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    Guys who drive automatic: my car is automatic Guys who drive manual: I will NEVER drive an AUTOMATIC cuz I’m a REAL DRIVER and I am ONE with my MACHINE after I drive I PUT THE SHIFTER IN MY ASS because me and my MACHINE ARE ONE
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    • MoneyShift
      Most manual drivers hate autos because the car market is trying to phase out manuals in favor of autos
      MoneyShift 30 nov
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    • Shadowcompany_
      It’s just boring going back to autos after you drive a manual daily
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    • 2001focusowner
      My old friend is like this, he daily drives a fucking impreza that's an automatic. Says he doesnt need luxury but his car is well equipped. My car is a base model zx3 with absolutely no features, and a 5 speed. As long as you like what you drive leave others alone.