 8 reply 1
    • ExcellentIdea
      Nigga looking like Megamind.
      smile 8
    • MovieMan
      I mean I’ll defend it and say that it’s just a trailer and that it’ll look better in the finished movie, that’s usually how this goes... but it’s still not gonna top Thanos
      smile 8
    • Kalebmatt
      Not gonna lie thanos is the realest looking cgi creature I’ve ever seen
      smile 8
    • RedMonkeyKing
      Nobody will ever be able to replace Robin William's 🙏
      smile 8
    • RandyBaby
      Honestly i prefer movies before cgi. Watch the original spiderman trilogy then watch inifinity war. OG spidey is way more realistic than this cartooney crap. Especially the fact that 90% of the movie doesn't even involve Tom Holland acting it's just cgi... Unpopular opinion i guess..
      smile 10 reply 2
    • memes_and_nutella_4_life
      Brings back memories
      smile 8
    • TheMuffinMahn
      Am I the only one against Will Smith as Genie? Or even a remake in general?
      smile 8 reply 4
    • eeddii1
      I was about to kill myself about 1 month ago cuz my ex and I broke up. But I found someone who actually cares for me a lo! I've been happy thanks to her. I didn' think it would happened. I just wanna say whatever wrong is happening in ur life don' give up! It will get better I promise. Love you al.
      smile 9 reply 10
    • AnthonyBowers119
      It's unfortunate that he was put in a role so iconic. Nobody could replace and or mimic the charm and charisma Robin Williams put into the character. I hope he tries his best.
      smile 8 reply 2
    • WhatFunFacts
      How dare you stand where he stood
      smile 7
    • LochlanFletcher
      Wait, did they actually dress will smith up as the Genie??? I thought he was just doing the voice not literally playing the character. I'm suddenly much less excited to see this.
      smile 7 reply 6
    • psebat
      Plot twist: Aladdin’s first wish “I wish Robin Williams was alive and playing the part of the genie.”
      psebat 5d
      smile 7
    • Pencildick69420
      We should cast Will Smith as Genie
      smile 8
    • The_Broken_Record
      You can never replace Robin Williams.
      smile 8 reply 4
    • EpicHoneybadger
      Maybe they shouldn't have made him solid. That might have helped. Also make him eminate a little bit of cloud so the details aren't an awkward level of defined. Idk even if it looked better, he just isn't the right person for the role.
      smile 7 reply 1
    • thebackofmyvan
      Terry crews woulda been a better genie then they woulda just painted him
      smile 7 reply 3
    • derpymufffins
      How dare you stand where he stood. Like to join robin williams gang
      smile 7
    • Sib1989
      Sorry but NO ONE can take robin williams genie.
      smile 7 reply 2
    • TheComedicrats
      Disney has access to Industrial light and magic. The visual effects people behind Star Wars and every Marvel movie. And it looks like they gave the job to a 4th grader
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Trollzite11
      We had better CGI in fucking 2009.
      smile 7
    • mateo14567
      Is that fucking genie???? That looks terrible
      smile 7
    • Casual_Weeb
      Bro his face doesn’t even look like the same shade of blue as his head
      smile 7 reply 2
    • AlarmmClock
      smile 7 reply 1
    • PapaCheeto
      No one can replace Robin Williams
      smile 7
    • laughinwizard
      Reality can be often disappointing
      smile 6
    • ItsTomRiddle
      I miss a time before cgi. Don’t get me wrong, the whole concept of cgi is cool af but am i the only one who misses the epic feats that were Labyrinth and Dark Crystal? All of those handmade mechanics and puppets and the hours put into the sets? It feels more magical than some 1s and 0s. Even though
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Howaboutyoublowme
      I really don't see the big deal. Robin is forever the Genie but this is not for US this is for the kids who will sadly have to live a whole life time without Robin Williams
      smile 7 reply 4
    • zipperjacket
      It used to be will smith starred in the best shit, now they’re just casting him in stuff to try to save it from being bad
      smile 7
    • Buhlockay
      The CGI isn’t bad, the design just looks weird in live action.
