• “Hey dad i killed the dragon that lives on top of the mountain while you were in the bathroom”
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    • Nanithefuc
      For anyone who doesn't know that dragon helps you through out the whole game and you have the option to kill him because "hE'S sTiLl A dRAgOn" but no one did because he helped you and if you did you were deemed a serial killer
      Nanithefuc 17 jan
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    • Shadouga
      The Blades are barely even worth helping. Paarthunax and Odahviing assist you more in your fight against Alduin than Delphine ever does. Then you throw in Durnehviir in the DLC and it's like dragons are some are the only creatures in the game that respect you for your power and Dragonborn abilities
      Shadouga 17 jan
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    • ArtoriasAbysswalker
      If you kill my man Parthurnaax i will find you and torture your entire family and eat your dog
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    • BuyMyToast
      BuyMyToast 18 jan
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    • SabertoothWaterCow
      Stormcloak or Imperial, it matters not. Kill Parthurnaax tho, you’re dead to me.
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    • Bearify
      I killed Paarthunax and his fucking skeleton haunted me all over the fucking map it was a nightmare. Every fuckin time I entered a town, his skeleton popped up in front of me
      Bearify 18 jan
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    • wilsontheknight
      Blades the most worthless band of people to ever exist in Skyrim. The Greybeards did more than them and they just prayed on the top of a fucking mountain
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    • aegishjalmer
      aegishjalmer 17 jan
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    • CursedFlame101
      Paarthurnax is an unforgettable example of a wise mentor, and he does not deserve to die. He should be marked essential unlike Esbern and Delphine. He also has the same voice actor as Mario so that's cool too.
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    • Blyat_2018
      i never had killed Paarthunax, but one day when i fast travled to the Throat of the World, his skeleton was just sitting there
      Blyat_2018 a month
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    • MacDoober
      Hickory dickory dock, the Blades can suck my cock
      MacDoober 17 jan
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    • Drakodarkblade7
      People who kill paarthunax are the same people fighting for the imperial bastards
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    • All_Hail_Mr_Smiley
      “If you don’t kill Paarthunax, we won’t help you anymore!” When did you start?
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    • joey_marker
      I think I’ve done over 200 play throughs of Skyrim and never once have I killed Paarthunax
      joey_marker 17 jan
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    • CancerousLiberals
      Why does a dragon respect you more than a bandit is skyrim? Bandits are like “oh, it’s that all powerful insane murderous magic dragon born? Ima use a iron dagger on his deadric armor!”
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    • 0rganic0re0
      When I'm dead I ain't ever want to hear that my kids killed Paarthurnax, or I'll crawl outta my grave whoop some ass
      0rganic0re0 a month
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    • scarymonsters
      I really fucking hate Delphine. She got my follower killed looking for that horn and then tells me to kill the best dude ever?? Hell no.
      scarymonsters a month
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    • KingDovachief
      Paarthunax was like a father figure, I don't care how many times play Skyrim I will never kill my Master.
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    • Crujido
      Paarthurnax is the only bro in the game that isn't in The Companions or someone who takes you to Riverwood. Delphine can eat a dick.
      Crujido 18 jan
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    • ZoeFeild
      Parthanaux is my personal lord and savior
      ZoeFeild 18 jan
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    • ItsMrChris
      There's a mod called the Parthurnaax dilemma that lets you complete the quest without killing him. Also makes Delphine your bitch so win/win
      ItsMrChris 17 jan
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    • The_mighty_Cthulhu
      You can support the Thalmor for all I care, but if you hurt Parthurnaax your ass is grass.
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    • _Daddy_Joseph_Seed_
      Heads up ya'll there is a mod called paarthunax dilemma, or something like that, and I basically let's you tell the blades to duck off, like so others can save them
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    • UnitOfMeasure
      First time I met him I slapped him in the face with an axe before he could speak and I really learned a lot about racism that day
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    • Zetsubou_Sensei
      The blades can eat a dick
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    • yaboitachanka
      Anyone who kills parthurnaax deserves to be reported to the irs so they can audit your fucking kidneys
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    • McCandless
      One time I killed him and made an axe out of his bones. I named it paarthun-axe
      McCandless a month
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    • ButtHoleMugee
      ButtHoleMugee a month
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    • TRU_chill
      Honestly, FUCK 'The blades.' They talk about how they basically do ANYTHING the dragonborn says and serve them no matter what, bit then they tell you to fuck off if you don't kill him? I don't care how cool your swords look, Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me.
