• Hitler: Hey Japan could you be a doll and attack Stalin from the East so we can take Moscow Japan: Actually we just bombed Pearl Harbor instead Hitler:
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    • PatBass03
      I think it's funnier historically, the fact that when Hitler found out, nobody with him in his room knew where Pearl harbor was, so they had to pull out a map to figure it out
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    • xkcddotcom
      Sal didn’t listen to Hitler and attacked Pearl Harbor, making him tonight’s big loser
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    • SaltLord19
      It was at that moment Hitler knew, he fucked up
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    • NerdBurger113
      “Alright...Where the fuck is Pearl Harbor? Hold on...It’s a U.S Naval Base? Holy shit...We’re so fucked...”
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    • HotGuysof1Funny
      Japan: *Patrick voice* Weeest? We thought you said attack the East
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    • iHistorian
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    • bravepsy
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    • __Ubercharge__
      I always love to think how Hitler would probably lay on his balcony, thinking about how well his plan is working out and that he would literally have the entire world soon, and then Japan comes in like a little brother with down syndrome thinking they're helping
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    • marbezy11
      Classic example of why group projects suck
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    • SteadyUnormal8
      Literally after they bombed us the Japanese general was basically like “Guys I think we really fucked up here I think we just lost the war”
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    • Charlie__scene_HU
      Woke the sleeping giant.
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    • Mirrors12
      oh God Japan cant hear us he has airpods on?
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    • Homeless2
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    • xVigilance
      "Okay... Where tf is that?" "It's an American Territory" "Oh okay it's... wait what the fuck did you just say?"
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    • yummy_pics
      If planet=cell then America=mitochondria
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    • PizzaSteveOvenCoven
      East? I thought you said Weest.
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    • thethotsquad
      “America joined the chat”
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    • communism_sucks
      They one time someone should have listened to Hitler
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    • iHistorian
      Sorry fellas no picture tcs or thots on my feature
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    • jackkko1818
      Isn't it better how Japan was too scared to attack russia but they see America and go "o herro"
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    • Rodnice
      Hitler trusted the Japs and they didn't do what they're told, making Hitler tonight's biggest loser
      Rodnice 12d
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    • Allen4120
      America went from like number 17 in military power to number 1 in just five years thanks Einstein
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    • chattynatty
      And fucked up his whole plan. And let America whip out its big dick and Japan was just like 😦🤭
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    • GunrunnerMT
      America has joined the chat. AMERICA!!! FUCK YEAH!!!
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    • Freeway206
      The enemies of both World Wars think they have won, until they take stupid pills and drags America into it.
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    • WoodlandCrittersSP
      Like this comment if you can hear this fish yelling that
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    • Let_me_offend_you
      I can hear him 😂
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    • Emothic
      Japan never wanted to go to war with the Soviet union because they thought they would lose the war in less than a year
      Emothic 11d
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    • yolochair
      "Manhattan Project joined the chat"
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    • Lewdifull
      A better idea of what happened during that time: They have a meeting and Hitler looks Furius (pun) and he looks at Tojo and says " Litszen here zu peice of shit, zwhat are zu tinking! Zont bomb ze ZUS otherwize ZUS will get invalved!" And Tojo responds "Dont worry, US is weak, what can they do?"
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    • BuhLAhkAY3
      Did anyone else read that in his voice 😂🤣
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    • Quintiff
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    • Differing_Opinions
      Am I wrong in thinking the US just didnt want to be involved with the worlds affairs during this time? We only jumped in because we were attacked ourselves right? Or am I just way off
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    • Flattering
      so basically all the other countries are Lvl. 1 crooks and if they try and fuck with the US, we’re Lvl. 100 Bosses. that’s how mafia works
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    • ThinkingSpecies
      Hitler is killing Jews and eating Europe for breakfast; what should we do? America: zzz... Japan just bomb Pearl Harbour. America: it's showtime!
