• girlfriend: he's too immature i’m dumping him her friend: ya remember when he got excited that he could drink 2 capri suns atonce? [i walk in holding 3 capri suns] babe you’re not gonna believe this
    smile 86K

    • Honestly would love him until the day I die
      lationna 15 jan
      smile 5.4K 334
    • elysian 15 jan
      smile 2.2K 18
    • Immature is lying and being an ass and refusing to take responsibility, this is just a dude being silly n fun
      reybean97 15 jan
      smile 1.5K 36
    • I hate when girls confuse a fun guy with an immature guy. They end up dating boring dudes and then hating the relationship. They wonder why they can never find the right guy.
      smile 902 31
    • Females be complaining when we play games when we work 2 much when we waste money on cars. Honestly women toss us a bone. Even showing you our Capri sun skills makes you dump us. It’s been decided females will complain no matter what our hobby is. Do what you love they’ll complain either way. :P
      Alberto97216 15 jan
      smile 19 2
    • On one of our first calls i had with my gf she took a sticky note, cut it into small bits, and stuck them to her eyes, upper lip, and chin like it was eyebrows and facial hair, and i love that woman with all of my heart
      smile 15
    • *the next day* *holding four caprisuns* BABE
      smile 13
    • Hoes need to learn the difference between being mature and being serious. acting serious all the time is actually pretty immature, cause people who are mature know life’s too short to not fuck around sometimes
      smile 12
    • I hate this cause thats the kinda guy you should stick with knowing he wont try anything. Dont just go for a guy with tons of cash, or super hot bod. Find someone that will make you smile and will always be loyal
      smile 10
    • *walks in with four* broooooo
      smile 9
    • Should be grateful to have a guy like that and not one that’s going off and fucking other hoes
      nineoneone 15 jan
      smile 10 1
    • What’s wrong with guys like that? I’m one of them
      smile 9
    • I’d keep him. Y’all don’t appreciate everlasting random and dumbass comedy do u
      97grace 16 jan
      smile 8
    • That’s the kinda guy I want wym
      Meranitm 15 jan
      smile 8 1
    • Growing up is inevitable, but maturity is a choice. Stay childish friends, it helps life not suck so fuckin much *clanks beer mug*
      Scogy 17 jan
      smile 7
    • Anyone who has a problem with child-like wonder is a dick
      Science_Boi 15 jan
      smile 7
    • A man of culture doesn’t need a thot gf anyhow
      Americanism 15 jan
      smile 7
    • I would ask that man to marry me wtf. That’s so pure ♥️ 😂
      KuchiKopi 15 jan
      smile 7
    • It's called having F U N KAREN
      smile 7
    • Why do girls find immaturity so unattractive. If i was a girl id want a dude who did stupid shit all the time to make me laugh
      Thundrright 15 jan
      smile 7
    • Obviously that girl doesn't know how to have fun. He sounds awesome
      LilPanda24 15 jan
      smile 7
    • Damn bitch ungrateful as fuck, at least you know the nigga won't cheat on you cuz he gon be too busy playin xbox and eatin fuckin oreos, get yo priorities straight hoe
      shiki_sama 15 jan
      smile 7
    • Girls who dump dudes because their “ImMaTuRe” have absolutely no sense of humor.
      smile 7
    • If you dump someone because they are too immature it's most likely you have no sense of humor
      Magoolic 15 jan
      smile 7
    • Tbh those are the best kind of guys
      smile 6
    • Fuckin 3? Holy shit
      Kobro 19 jan
      smile 6
    • I would marry him
      smile 6 2
    • No fucking way I’m letting this guy show me up. Four Capri suns it is. I’m not going down without a fight
      Nanachi 20 jan
      smile 5 10
    • Ironace98 19 jan
      smile 6
    • I mean I own my own house and am a manager at a successful business yet you get me with my best friend at a restaurant and we will be silly AF as if we're 12 again.
      SophSimpl 16 jan
      smile 5 1
    • That is not immaturity. That is dad material
      smile 5
    • This man is simply enjoying his life. What he is spouse to change who he is because she doesn’t agree with his actions and calls it “immature”. If I were him. I dump her for sure
      jonrom21 16 jan
      smile 5
    • Thats my boyfriend omg he ran into my room and told me to watch him, he ate a fruit by the foot without using his hands. He got so happy. Im proud
      GreenGoddess 15 jan
      smile 5 1
    • Omg, I would love to have a guy like that. Funny guys are the best. It means they are kind hearted.
      smile 5
    • *throws Capri Suns at her* I'm dumping you :D
      smile 5
    • Wanting a man who is mature is like wanting a woman who isn’t crazy. Which both are like wanting a house without gravity
      smile 6 1
    • If you dump your man just because he’s a little silly sometimes then you a bitch.
      ChamberK 15 jan
      smile 5
    • He sounds like a keeper wtf
      smile 5 3
    • I love that man. 3 Capri Suns?!?? Like what?!?
      smile 5
    • are you kidding? that’s a whole ass man she bout to throw away 😩
      smile 5
    • I don’t know about you, but that’s my type of man.
      MorPANda 15 jan
      smile 5 2
    • I've been married 18 years and me AND my wife still do stupid shit like this
      Trashboat420 15 jan
      smile 5
    • If I can get a girl with the same kind of sense of humor as me I’ll be happy as can be
      smile 4
    • He sounds amazing
      ongawd 18 jan
      smile 4 3
    • I'm disappointed I went to comments and nobody had put hey bro can you pass me another caprisun?
      smile 4
    • Immature is funny. Its good to be immature in situations where it doesnt matter.