      TRU_chill 18 jan
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    • theweirdguy1
      People who kill paarthurnax have no heart
      theweirdguy1 18 jan
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    • MysticWolfYT
      If you killed paarthurnax you can catch my khajiit hands
      MysticWolfYT 18 jan
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    • nigtard_priest
      Paarthurnax no!!!! Get down, fly away. Oh fuck oh god fuck fuck FUCK. he can’t hear us he has AirPods. in oh no.
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    • Aeristhethievingwerewolf
      reload the save! RELOAD THE SAVE DAMMIT
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    • Sir_Schlongerton
      Delphine is such a fucking cunt. Thank god for mods because that bitch is getting tagged as unessential then getting a great sword shoved up her ass.
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    • TheMarshFox
      TheMarshFox 17 jan
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    • Nightmared
      I never killed Parthurnaax regardless what side I was on; and when I did to see what would happen I was so depressed and just reloaded. I left the grandpa be on his lil mountain, he’s meditating for the better so I gave him props. ✨
      Nightmared 17 jan
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    • MylesReynolds16
      I mean, you could reload the save; but, if your child was playing Morrowind and he killed an important character...
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    • anonymousInvader
      You touch my boy paarth imma kick you in the arse
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    • mrbubbles97
      How about I wiped your entire fucking saved game
      mrbubbles97 a month
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    • MegaDeathstrok28
      This is why you always tell people not to play the game while you’re in the bathroom
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    • TheReaver80
      Look up "the paarthunax dilemma" on the nexus. Fixes this problem.
      TheReaver80 a month
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    • JustCallMeMace
      He was Alduin's lieutenant, he commited many attrocities. But i love him
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    • BIG8L_117
      I killed him once and whenever I fast travel his skeleton would fall from the sky on me.
      BIG8L_117 18 jan
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    • bigd321
      I waited till basically I got all the words of power the Greybeards send you to find. Then I killed him and created a Dragonbone sword. This way he can still fight and be of use to me.
      bigd321 18 jan
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    • AnneFrankPorn
      "Which is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" -Paarthurnax
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    • bverd
      Fuck the blades
      bverd 17 jan
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    • YonShadyGlenn
      For the record, the “Paarthanax Dilemma” quest mod on the Nexus where you can tell the blades to piss off and keep your dragon friend alive is still the most popular quest mod on the nexus.
      smile 8 reply 2
    • JukeysMemePage
      I was all for the blades until they asked me to kill Paarthunax and I was like “umm fuck no”
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    • WScherberger
      Screw the Blades, anyone who kills Paarthurnax is just an asshole.
      WScherberger 17 jan
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    • Five_Foot_Psycho
      Made this all the way back in 2015...
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    • Jacob_andrew
      I got the kill all mod, so i could kill delphine, screw that hoe
      Jacob_andrew a month
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    • VictorClements
      I did it once. It was emotionally hard. But I wanted to continue with the blades because I had done near everything else. Hardly worth it. Never did it again. As soon as I got Skyrim SE for my laptop, the first thing I did was download a mod so I didnt have to kill him but could do the blades quests
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    • Meme_Stealer506
      I killed him but got hella sad and went went to a previous save so he could live again
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    • Lacrum
      I killed him but felt so bad bc the grey beards dialogue that I actually went back and didn’t kill him
      Lacrum 18 jan
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    • BigfootIsSasquatch
      Paarthunax is basically the Yoda of the Elder Scrolls franchise.
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    • Khajiit
      I always refuse to kill Paarthurnax. This dragon is doing what he can to not be evil, and help you
      Khajiit 18 jan
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    • Igloo_Poo
      Someone killed Parrthunax to take this picture and I'm not okay with that spiritually.
      Igloo_Poo 17 jan
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    • PatchesDeDoggo
      How long was he in the fucking bathroom
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    • RiftenGuard
      What is it? Dragons?
