• Dads will be dads.
      5.8K 105
    • Check your other messages, dang
      3.7K 100
    • Both of my parents are like the dad.
    • Hey it’s the fact that he said happy birthday that matters
    • Can’t relate.
    • I went to my parents house the day before my birthday because I was going out of town on my actual birthday. My dad hits me with “so birthday today?”, nope it’s tomorrow. “24 huh?”. Nope, 25
    • Those other 150 messages though
    • 150 text messages hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    • Mine was vise versa without all the emojis
    • Thanks for the feature for the third time
    • Damn check ur messages. 150? Geez
    • It's so true was smoking a cig the other day mom is pissed but in over 21 my dad looks at me dead in the eyes and says should have been weed in that you pussy
    • Excuse me 150
    • I was in North Carolina for the entire summer, and in August my dad (In Michigan) texts me “can you pls take out the trash” like sure pops lemme just hop on a plane
    • The fact that you have 150 unread messages makes me want to take a shit on your front door
    • Tell your moms get an iPhone
    • So my dad has a tattoo of my birthday on his arm and Everytime he has to fill out something and it has to have my birthday he checks his tattoo or is like "how old are u" "what's your birthday" and it gets me so frustrated
    • 150 msg's
    • Lol, my parents
    • Literally me
    • Dad > Mom
      Aden17 4d
    • Your mom is cheating on your dad and I don’t blame her honestly
    • Your mom is broke. She has an android. Shows that broke people care more ig...
    • My OCD is kicking in seeing 150 unread messages
    • Why the 150 messages
    • O k
    • Opposite for me
      1 1
    • Why tf you have 150 messages?
    • Bruh why u have 150 other messages
    • I can guarantee you that 99 percent of unread messages are from group chats or notifications from door dash and other stuff
    • Damn the same thing happened on my 19th bday but with my mom
    • My uncle once left me at a McDonald's on accident. It was just the two of us, no other kids or people to distract him.
    • One time I missed my bus home so I called my dad to pick me up. He went to my elementary school to get me. I was in 7th grade.
    • Why do you have 150 unread messages.
    • Don’t expect a happy birthday from your parents if you don’t have the common decency to wish them one when it’s theirs. Just sayin
      4 2
    • How do people have so many unread messages? I get a heart attack when I see anything more than one
    • Pussy shi my mom writes a whole essay
    • Sounds about right
    • haha my dad just completely forgot my birthday
    • Notice how the mom doesnt say the age. The dad could just be more honest
    • Ha atleast this persons dad texted them happy birthday. I'm still waiting for my dad.
    • Her dad knows she will disappoint him now
    • This isn’t the same person because if she had 150 messages when she opened her moms the she would only have 149 messages after checking what her dad sent
      2 3
    • My dad always texts me happy birthday 4 days early. Even when I forget about my birthday, I'm reminded 4 days before without fail for years now. Not a "your birthday is soon!" it's a "Happy Birthday!" with an e card and everything
    • Who tf has 150 unread texts
    • What mom calls they kid my love what kinda incest shit is this
      1 3
    • My dad once sent me a happy birthday text for my 17th birthday a month before I turned 15
    • Well see ya next year
    • Probs got 150 unread messages cause there friends like to put them in random group chats without telling them and then they just mute the chat instead of leaving it
    • Who the fuck has 150 unread messages?
    • Why the fuck you got 150 messages?
    • Is that a bot??
    • Begging for top comment????
    • Gotta love dads too
    • My mom didn't even send me a happy birthday text on Tuesday when I turned 19
    • What is a dad?
    • In 50 years he will be 69
      1 6
    • My dad be like that :(
    • Wait your parents wish you happy birthday
    • Things never change
    • Ok, so me and my dad were at CVS a dew days ago cause I was dummy sick, and the dude there asks for my dad to give him my date of birth and he literally went "Ah shit uhhhhh December 13th 2000........6?" And I was like "Dad I would be 12"
    • The paracausally virgin mom vs. the acausally chad dad
    • i told my dad i got home from school one time and he texted me a laughing emoji
    • Ok
      sp3en 5d
    • 150DANGMY MAN
    • So fucking relatable
    • Me: yeah something like that....
    • Maybe cause he don’t got a heart by his name
    • I wouldn’t say anything to a child that has 150 unread messages acting like they aren’t insane
    • My birthday was last week and I didnt hear anything from my dad
    • .....
      x___O 5d
    • Technically the mom never referenced his age so perhaps neither of them know
    • :’) damn, you have loving parents
    • 150 fucking messages
      2 2
    • o k
    • o k
    • o k
      Asstek 5d
    • The mom probably doesn't know either, just smart enough not to even guess.
    • His dad was gone to the store and didn't come back that's probably why
    • It really do be like that
      Jbcain 5d
    • 150 messages? That’s like my annual total
      1 1
    • it’s the opposite for me tbh
    • 150 messages left... Holy Shit...
    • Do any of them know how to use basic grammar?
    • I love the lack of a “-th”
    • Its prolly a group chat
    • I hate people like this like is it too much to answer someone? if you don't wanna talk to them TELL THEM be real
    • Read your other texts you psychopath
    • atleast he was close , most dads just say hb then ask how old you are lol
    • Who the hell has 150 messages?
    • Why this dude have 150 messages
      4 2
    • How can he/she just have 150 unread messages? I can’t even have one
    • My parents tell me happy birthday by calling me or telling me in person but ok
      P4Pie 5d
    • Well the mom could have forgotten your age as well.
      z_fire 5d
    • Bruh 150? Answer your messages!
    • Can confirm. I’ll say “thanks dad” and he always replies with “ok”
    • I wish I had that many messages
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