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    • Lostforce
      I like how Hitler represents Germany but Japan is just JAPAN
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    • TheCorrectOpinion
      *National Anthem slowly builds up*
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    • iLewd
      It’s ok. The United States forgave them and donated 2 rice cookers to japan
      iLewd 12d
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    • VoicelessMemes
      am i the only one that can litterly hear it lol
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    • Ranger1001
      And they still glow from are nukes too this day
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    • Xx_Rafael_xX
      You what!!!! Imagine the sheer fear that goes through your spine when you find out that Japan attacked a titanic force.
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    • ODST_Parker
      You poked the bear, motherfuckers. You poked the fuckin' bear.
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    • MrPostman64
      They should make a statue of the guy that killed Hitler
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    • TheCringeisReal_
      The u.s wasnt involved till the last year for both wars
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    • Shockedge
      Yeah we pretty much would’ve just sat back and watched Nazis take over the world if it wasn’t for Pearl Harbor
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    • Taterrtotts
      Japan bombing Pearl Harbor had the same energy as the Russians killing John Wicks dog. Change my mind
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    • Mugiwara_Bon_Clay
      Had the United States not entered the war The allies could have lost the war that or it would have taken much longer , Germany’s biggest mistake was attacking Russia and not stopping the Japanese from attack us
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    • 4thDimensionalGamer
      Hey I just lost my virginity last night can I get top?
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    • hollube99
      I love history memes lol
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    • NoUploadsNoNothing
      I can hear this picture
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    • childkicker
      Hitler's generals realizing they have to fight a two front war
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    • Mrboi123
      Like if you read it in his his voice
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    • WhatNot
      WhatNot 11d
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    • nigga84
      Usually gay people don like my comments
      nigga84 11d
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    • GoosePimp
      It only takes nearly 80 years for a poor military decision to turn into a meme
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    • hits_autism_blunt
      Nukes falling in the sky
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    • 2006ToyotaCamary
      Star spangled banner gets louder from a distance
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    • dionnagee
      I kinda love history memes
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    • Vinnieb96
      That actaully made me laugh
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    • Loogis
      Honestly if Japan didn’t bomb the US and they somehow took over Russia Hitler might have conquered the world, that is unless we don’t use our infinite supply of nukes
      Loogis 12d
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    • lilgibby_80
      * National anthem intensifies*
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    • atkward
      AMERICA: omewa mo shinderiu.
      atkward 12d
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    • NeopoliTorch
      Can you imagine that Germany could have won the war if Japan hadn't fvcked it up? America would have never gotten their military involved
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    • Disgruntled_Vulpine
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    • UchihaGod
      America: Omae wa mou... shindaieru!!!!
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    • Bennyhamz
      Who else read that in the same voice from the show
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    • The_Original_AFK
      Even hitler jnew attacking the US directly would he a mistake, he even planned the US invasion last
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    • DevenOmau
      They pulled a WWI Germany, but against a country that actually fights back
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    • therealghostdragon
      It's all fun and games until the United states gets involved
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    • bfays24
      bfays24 12d
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    • uhhyee
      Like if you could hear it
      uhhyee 12d
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    • NoMeGustaSoldier
      [Morgan Freeman]: “Now it was around this time that Hitler realized that maybe his choice of allies was not the best”
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    • That_One_Spoon
      You’ve awoken the sleeping giant, Japnigs
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    • Jordano71
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    • Magical_Bean_Bumblebee
      *America’s national anthem plays*
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    • youranimeprofileisgay
      They wanted to infilict a big blow to USA’s navy so when they invaded the Philippians the USA would not have a navy to launch a counter attack so in reality it was better to bomb pearl harbor
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    • eugenethewoman
      Bruh japan was fucking insane during the war. We were still at war with them long after Germany surrendered. They didn’t give a shit and that was terrifying.They literally hesitated and tried to call our bluff AFTER the first bomb dropped.There is nothing scarier than a nation that didn’t fear death
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    • beckysdaddynaymurV2
      Biggest mistake Japan had ever made
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