      RiftenGuard 17 jan
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    • EyeTwitch
      EyeTwitch 17 jan
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    • halftimex
      Paused the game right before i got to him went to pick up a pizza came back to my brother chilling playing skyrim and killed two dragons
      halftimex 16 jan
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    • More_Than_A_Dream
      Any Skyrim veteran will tell you that you should quicksave AT LEAST every five minutes
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    • brettbed
      brettbed a month
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    • Honest_Comments
      I had to create a whole new account to kill Paarthurnax, I couldn’t bring myself to do it on my original
      smile 6
    • Kintre
      Never kill paarthunax
      Kintre a month
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    • ThiccieBoi
      After I finished evey side quest I possibly could for an achievement, I had to kill him to get the achievement. So I did, and took his bones and named the only sword I ever used after that after him.
      ThiccieBoi a month
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    • TheCouriersSon
      This is why we beat kids
      smile 6
    • DrTexas
      DrTexas a month
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    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      The Blades are basically the Elder Scroll’s version of the Brotherhood of Steel
      smile 7 reply 1
    • caesaraugustus91000
      I literally stopped the storyline because they said I had to kill him and I was like....no
      smile 6 reply 1
    • ParmigianoReggiano
      If you didn't have a save to revert to that's your bad.
      smile 6
    • Non_Toxic
      You NEVER kill Paarthurnax
      Non_Toxic 17 jan
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    • hervis
      on god fuck delphine i never liked her or the blades, i hated finding esbern and i hated every quest with delphine. her fucking voice is so annoying, she’s the reason i installed a kill-essential-npcs mod
      hervis 17 jan
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      I'd never hit a child but I'd fuckin start if that happened to me
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    • Nibling
      Nibling 17 jan
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    • GrizzlyRob
      Don’t touch the party snacks
      GrizzlyRob 17 jan
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    • NotAPers0n
      I would put my son up for adoption if he killed paarthunax.
      NotAPers0n 17 jan
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    • Ocean_Knight
      it’s rewind time
      Ocean_Knight 17 jan
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    • TurntechGodheadTG
      Roses are red, violets are blue, fuck the Blades because Paarthurnax rules.
      smile 6
    • BoneHurtingJuice
      Hold on son.. *Saves real life checkpoint.* you were saying son?
      smile 6
    • Lewd_Cleric
      Lewd_Cleric 17 jan
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    • EvilGecko
      I've played this game for over six years and have never kill paarthurnax not even kill him and then reload a save
      EvilGecko 17 jan
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    • LordOops
      Even if you don't care about the characters, don't kill him. The greybeards help you find new shouts but they stop if you kill him. There's just no reason to kill him honestly.
      LordOops 17 jan
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    • JonathanMccamey
      My general rule in skyrim is to not kill anyone that has been helpful, unless it gets me something amazing like that skull of dreams staff thing, or the betray me.
      smile 6
    • JotaroJoestar
      If you'd honestly choose shitty companions from the blades over thum from the gray beards you're gay and a jackass
      smile 6
    • memester_mac
      I killed him once in my very first playthrough and I have regretted it since
      memester_mac 17 jan
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    • FrostyMadMan135
      Parthunaax, the dragon, is from Skyrim. He’s a friendly dragon that helps you learn some abilities during the main story. Eventually, you join up with a group of dragon slayers and they say kill him or lose our support because they racist against dragons. Parthunaax best boi
      smile 6
    • I_Love_Beans
      To even make this meme someone head to kill Paarthunax.
      smile 5
    • Alliance_5th_Fleet
      You little shit!
      smile 5
    • Jeffreysposts
      is there any way around killing paarthurnax? it's the only thing that kept me from continuing the game
      Jeffreysposts a month
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    • elhartista_
      I can't believe it's been a week since I started playing skyrim, and every day there's at least a feature about that game, it makes me really happy 😳
      elhartista_ a month
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    • VeggyBoi
      Paarthunax is the literal embodiment of badass mentor
      VeggyBoi a month
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    • d_wolfe15
      I killed him once just to see what they put in his inventory but it wasn't much so he's not even worth killing, except for his soul which is no different from another dragon soul
      d_wolfe15 a month
      smile 6
    • WhiteTrashBash
      Not a problem if you download the Panthuurax Dilemma mod
      smile 5
    • SIug
      I killed him once because i didnt know how to finish the quests for delphine but i regreted it and replayed it and left him alive
      SIug a month
      smile 6
    • NewBornSun
      Slay that kid
      NewBornSun a month
      smile 5
    • NotShrek
      Put the fucker up for adoption
      NotShrek 18 jan
      smile 5
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