• Why would that song play at a church?
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    • Shrek 5>everything
      Doused 8d
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    • That song reminds me of face off the movie when they take Nicolas cages face off and switch it with John Travoltas face and spends the movie trying to get his face back
    • Church of Scranton
    • All hope is lost
    • That's a dirty dirty song
    • I actually hate Shrek
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    • They say "MAYBE theres a God above" in the song. That's not a church song.
    • Shrek sucks
    • Well I heard your prayers from far bellow, but down in hell how could you know? I listened every word you said I heard ya. (I know this isn't the actual song, just waiting for someone to get the reference)
    • I never realized when I was younger that Hallelujah has like 2 verses dedicated entirely to sex
    • My faith is gone though...it was written by Leonard Cohen
    • The halo song started playing and my girl was like that’s whoever, I’ve already forgotten, do you know who that is. Nope just that it’s halos #1 song
    • That is no church song my friend. That song is about worshipping a woman's body. With his dick.
    • At the ski shop I used to work at Shrek and Scooby Do Where Are You played on repeat it was great
      Saad 6d
    • Can we stop saying there's hope for our current and up coming generation? There isn't
    • Heathen! You worship the false god of the cross when it is the god of the swamp you should worship!
    • What hope some brain washed little shit?
    • That kid was me
    • Y’all stuck in Spider-Man: into the spider verse while I’m still watching the bee movie and shrek
    • Which version?? Cuz I don't remember hallelujah ever being in shrek
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    • There isn't but ok
    • Why do people hate Jews?
    • Bitch thats not a good thing
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    • Leonard Cohen was Jewish, not Christian. Either that Church is stupid, or this story is made up by someone who never went to Church.
    • Leonard Cohen sang it best
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    • Its All Star you degenerate smh
    • thought they were talking abt the panic song.......
    • That's not a Church song lol
      bwuthe 7d
    • Hallelujah is not a worship/Christian song lol.
    • I wonder why there are no mass shooting at white churches in first world countries
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    • That’s hope?
      Nonito 7d
    • Lol the person that posted this doesn’t go to Church
    • Written by a great Jewish icon. Go ahead, call me a kike in the comments. This is Ifunny, I knew what I was signing up for
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    • My sister sang this song at her wedding and I was on the verge of tears because it was beautiful and because I was also trying not to laugh because shrek
    • Nahh, we done.
    • Fuck You. Fuck the people that put such a beautiful song into shrek, Fuck everything
    • Silly fools, that song is about sex and bondage
    • They're two different songs you toasted avacado creamsicle. There's the one that Rufus covered which is totally the Shrek song, then there's the 800 year old one that's been in churches forever that gets remade a lot. TWO DIFFERENT SONGS
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    • If only Smash Mouth was appreciated for something other than having a song in Shrek
    • My brother’s kid is 2 and he watches the movie everyday. My brother is going insane 😂
    • Tweets aren't memes
    • For some reason I read it as Honolulu
    • we have to swear that no matter what, we HAVE TO show our kids all of the shreks.. NO. MATTER. WHAT. THIS LEGENDARY MAN CANNOT DIE
      assd 8d
    • Why the fuck would that play at a church
    • Meanwhile the 7 year old I babysit said "I'm so good at riding hoverboards, I can do fortnite dances on them"
    • I don’t think this person realized when they were faking this post that Hallelujah is not a worship or church song.
    • I mean. Not kids and young adults are still going to church there isn’t....
    • Shrek sucks
    • This feature is even better the second time!
    • They should make an M rated Pokémon that has team rocket actually doing horrific shit with the Pokémon so the journey feels more satisfying
    • I'm HOPING that the next generation will know enough to act right withOUT going to a building and chanting 1-3x a week js
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    • Mustve been a wedding im guessing
    • I'm 13 and me and my friends have created a religious cult in our school for Shrek
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    • They might have meant the hallelujah chorus, which is very much a religious song.
      lwpack 8d
    • Someone sang this at the church I used to attend. I don't know how the guy could have memorized the whole song and still have misunderstood the lyrics enough to think it was suitable for church
    • Some think that just because it says ‘hallelujah’ that its a religious song without actually listening to it
    • Man that is not a church song lol
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    • Dude.... Hallelujah is about abandoning your religion due to the shit going on in the musician’s life experience. They even ponder the existence of God in the song. “Maybe there’s a God above”emphasis on the maybe. It is true there are many bible references but they carry a negative connotation
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    • Obviously fake, were in lent season which means you can’t say hallelujah
      B10Cat 8d
    • That song is not a church song.
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    • Fuck no. Shrek died when the "shrek is love, shrek is life" meme came out
    • Not if this generation raises them
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    • And then Brendon urie bursts in through the strained glass with a microphone " ALL YOU SINNERS STANDS UP SING HALLELUJAH"!
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    • Still no hope for the old generation
    • That just means he’s gonna be a dweeb
    • If you go to church God is spelled with a capital “G”
    • I remember this came on ifunny a month ago and everyone was "This shit didnt happen! Reee!"
    • This is the only one of these I believe is not actually made up
    • My friend heard this at an event and recognized it solely from shrek
    • It’s a love song, not a religious song. This did not happen
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    • The Shrek song is All Star.
    • The song ‘I will survive’ played in the car yesterday and my brother was humming along, but halfway through the song he went “ Wait, is this not ‘I need a hero’ from Shrek?” And I was proud of him for the first time
    • Ask any millenial and they'll tell u the same thing
    • Idk all these 7 year olds out here wildin on fortnite
    • why would she make her son sit behind her
    • All you sinners stand up sing hallelujah
    • That song is one of the most emotional wrenching songs you could ever listen to
    • *The Leonard Cohen song about sex, music and the human condition, which makes it one of the worst choices for a church song and infuriates me every time I hear someone sing it there
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    • "thank God"
    • halleluJAH
    • No there isnt.
    • Hallelujah was written by a Jewish dude so why that’s playing at a church is beyond me
    • Jeff durbin❤
    • Lincoln Brewster has a good Christian version.
    • Leonard Cohen said there were 100 versus to this song.
      hawl 8d
    • Shrek is Love. Shrek...is life..
    • hallelujah actually didnt play at your church so nice fabricated story
      Lonqu 8d
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    • I feel like movies like shrek and incredibles don’t really go away, we just quit watching them as we grow older, so they seem to be no longer a thing. But really they just get passed to the younger kids who are still watching the same movies
      Emmett 8d
    • What kind of church u go too?
      PEEBEE 8d
    • I feel like we all grew up and seen that part in the first shrek and probably even started singing along lol
    • Get it? Because Shrek
    • That song is Hindu
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    • That song is aggressively non-Christian.
      Serbs 8d
    • Technically that song isn't Christian
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