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    Here’s something special about Harry Potter I’ve been meaning to share with you all: Now that he’s entered his late 303, Harry suffers from erectile dysfunction, a disorder that has not only hurt his self-esteem, but has also driven a wedge between himself and his wife, Ginny. 1102 AM , 7 Feb 2019 5,932 Retweeis 17,822 Likes . ‘3‘ ', . . º ª G, E'
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    • King_Graham
      God I hate this woman so much
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    • Vandals
      Hold on I gotta take my Harry Potter™️ Supplements
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    • ChicagoBeers
      Isnt this bitch a billionaire tf does she need to sell out like this for
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    • ImBizzy
      I hope her account was hacked. I don’t want Harry’s limp dick to be cannon. But I also want her to be serious. She made billions off the HP series, so her resorting to selling fake vitamins like some discount Alex Jones means she has made some bad investments. Karma’s a bitch.
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    • emmamu
      I had so many fond memories of the Harry Potter books, I loved them passionately as a kid... jk Rowling and her insufferable fanbase has ruined it for me completely. After so many tweets and PC bs inserted where it didn't belong I can no longer separate the art from the artist
      emmamu 6d
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    • hamburgerdog25
      I seriously have to believe that she knows how gullible her fandom would be and is just fucking with them. I mean, i would proabably do the same
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    • xsudo
      Oh gosh she's become an MLMer
      xsudo 6d
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    • ThotContagion
      I need to know if this is real.
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    • SpartanofRome
      At first I honestly wasn’t sure if this was legit with all the shit she has done
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    • Blackpilled_Mommy_Kebab_
      Ginny that fat whore! She left me for a muggle!
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    • LAXBROx52x
      God I wish this was real
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    • Jemrock
      Boi am I glad I separate the author from the story cause I love Harry Potter but GOD Rowling needs to just fuck off
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    • Zander
      If this was real, oh my god
      Zander 4d
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