      smile 6
    • DJ_Parapaligic
      Will Smith is not starting the year on the right foot
      smile 6
    • Talonshaolin
      Should’ve just did a voice over, the genie really doesn’t need to look like him
      smile 6
    • DopeDaddy23
      If only they could cgi robin williams... his movies will never be the same. Rest in Peace.
      smile 6
    • xiasx
      I feel like will Smith wants me to hate him
      xiasx 5d
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Deadshield
      Robin Williams will always be the best genie
      smile 6
    • angel841
      How dare you stand where he stood
      smile 6
    • Inusta
      Honestly, a fully CGenie with clips of Williams' voice would have been the best option.
      Inusta 5d
      smile 6
    • TheWabbitofSteel
      It just looks like they painted Will Smith blue
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Harowin
      Oh god I thought it was just gonna be cgi and will Smith was only being a voice actor! Not this atrocity!
      smile 6
    • Meme_Relief
      To be honest they’re both good. The reason why one of them is bad while the other is good, is that Thanos is fully CGI while the genie is weird combination of CGI and a real face.
      smile 6 reply 4
    • Oblivious
      Reality is often disappointing
      smile 6
    • Lynix2341
      That isn't CGI. That is paint.
      smile 6 reply 5
    • vladimirLeni
      Disney:am I really gonna defile this grave for money(robin williams) of course I am
      smile 6 reply 4
    • Supernatural_OnceUponATim
      I'm sorry but Aladdin will never be awesome as the one with Robin William
      smile 7 reply 1
    • PelvicSorceror
      The Aladdin remake went from shit to shrek real quick.
      smile 6
    • SaberChan
      Their budget was $9.37
      smile 5
    • totally_sociable_human
      Some how, I have a feeling the live action is going to be trash
      smile 5
    • BigMuder_2001
      False. It's not CGI at all. Will smith actually got turned into a blue floating guy <(forgot how to spell geenee and auto correct wont help)
      smile 5 reply 4
    • e1evenseconds
      Couldn't they have just... Made a cg genie voiced by will Smith?
      smile 5
    • mixvision
      It’s like will smith is trying to destroy his career
      smile 5 reply 1
    • gsickles
      It should be shaq
      smile 5
    • Asianpersuasion556
      Time to weaponize the dislike button again
      smile 5
    • creepypasta2374
      First of all. Why couldn't they keep the animated style and put it in CGI? Second, why tf did they think this was ok?
      smile 5 reply 1
    • coolguy61
      Honestly the fact that they didn't do it like thanos shows a lack of commitment or care to making this actually good. It's easier to paint will Smith blue and give him some wristbands than actually working to make this as good as possible.
      smile 5
    • majesticredneck
      How tf does his head look too big and too small for his body at the same time?
      smile 5 reply 1
    • you_died_from_ligma
      They should've just like reincarnated robin williams.
      smile 5
    • PhaftheTzar
      Make him glowier and mistier to cover up his weird rubbery body.
      smile 5
    • HumanGarbage000
      It’s rewind time
      smile 5
    • pattyboyo
      Forget that thanos was cgi
      smile 5
    • TyrannousFUBAR
      Ah that’s hot
      smile 5
    • arcane_disaster
      I wish Disney would stop doing these live action remakes and get back to making great original animated movies
      smile 5 reply 3
    • R3LYKS
      That genie looks like a black dude.
      R3LYKS 5d
      smile 5 reply 5
    • Rio_Olympics
      Why didn't Thanos just summon genie and wish that half the universe's population died? And he'd still have two wishes left.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Dankos_the_mad_memer
      Will smith looks like the blueberry girl from Charlie and the chocolate factory
      smile 5
    • metcalf27
      Honestly the genie should've either been completely cgi no will Smith face or just be will Smith with no blue or cgi
      smile 5
    • MrRhenium
      Loooks like a very questionable porno
      smile 5 reply 1
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