      SaltedFries 17 jan
      smile 4
    • Girls really just want a guy who will do butt stuff to her. That’s it. That’s the secret
      DachiePlush 16 jan
      smile 4
    • Maturity is totally redefined now, girls think to be “mature” you gotta be serious all the time, no, being “mature” means being serious at the RIGHT time, it’s self control, I don’t have a gf 😭
      stoinky_nipz 15 jan
      smile 4 1
    • I am egg
      Soleboy 15 jan
      smile 4 2
    • Ladies and gentlemen I would be a great boyfriend, I can drink 4 caprisuns at once AND drink one through my nose
      schez 15 jan
      smile 4 1
    • People like that need to be protected
      Zarinari 15 jan
      smile 4
    • If your girlfriend (friend) agrees or nudges you to break up with your boyfriend and you do it. 9 out of 10 times you’ll find her sleeping with him and or in a relationship with him in a month. Women are sly like that.
      smile 4
    • I would want a boyfriend like him 😂
      savanna2003 15 jan
      smile 4 1
    • Let me correct this, *his pockets arnt deep enough, his dick is to small, and he doesnt devote 100% all of his attention to me, sacrificing all of his goals and dreams.... I think I'm going to break up with him.*
      smile 4 4
    • Marry him.
      evilapple 15 jan
      smile 4 3
    • When I grew up and realized I didn't have to stop after one bowl of ice cream was one of the best days of my life
      Grimnlock 15 jan
      smile 4
    • Who doesn't like a silly boy
      NarzGotzBarz 15 jan
      smile 4
    • She doesn't deserve him
      Hudeuce 15 jan
      smile 4
    • It works. My girlfriend fucked me last night because I showed her how to make a ninja mask out of a sweater.
      Nursemike 15 jan
      smile 4
    • If I wasn’t a transgender non-binary lesbian bisexual then that’s the man I would want
      OOBAMA 15 jan
      smile 5
    • If she dumps you then that's her loss
      smile 4
    • Walks in sipping 3 capris is at once... overhears conversation... starts crying, still sipping
      smile 4
    • Wow, my boyfriend is literally a 6'1 child and I always have a great time with him. Of course there's moments of seriousness when we need to be mature, but heck. Have fun and live
      MELL0W 15 jan
      smile 4
    • My girlfriend dumped me because I was "too immature and dependant" smh
      DuckyFuck 15 jan
      smile 4 3
    • Why the fuck would leave a perfect man?
      MotherOfPear 15 jan
      smile 4
    • Can we, as a society, start normalizing doing little silly things that make us happy? You don’t have to act professional every second of your life. It’s a waste.
      FrozenGrapez 15 jan
      smile 4
    • He sounds like a keeper tbh
      smile 3
    • I want to be with someone who’s happy with someone having fun. There’s a difference between being an immature asshole and trying to enjoy life
      ThePhin 19 jan
      smile 3 1
    • He’s dodging a bullet
      smile 3
    • When us guys try to be cute. Instead of intimidating.
      Two_Paco 16 jan
      smile 3 1
    • Guys it’s a joke
      Wowthedoge 15 jan
      smile 3 1
    • If be fine with that, in fact love a guy like that, but when a dude starts taking himself seriously when he raps it’s where I have a damn issue
      BibleQuote 15 jan
      smile 3 1
    • I’d date a guy like that they’re probably funny as hell 😂
      smile 3 3
    • Immature men make the best dads
      smile 3
    • I mean capri suns. He's not in the wrong here
      smile 3
    • Him being innocent is way better than him wanting to fuck everything
      smile 3
    • Keep him because the immature ones are the ones that don't leave you because they know they've seen the one
      smile 3
    • Awlll this cute she don’t see it she’s luvky😭😬💯
      BHADBHRAT 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Sounds like an awesome guy
      schlimeball 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Girls can't handle a bro being a bro sometimes and thats just sad
      smile 4
    • Now.. now I wonder how many Capri Suns can actually be drunk at once. I need to know.
      smile 3 2
    • Sounds like a fine man
      smile 3 2
    • Marry him
      smile 3
    • But, what’s wrong with that?
      smile 3
    • I would date the shit outta that guy lol. That's cute af.
      smile 3
    • I get excited for stupid shit and nobody close to me appreciates it
      smile 3
    • Does anybody know where you can buy this stufd by the gallon?
      HuckFinn 15 jan
      smile 3
    • If anyone thinks hes a keeper im questioning why im not in a relationship
      smile 3
    • she doesn’t deserve him
      Asstek 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Part of the reason I think my gf is gonna dump me is because I’m immature at heart, help
      smile 3 1
    • Fuck you. Any guy who can be so care free, love you, and want you in there care free world is a great guy
      smile 3
    • I’m sorry but WHAT?! I need to go to the store brb
      NotFunnyer 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Sounds like someone I could actually love. I need a goofy person around me because I can be extremely serious. This app helps me keep up with humor.
      Mickeynsync 15 jan
      smile 3 2
    • Dude this is a 2019 masterpiece
      smile 3
    • Honestly I'd love him cuz I'd probably be excited about that too
      smile 3
    • Bitch, that sounds like potential for one badass competition right there, let's go, four lemonade Capri Suns at once, first one to die has to get groceries
      smile 3
    • You dont deserve him bitch.
      smile 3
    • Females suck. I'd totally be gay if it weren't gay to be gay
      smile 3
    • people act as if it takes alot to make guys happy
      yetsu 15 jan
      smile 3 3
    • He sounds so fun. I'd totally date him
      meom 15 jan
      smile 3
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