• I’m in line for tacos rn.
      TBGRaul 14d
      977 73
    • Ok boys I'm going away, you're in charge, but no parties while I'm gone
      196 12
    • George Washington- "Okay seriously guys. Do NOT form a two party system."
      15 8
    • "No political parties" 10 seconds later, Hamilton and Jefferson forge two parties that we really could have done without
    • It's okay, George. We're still the best.
      13 28
    • They made a two party system like 5 minutes after he left
      12 1
    • Actually, the founding fathers didn't plan on the Constitution lasting nearly this long and also didn't expect the country to be as successful as it is. With that being said GW would be appalled by our reliance on political parties and the political polarity they have caused
      12 2
    • They literally started breaking it the very next president. John Adams jailed people who criticized him.
      10 1
    • "I thought I said, NO PARTIES!"
      9 2
    • “No political parties.” “Don’t make strong foreign affairs.”
    • You act like Europe or any other country is substantially better. At least we don't shit in the streets and bomb our own citizens with military grade weapons.
      9 8
    • To be fair, Washington would also be wondering why all the n#ggers were wearing people clothes and such
      9 2
    • When you specifically tell everyone not to form political parties
      8 1
    • People out here blaming one political party when the fact that we have political parties is the problem in the first place
    • Too relatable. God gave Africa water that surrounds them and they still asking for more smh
      7 1
    • If u think socialism is good pls leave this country
      TIVIRIK 14d
      9 2
    • He tried to tell us not to make parties. He rolling in his grave now.
    • Yeah when our last election was between trump and Hillary we knew somewhere along the way we fucked up
      7 3
    • Um what. We're a military, economic powerhouse and one of the biggest influences on culture worldwide. If you think a normal 2 party system, doing what they normally do, is a "broken system" you're being a baby. Your grandparents had world wars and faced the collapse of the US economy and YOURE MAD?
      9 1
    • “Don’t become a 2 party system” “lol dumb Washington we’ll do what we want”
    • He specifically said "yo don't break into two different parties"
      6 2
    • Democrats and Republicans equally suck and they are both responsible for their share of problems. Don’t @me
      6 5
    • Goddammit I said no political parties!
      6 2
    • George Washington was against political parties
      5 1
    • It's because yall don't know how to chill. Stop teaching your kids it's ok to make screechy noises in the hallway...
    • I wonder what trumps going to complain about on his Twitter tomorrow
    • I mean technically we are still, and will always be “The American experiment”
    • By broke it do you mean turned it into the worlds strongest super power
      6 4
    • Don't worry. Trumps saving it.
      paimt 14d
      6 18
    • Libtards
      6 1
    • Friggin libtards and they’re 42,069 genders
      6 5
    • This country will not be destroyed. That’s a naive idea. This country will adapt. With all its flaws, the country is still a power house. One side will win in the end, and history will be set. The story continues. One winner, one loser, next battle, repeat...
      6 6
    • I meannn the kids also turned it into the world's strongest superpower, so I wouldn't say they "broke it".
      6 1
    • Look how they massacred my boy
    • Except its the best country in the world
      7 45
    • He said no parties while he was gone
      Stiehl 14d
    • Would rather live in America than anywhere else.
      5 8
    • Good thing trump is fixing it
      pewdsie 14d
      5 8
    • That’s because people have been brainwashed into giving their rights away
    • If you read his final presidential address he really did predict a lot of shit that would happen and explicitly told us not to let it happen
      Bushno 14d
    • What’s sad is you can see it in the comments. The post doesn’t take a political side, yet you have dummies commenting “LIBTARD” for the 80th time
      5 1
    • Talk about the real snowflakes. We love joking about other countries for being weaker or whatever but when our country is being memed you guys flip the fuck out.
    • They let the women and blacks vote
      4 1
    • If its blue, it's broken.
      RED_ARO 14d
      7 2
    • Literally soon after he died we already broke his first strong advisement to not have political parties.
    • Political parties ruined America, we disagree just because after a little letter in the corner of a persons name.
    • money is more important than the future
      Acronym 14d
    • He said no fuckin parties. Viva la revolution this bitch, out with both parties
    • “No political parties please”
    • Remember kids no parties.
    • USA got better wtf
      3 16
    • “Broke it”
      Pillxel 13d
    • Hamilton and Jefferson started it
      Jor_dyn 13d
      4 3
    • This implies he is coming back
    • We literally did everything he warned us about haha
    • Thanks obama
    • GW:... you two had one job! What was it? (Jefferson and Hamilton): not make politcal parties...
      3 3
    • Thanks liberals
      4 5
    • When you help create a document for the people to have rights and they want the most important ones taken away
    • Thats cause congress is fucking busted as fuck. Every informal power the president gets and some formal powers are almost immediately nerfed with some trash legislation.
    • Idk I just think most people assume it’s broken without knowing anything and just watch the news and YouTube rather than actually educating themselves in government
      3 5
    • And they continued the 2 party system
      TheClA 14d
    • ...but also put a man on the fucking moon, ended both world wars, is the most powerful nation in history, has cured more diseases than any other country ever has, has the largest GDP, ended slavery, ended facism, ended holocausts, and is spreading freedom like a baller
      4 8
    • content not available more
    • It was broken the minute the founding fathers handed control over to congress. In George Washington’s farewell address, the one thing he specified is DONT HAVE A TWO PARTY SYSTEM. And what do we go and do???
      3 4
    • It kinda got ruined the second they made political parties almost immediately after he left office. Now we have this tribalistic outrage culture where no one has any nuanced opinions because their group might turn on them.
    • This is so old and they still won’t feature my posts
    • actually washington looks similar to this in all his portraits because his dentures had springs in them and weren’t fitted perfectly to his top row of teeth, causing him to have to constantly clench his teeth to keep his mouth shut
      ftnsb 13d
    • A government with parties will always be divided
      2 4
    • Your fault for not imposing term limits on congress...
      2 3
    • Toknak 13d
    • Jefferson! Jackson! No political parties while I’m gone!
      2 1
    • Imagine dying and then hundreds of year later you’re talked of in ways that you thought were impossible.
    • I mean it has been a world power for quite some time
      2 1
    • Basically Hamilton in a nut shell
    • There's a reason Washington never took a politcal party
      RatTrap 14d
    • Line 14d
    • Saboton 14d
      2 1
    • Why are there people who think there are 52 states in the US?
      2 5
    • A two party system is not real democracy
      2 5
    • God damn socialists
    • The wall will never get built and he'll just campaign for "build that Wall"all over again in 2020. Prove me wrong
    • I said “No Parties!”
      2 1
    • Who said you can free the slaves you goddamn sjws!
    • Y’all, we ain’t broke. Our system is pretty fuckin great and so is our country. Sure, we have issues, but to assume a country of 300+ million people is perfect is incredibly naive
      2 3
    • Hey atleast were not like germany, fucked itself so many times in such a little time
      2 1
    • Broken it into the best god damn country ever
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